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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - October 23rd, 2009

its nearly 3 am here, i got carried away makin a song just for fun.

it's not that fancy. i used cubase default VST's and havn't recorded in over a year but anyway


enjoy, feedback and vote pls :)

Posted by Jazza - October 18th, 2009

so here's the low-down, presented in the options of either simple dot point form, or more detailed in information as lised below.

1 - I can't go back on my mission, so I'm here to stay
2 - I got a new computer
3 - current projects and release dates
4 - goals for the future
5 - Larry's Bum

After my knee surgery i'm not on crutches and in a leg splint, unable to do much at all. this beingthe second knee surgery it has pretty much made me a liability, and i can't go back on my mission as i was really really hoping. the plus side is ofcourse i get to prepare more projects and make stuff for you guys to watch. and i plan to never leave newgrounds again permanently.

if my career distracts me from completely focusing on NG or animating so be it, but i will ALWAYS have an animation or game in the works, weather i get to work on it full time or not, and i'll ALWAYS contribute to NG.

Because i found out i'm here to stay, many things changed. one of which was the fact that i had been animating on my brothers laptop for the last month, so i went and spent a but load of money to get a computer that'll make me happy for a while to come. at least, until it's outdated. which is probably... tomorrow.

some stats:
i7 quad core processor
extreme II somethingorather motherboard
2 gb video card, geforce somthing
12 GB DDR3 ram (HELL yeah)
4 TB hard drive space
liquid cooling and crap

Working well into finishing two projects. a game and a movie, both not related to each other.

the game is "the Kill Kar 2", a topdown car game. the latest improvement on this one, is BLOOD and LOTS of it, including flying limbs and violence galore. as well as all the other crap i've mentioned in previous posts. will be released early november

the movie is "LARRY: episode 1", which follows lil' larry and his medieval adventure to... do stuff. anyhow, i hope it wall be successful because i have lots planned for the series and characters. this episode is due for release late october to early november.

What i plan, is to animate consecutive episodes 1,2,3,4 etc, but in between each i plan to release a 1.5,2.5 etc, which will be shorts, involving characters other then the main cast, and simple short situations, 1-2 minutes long max. that way you get bonus toons between episodes that happen a lil quicker. finally, i'll be working on a game at the same time as i work on the main episodes, and from episode 2 onwards, nearly all games i make will be in the LARRY theme.

Animation will not always be the forefront of my career path. for the next year or so it will take a main hold but i'mm gonna chase my dream and that is, get signed to a record label and make music. it's gonna be a tough path but i gotta follow my heart on this one. i'll always have animations and games going though.

So how it starts is, along with my computer, i've set up all my recording gear, and purchased legitimate software and VST's and everything i need to kick of a demo CD and get signed. my hope is to get with a big label, but thats prolly a fair way off at this point, and it's more likely that i'll get signed with Lisa Gerrard's record company she recently founded, Gerrard Records. They havn't signed anyone yet coz they were founded about a month ago, but lisa's in the big leagues and from it i hope to make connections. this is in the assumption that she'll sign me, coz i love her so much and she likes me back. non romantically ofcourse. :)

from her website bio:
"In 2009, she founded her own record label, Gerrard Records, with the intent to empower and support unsigned, unrecognised artists the world over.

Breaking from the typical record label mold, Gerrard Records will seek to give artists the tools and resources to manage themselves, as well as acting to safeguard the rights and intellectual property of the artists it serves. Lisa's new studio album, The Black Opal, is set to be the label's first release."



Posted by Jazza - October 8th, 2009

monday, surgery number 2 on my knee for Osteochondritis Dissecans.

wish me luck.

and give me candy.

Posted by Jazza - September 29th, 2009

/* */
well Hop Dop Diddly Op, flying over the tree tops
and everything's alright
Bada dadang doo the day's new, theres nothing anyone can do to
pull me out of flight, KakakaPOW
i'm a thousand miles above the ground
with the wind in my face
but looking ahead life throws a dead end
to put me in my place

So i say
So i say

Well hello wall! boy oh boy you're tall!
but i really don't give a damn!
you call me fat, short, ugly rough and say I'm not enough
but i'm fine just the way i am.

hop hop diddly op, it's a problem that we all got
that life can bring us down
bada dading doo, so don't you ever be the one who
lets that make you frown, coz
KakakaPOW you don't know how powerful
and special that you are
so smash those mirrors, break down the walls
and let this be the start

and just say
and just say

Well hello wall! boy oh boy you're tall!
but i really don't give a damn!
you call me fat, short, ugly rough and say "you're not enough"
but i'm fine just the way i am.

so i'm gonna say "it's a brand new day"
and the rest is history
i got a new best friend, til the very end
i'd like to introduce you to:

LA la la
whoa whoa whoa

CHORUS repeat


Posted by Jazza - September 24th, 2009

how was everyone's madness day?

thought I'd just update on the 2 projects i'm working on.

"Larry Episode 1"


coming along well, will be 10 minutes in length when finished.
all voice work done, working on animation and currently David Orr is doing the music.
current release date: mid-late October.

"the KILL KAR 2: Revenge"


working with the amazing Digijin again! comming along well.
NOT to be compared to the first one, similar game play and idea but drastically changed. Levels are a LOT larger, enemies learn to fight back other features include:
- 4 boss levels
- 50 levels all together, 5 different themes
- fully customizable car with weaponry, skins, stats etc
- pickups and unlockables
- medals
- even a couple of NG cameos (start guessing)

release date is currently: October 14th

below is a little peak, showing the loader screen, it'll give you an idea as to how drastically improved the background textures alone are. check out the sample link just above to see an example car in a level. (all previews are subject to change)

upcoming game and animation

Posted by Jazza - September 13th, 2009

Here's a cover song i recorded. i was bored.

oh, and yes, i KNOW I'm horrible at 'scat' singing. That's those parts where i make the random noises into a tune... yeah...

/* */

Posted by Jazza - September 2nd, 2009

Over the last year and a half while i have not been able to animate, i have still been planning and designing and scripting ready for when i can. I have planned and mapped out a new series, and this time (as opposed to the paladin series) I've got the plot ready from the first episode!

I've already designed HEAPS of characters, there's gonna be a big cast for this one, and it's a comedy series following Larry, the setting is fantasy medieval of course, and i've been animating it all week so far.

i'll be sure to keep you posted, as i'm working my patootie off to get you the best flash comedy i possibly can! If things go to plan, i hope to have this one ready to release before the end of September. I'll do my best.

For now, i have for you a screen-shot of the menu screen. YAAAAY.

NEW SERIES announcement

Posted by Jazza - August 28th, 2009

hey guys, this is a shameless plug, but for a reason.

Check out my brother's wicked cool new NG accountand art works

My brother is also a talented artist, we have very different styles but very similar tastes. always fun to have a rivalry between us growing up.

Well, go check him out, he's BRAND NEW to newgrounds, i convinced him to join because his deviant art page wasn't doing as well as it deserves, so go welcome him and tell him i'm more attractive *tee hee*

heres a sample:
(yes i get it, he's better then me, geez!)

Wicked Cool Art

Posted by Jazza - August 19th, 2009

it's an EPIPHONE!!

this is my new guitar, got it yesterday and i loooove it. i don't know much guitar but i plan on changing that. so far i muck around and write simple crap.

it is the sexiest guitar i have ever seen, mainly because it speaks to my very soul and connects with who i am as a person. YAY!

check it out:

/* */
oooh yeah

check out my new BABY!

Posted by Jazza - August 11th, 2009

so basically, i got knee surgery while on my mission and they sent me home to recover.

while i'm here for a few months before i go back out I'm keeping myself occupied writing music, teaching myself guitar (i even bought one, a Gibson les paul prophecy GX, niiice) and stuff.

but the thing i'm assuming would be of interest to newgrounders that care, i'll be working on a simple game that i hope to be quite addictive, featuring lots of my favorite things in games: UPGRADES. anyhow, more on that later, just thought i'd let ya'll know

viva la newgrounds