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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - August 3rd, 2007

DVD re-released

Well guys, it's been a painful thing for me to wait to get fixed, but I just now got back the new approval DVD's and the audio problems are no more! The DVD works perfectly, and I'm getting ready to ship copies off to people who I owe (comp winners, voice actors, etc)

As for all YOU guys, I know that I hate it when people push for me to buy something so i'll simply let you know that the DVD is great quality, has all episodes of paladin, over an hour of bonus
material, and gives the watcher super powers.


As for whats coming next, I'm gonna get to work on an animation called 'the Composer'. It'll be a short story with a message, plus will let me explore my music input a bit too coz i'll be composing the music.

SO! thats it for now, feel free to check out the DVD, it'll be EXTREMELY supportive to
me if you buy it just coz i dont ge a
solid income.
Keep it kewl guys!


PALADIN re-launch!

Posted by Jazza - July 19th, 2007

Well, I must say it's an extremely surreal feeling having finished the
Paladin series. A process that has taken four years to come to an end,
hardly feels like it's over at all! As for what I'm going now, I have a few
nice little ideas for some animations, one I am keen on is going a short
story about a composer, and... Well, I will not give anything away for now, lol!

I also want to make a Newgrounds anthem animation like I did for Pico day, as
i'm trying to keep a patriotic Newgrounds feel present, specially with the redesign about I just think
this community and it's founders deserve at least that.

I need a little break from 'serious' series animations and crap, so I'll not start
anything too epic for a while. I do however still have a great series planned for
the future when I do get back into the swing of things, which will use the story of
'Paladin' as sort of a prologue.

With the paladin series it started cliché and I got hammered for it in reviews, then got hammered even more by trying desperately to lose the cliché's I used. NOW with the follow-up series I will make sure to have a completely original plot from the start, but thats a while away.

I get to work on the thext toon in a week, and it should be done in little over a month or so!
keep it cool newgrounds-

Posted by Jazza - July 16th, 2007

WEELL!! Paladin 5 part 1 and part 2 are up and the Paladin DVD competition winners are as follows!:

1st prize: Andy Parker's 'PALADIN episode x'
An extremely well animated parody, which made me laugh non-stop!

2nd prize: Matthew Winquist's 'PALADIN: the final battle'
Short but funny, nice and random.

3rd prize: Chubbthehippo's 'PALADIN Episode 1 FO SHIZZ'
Spoof on the first episode of paladin!

4th prize: Michal Langer's 'paladin dress up'
A fun and large dressup game.

5th prize: Your Concience's Short Story
The most detailed and creative written entry!

Congratulations to the winners! You will all be contacted soon to get your adresses!

Thanks to all those who entered. It's an honor to have people take out the time to show some ammount of appreciation to the work I do. This was just my way of trying to give back.

If you are interested in learning more about the PALADIN DVD, check out the store.