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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - February 9th, 2010

I need help!

it's a random topic, BUUuuuuuT:

i'm trying to get my buskers license so i can play in the streets of australia, but my act involves a piano and microphone. now, i CAN play a LITTLE guitar but i REALLY wanna do it pith my electric piano.


i need power! my piano needs a power supply, buskers must supply their own power and sounds. buying a battery powered amp is fine, in fact i would need to get one anyway, but the real issue, is HOW do i power my piano? i'm not allowed to use a generator, any ideas?

it's a random dilemma but i really wanna do this and i've looked in all the places i can think to.


thanks so much for all your suggestions!! some good stuff here, i settled on a car battery with a power converter and have been using it, 2 hours laterit's still going so i'm very happy with my choice. thank you all so much!

Posted by Jazza - January 26th, 2010

i am well into my schedule for making Larry 1.5, and the release is 4 weeks away.

if all goes to schedule, it will be released along with a separate Larry mini game and website redesign.

for now, please help me feel loved and follow me on FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER

While you're at it, check out MY COVER to Owl City's song "Fireflies"

here's a few people you haven't met yet, from Larry 1.5:
(from left to right)
Pipsley the Altar Boy
Jiggadiah the Priest

Larry 1.5 soon, Follow Me

Posted by Jazza - December 28th, 2009

ok so just updating all ya'll as to what's on my agenda for the coming months.

1 - taking a 2 week break starting now

2 - as soon as i get back, i'm right back into animating Larry episode 1.5 which will be out in February. The reason it's 1.5 instead of 2, is because after every full episode release there will be a ".5" release, which will not focus on Larry entirely, and will instead show the story and adventures of other characters in the land of characters. The coming episode, 1.5, will revolve around two chaps from Normandy, a medieval stoner, a pedophile priest, and many people you already know. and you also see Larry training.

2 - the coming Larry episode will be released alongside many other goodies, a website redesign for jazzastudios.com, launch of a new web comic series in the world of Larry, and a Larry game (nothing big).

3 - when all these things are happening I'll also be working on a nice BIG game based around Larry, entitled (at this point) Larry and the Gnomes, where you play as Larry, having just finished your training as the chosen one, and set out to rid the city of a gnome infestation. it'll be lots of fun.

so there's a lot to come in the world of Larry, I'm really investing a lot in this guy so i hope people end up liking him as much as i seem to!

for now
Listen to a Song i Recorded
and Watch "A Newgrounds Christmas"... in GERMAN.

happy new year!

Posted by Jazza - December 20th, 2009

Hey guys

i got the inspiration to create this about 2 weeks ago, which was a REALLY dumb idea, because trying to make a decent animation in 2 weeks, when you're a perfectionist, is REALLY hard.


i really hope you like it, after all, it's made for you guys to enjoy, a little present from me to you.

Merry Christmas!

(PS, thanks to all the users who helped with character suggestions in the last post. i got MOST of them in! any i missed was because i finished the animation at 3 am this morning. Yuck)

My Christmas Animation: Submitted

Posted by Jazza - December 11th, 2009

i'm currently well into animating a Newgrounds Christmas animation because the inspiration struck me last week and i couldn't NOT do it. anyhow.

basically it's a Newgrounds Christmas party at the office, and all of the big NG stars are invited. I've been asking around and have recruited original voice talent for all speaking parts which is pretty cool, you'll even hear dirge, someone who hasnt been in the flash world as of late.

so far attendees include:

tom fulp
dirge (xombie)
bitey (brackenwood)
captain and steve (tankmen)
kenstar (girlchan)
overlord (larry)
dad'n son
salad fingers
dad (dad's home)
the turtle from toss the turtle
alien hominid
the castle crashers knights

so reason i'm posting this is because i want to have as many NG stars that people will recognize as possible and i want your input incase i missed any. i'll add ones i missed that i will add below:

hank (madness series)
the kitty crew
clock crew
samurai asshole
the mindchamber robot
meat boy
Newgrounds Staff Members
stick slayer
Auron (the Paladin)
retarded animal babies
toast king
joe zombie
Foamy and Germaine
Nene and Darnell
killing spree stick
the time fcuk guy
gary brolsma (numa numa)
charlie the unicorn

for now that is all, the animation should be up in a week or two, i'm kinda crunching to get this one out as a present before Christmas!

(IN OTHER NEWS, Zstriefel, my sound designer, is making a BIG SFX library for artists and want to know if you prefer WAV or MP3 for flash production. Go tell him, it's help him a lot)

and heres egoraptor watching pico and alien hominid in an arm wrestle :) my favorite scene so far.

Newgrounds Christmas Toon

Posted by Jazza - December 2nd, 2009


after 4 months of steady work i bring you the finished product, programed by the amazing Digijin, with whom I worked on the original Kill Kar, but the sequel is in no way to be compared to the original. unless you feel like a laugh!

Enjoy the meaningless violence and insanity of this great big sexy game!! Feedback is read and appreciated!


NEW GAME: released :)

Posted by Jazza - November 16th, 2009

YAAAAAAY! i'm happy.
anyhow, it's taken months of work and has been in development for over a year now, and here it is, LARRY: episode 1!

Please vote and review, i read all reviews and will try my best to respond to what i can.

There is also a Youtube version, simply because its pretty intensive sometimes so it's a safe lag-free option.

Thanks NG for all your awesomeness. I love you :)
thank DavidOrr for the music and theme song
thank Zstiefel for the sound effects


(oh, and while your at it, become my fan)

:::::: EDIT:::::::::
i feel SOO ALIVE!!!
i'm reading EVERY review even if i dont get to reply to them all and i really missed this, having direct feedback, good and bad, to help me know what you guys want. i'm glad that overall i've seemed to hit the mark pretty ok! THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS, i love you :D

LARRY: episode 1 - RELEASED!

Posted by Jazza - November 12th, 2009

I am in need of a coder.
1 - actionscript 2/3 coder

NOTE: PAIDjob. price will be negotiated with selected candidates.

anyone applying needs to be able to work at a good pace, and be readily available on MSN/email.

making a game. the two projects i'm working hard on are a week or two away from release so i'm ready to start designing my next game project. to apply, respond to this post linking to your previous work, strengths, anything that would persuade me. if you catch my attention i'll PM you. it's a great opportunity, i've worked with a few coders before and they seem to not mind the way i work. i dont know a blip of code so you'd be piecing together all of my art.

thanks guys! luv ya!

oh and while your reading this, you should totally become MY FAN.


Posted by Jazza - November 6th, 2009

ok i know this is low, but i started a musician page on facebook about an hour ago, and even though it's brand new and expected to have no fans, i feel quite pitiful having only 4: ME (lol?) my MOTHER, and two guys from the other side of the country.

so PLEASE for goodness sake if you like anything I've ever done, succumb to my narcissism and BECOME A FAN on my facebook musicians account.

man this is sad lol


larry episode 1 is to be released in two weeks, as well as Kill Kar 2. sorry for the delays, they shall be worth it!!

oh, and my cat died.

not really, i just felt like i needed more to write about, something at least to take attention away from the fact that i just grovelled pitilessly for friends/fans/a sign of acknowledgment. lawl.

Posted by Jazza - October 28th, 2009

hey guys

I ordered my EWQL composers collection, it arrived, took over 24 hours to fully install, set up and get working and i've been playing with it for the last day or so, and this is the result:

the BATTLE of the GODS

It's been more fun then i've had in a log time using this amazing software so i'd love if you could tell me how my first attempt went! and ofcourse votes/reviews help heaps.

Love you NG!

the Battle of the Gods