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LARRY 1.5, and other crap

Posted by Jazza - December 28th, 2009

ok so just updating all ya'll as to what's on my agenda for the coming months.

1 - taking a 2 week break starting now

2 - as soon as i get back, i'm right back into animating Larry episode 1.5 which will be out in February. The reason it's 1.5 instead of 2, is because after every full episode release there will be a ".5" release, which will not focus on Larry entirely, and will instead show the story and adventures of other characters in the land of characters. The coming episode, 1.5, will revolve around two chaps from Normandy, a medieval stoner, a pedophile priest, and many people you already know. and you also see Larry training.

2 - the coming Larry episode will be released alongside many other goodies, a website redesign for jazzastudios.com, launch of a new web comic series in the world of Larry, and a Larry game (nothing big).

3 - when all these things are happening I'll also be working on a nice BIG game based around Larry, entitled (at this point) Larry and the Gnomes, where you play as Larry, having just finished your training as the chosen one, and set out to rid the city of a gnome infestation. it'll be lots of fun.

so there's a lot to come in the world of Larry, I'm really investing a lot in this guy so i hope people end up liking him as much as i seem to!

for now
Listen to a Song i Recorded
and Watch "A Newgrounds Christmas"... in GERMAN.

happy new year!


larry has lots of potential, I am a fan already.

so, keep larry related stuff coming :P

great! glad you like man, thanks

dude! your schedules packed! wish you luck with all the upcoming STUFF! have a relaxing break, your gonna need it ^w^ lol

yeah i know lol. i tend to bite off more then i can chew... meh, oh well

Larrys cool, but i think the gross out made people dislike him a bit, however whenever I seem him near his dads head(like in the christmas special) I laugh my ass off, maybe because It was so gross, but who knows.

I think over time I'll like the little guy quite a bit :D

haha i hope. he's not actually into his dad's head or anything it was a one off gross out. :)

If you ever need a spare voice for an extra or whatever, give me a shout.

thanks man :)

thank u for makking larry i need a diffrent sires to wach

thanks for watching it!

Larry 1.5? Like what they do in Tankmen? Cool. Can't wait for all your new stuff to come, and also, you deserve a break man!

yeah i suppose tankmen would have played a part in the inspiration of the .5 thing. thanks for the props! <3

i like how you even got time kcuf man and bitey into the x-mas thing. but im depressed. you furgot kirboper!!!!!!!!!

thanks, and sorry, i dont even know who that is

woot!!! can't wait 4 larry :D

:D @ U

the best part of waking up is jazza in your cup.

um... how?

I like the Larry stuff so im glad that its going to be more episods

thanks man, i'm glad :)

how many episodes are you planning?

how many did the simpsons plan?

I think Larry rules! But don't pull a Tankmen and dissapear on us. I realised your investing alot in Larry when you titled the post "Larry 1.5 and other crap". By the way............. remember me? Who thought of the Mastermind "I took a dump on your mother's chest" joke on NG Christmas? That was my favorite part 'cause there's no come back to that, you lost no matter what. Lastly, were there two Egoraptors in there?

hey man, thanks!! i thought up the script, with egoraptor one was ego himself the other was one of his cartoons.

I like how you will make a .5 episode to focus on the other characters. Pulling cliches are really fun and I will definitely be looking forward to the future episodes. Some common cliches to keep in mind:

1. Female characters are always the "damsel in distress" and if they have combat abilities, they have excessively violent personalities. I want you to pull that cliche if possible. Although as you said, since you lack local female voice actors, you can't put a full female cast in their like you might want to.

2. The trainer of the hero will train them and then die a heroic death, with the hero left alone and crying over, but will say their death is not in vain and throw himself into combat. I'm picturing Larry like... "Oh, he's dead. Hmm... I guess I should honor him or something I don't know... OH WOW a couple of pences in his pocket!" *Robs the poor guy's robes and flees)

3. And this one... this one oh GOD this one you MUST do a cliche on because it's fucking annoying: The one where one of the main protagonist's enemy is his family member such as his father or brother or uncle or whatever and he must choose a painful decision to fight and possibly kill them. (Darth vader anyone? Itachi from Naruto anyone? etc etc) Oh god I would imagine his brother Phoenix being an evil villain and Larry killing him and saying "Take that, bitch". You could use some music to make a dramatic scene and have it abruptly cut off to do something comedic. I really want someone to shit on this cliche. Won't someone please help me? Pretty please with sugar on top? =D

And you seem to be always focusing your best flash movie series on medieval themes. I wish I could see some guns. Could you sneak muskets or shotguns into your Larry somehow?

Looking forward to Larry 1.5. Could you give me an ETA?


hey man! loved reading your ideas. i'll prolly keep doing the scripts the way i've always done it and its very uncalculated and random. my mind seems to just think in cliches though so you'll so heaps more coming.

i won't be bringing in modern warfare though it's strictly medieval. there will be magic and melee but no guns, sorry! anyhow, ETA for larry 1.5 is ROUGHLY mid to late feb, i'll be working REALLY hard to get it out by then.

Oh and take a damn break. And a vacation ever few weeks or so.

I want you to live a long life so you can give us plenty of kick-ass stuff. Overworking and overexerting yourself will lead to a much shorter life span. Don't want to see you get hurt or stress yourself out over stuff like this.

thanks man, i have been and i'm lovin it, and i'm refreshed and almost ready to get stuck into it again!

Man i just love your work and you sense of humor :) i will be waiting to see your work in futre it is going to be awesome anyways like always xD

thanks man!

Sweet man Larry is going to a great new addition to the other legendary newgrounds characters, can't wait to see Larry 1.5!

if you can't find ANY female voices make a mute female character...Or one that has a vow of silence...sorry for trying to act all creative and stuff but I really wana see a strong powerfull (and possibly perverted) female character in this...By the way thank you for really doing your best to reply to everyone here...You make newgrounds seem like a true community... *gay moment*

good ol gay moments. yeah females will come in, this next ep doesnt really have any :P but the script is all written. i'll make sure there is for episode 2 though :)

Can't wait for the game JAZZA! I loved the translated version of A Newgrounds Christmas. I wish my German were better- I got about half that but nonetheless still pretty funny!! :D

help me...
can't breathe...meow

When are you making Ep2 of larry o_O?

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