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be my... fan?

Posted by Jazza - November 6th, 2009

ok i know this is low, but i started a musician page on facebook about an hour ago, and even though it's brand new and expected to have no fans, i feel quite pitiful having only 4: ME (lol?) my MOTHER, and two guys from the other side of the country.

so PLEASE for goodness sake if you like anything I've ever done, succumb to my narcissism and BECOME A FAN on my facebook musicians account.

man this is sad lol


larry episode 1 is to be released in two weeks, as well as Kill Kar 2. sorry for the delays, they shall be worth it!!

oh, and my cat died.

not really, i just felt like i needed more to write about, something at least to take attention away from the fact that i just grovelled pitilessly for friends/fans/a sign of acknowledgment. lawl.


i've always been a fan of your work

Yeah, just wait a sec. I'll become a fan.

Don't be a fanswhore. :D

i feel like one... it feels.... DIRTY

your first name ain't dat bad

LOL thanks.

I like your music, so yes. :)

my facebook deactivated somehow:(


yeah your tellin me

Do you even have a cat?

i DID... HA! lol jk... and no

I'll be your fan if you can tell me how to make my own musician page. ive been trying to whoool day :P

Or just pass me a link?

dood, i've been trying for AGES. stupid facebook makes two account every time i try, i figured out it was cos after i made the musician account i clicked set up profil or whatever which set up a NEW account instead of the musician one which meant i could no longer use the old one but it remained to exist. on top of that no that i didnt do it i run the resk every time i go on facebook, of accidentally clicking that link and undoing everything i'm trying to build up..

facebook is crap really. we just tend to have to go with whats mainstream.

k il be your fan ;)

To become a fan or not to become a fan that is the question. Although the answer is probbly yes

it worked

That's right...Sell your shame to get a mediocre fandom or newgrounders ^_^

Fan deez nuts.

You my good sir have one more fan...

we will be your fans when your not strong well veiw your page well post comments on it do do

the first bit of that comment made sense, and thank you... the last bit lost me... especially at 'do do'

Hey your icons got manlier. Right on.

I won't be fanning you but that's only because I don't use Facebook. I do however really like your works, so best of luck with that!

yeah i figured it was time to get rid of the bubbly dude. make me an ex-con.

thanks man

Hey im a fan now man, names Cole, sorry about the cat, I lost a cat myself and it was really sad ;(

sure why not

everyone is hoping on the band wagon

Sorry about your cat, mate. He/she is in a better place now (wherever graceful felines go when they pass away). Just curious, what was your cat's name, and what type of cat did you have? I myself am quite fond of cats, although my father hates them.

my cat... didnt die.... i just wanted to change the subject :(
lol sry

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