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My Christmas Animation: Submitted

Posted by Jazza - December 20th, 2009

Hey guys

i got the inspiration to create this about 2 weeks ago, which was a REALLY dumb idea, because trying to make a decent animation in 2 weeks, when you're a perfectionist, is REALLY hard.


i really hope you like it, after all, it's made for you guys to enjoy, a little present from me to you.

Merry Christmas!

(PS, thanks to all the users who helped with character suggestions in the last post. i got MOST of them in! any i missed was because i finished the animation at 3 am this morning. Yuck)

My Christmas Animation: Submitted


cool, its fun right?

i get a kick out of it :)

Awesome, gooood job

thanks :)

Awesome work Jazza! I really enjoyed it. How did you get all those voice actors for your flash?

asked them :)

It was a nice christmas flash I really enjoyed it

i'm glad

That was, to put it bluntly, incredible. Great job.

so was this comment. thanks.

the joke is that tom fulp spends his christmas alone with a bunch of imaginary characters :(
did you ask for the voice over the credits or did that just kind of come free?

haha the credit lines were his takes i was supposed to pick one from. i liked them all too much so i used them all. lol

Haha, that was excellent!

Have yourself a merry xmas :)

you too, thanks man

I have always wondered why he is called bitey...More reasons Blockhead should be president, he asks the peoples questions.

haha good point

Yay, thank you for that!

glad you liked it :) thats why i make this crap

hah best part was the conversation about skinning. good job, it was probably actually pretty time consuming to get all the characters to appear and animate in the same style as the real versions.

yeah most of the attention was to make sure the characters stayed true to the artists style. glad you noticed man, thanks!

I can't believe you drew all those charecters by yourself!
That's freakin' awesome man!
Have a merry Newgrounds christmas :D

thank you, you too!

sorrry couldnt help you out this time, im attempting to move to a different state so im like usually able to get online via mobile only. <3

ah its ok man i understand. i would've liked to have had you in there. for a moment i thought you were offended coz the lines depicted you as a loner haha, jk. anyhow.


hahaha..dude, you are my hero! lol..you did it in 2 weeks..the animation was insane to me. Can you plz tell me what is the best SWF to Video converter?

If I ever make an animation, that should be like yours, lol.

moyes swf to vedio PWNS. worth buying. dont try and crack it, thats cheaps and naughty. its not even expensive :)


:) !!

To the last comment.
For me Jazza is a musican beyong anything else, and I must say The Composer is one of the best things on NG. Anything that can make people cry is worth watching (me and a musican friend of mine out right cried).

Jazza is truly an artist.

thanks. i am kinda selling myself short lately but it pays and its the only way i can earn a living offa this stuff atm lol. thank you i appreciate it.

i wonder Sambakza "there she is" should be in the christmas flash....o well, still a great n hilarious flash, yo n peace

Hah, it was simple yet amusing. It doesn't try to be overly flashy or anything, which kind of captures the whole Christmas Spirit (imo). Having so many talented voice actors contribute definitely helped as well. Overall, I'd call it a success.

Great job, and Merry Christmas.

its cool. the movie is fantastic. I love the little cameos all over the place. great work

thanks man. figured you'd be the kind to like it, a community based fellar.

One thing that surprised me was the presence of Dirge. Do you know James Farr personally or did you just ask for the VA?

i asked him to voice it and got approval from james farr too :) cool huh!

heh my bad, vote for this daily :P, im voting 4 a 5

huh? 4 or 5? lol. either is still a good vote!

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