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NEW GAME: released :)

Posted by Jazza - December 2nd, 2009


after 4 months of steady work i bring you the finished product, programed by the amazing Digijin, with whom I worked on the original Kill Kar, but the sequel is in no way to be compared to the original. unless you feel like a laugh!

Enjoy the meaningless violence and insanity of this great big sexy game!! Feedback is read and appreciated!


NEW GAME: released :)


oh yeah i play it.
its awesome dude
gooood work :3


my new favourite

yeah it was great

soooooooo much better than the original one.
gotta love the killing.

any plans of revisiting brotherhood of battle? the little time i had with it was very fun

in the works :)

yay! all is right with the world! merry Christmas, kill kar!

really cool game:D but progamming is not really good and what are the cheats?:D

gotta crack the game to get them, but i'll tell you that my fav cheat is 'bloodyhell', doubled blood carnage :)

Wow man, you're on fire. You've just got all this awesome shit happening under your name lately. Glad to see it, I love your stuff.

Your success is most likely directly related to your user image changing.

yeah probably. the depiction of a 5 o clock shadow has really turned the world upside down for me lol.

That car in the picture is a Pontiac Solstice :D

One of my dream cars!

"KASH KOW" medal doesn't work, or is it only me? It showed in the game, but it's still locked on NG.

dunno. i've had issues with other medals on other games too so maybe the system glitches sometimes?

How many money has it made to you now?

8.95, which is great coz i've been hanging out all WEEK to buy that kebab down the street!

Thanks for putting it some medals.

The picture looks awesome by itself gonna go try it now!

Kill car was fun.
I'm not used to those controls though....
can you add a mouse controller?
Anyways, nice game!

I wouldn't like it if that car was real.....
make a larry or another paladin game...

thanks man. larry will have many games. just hold on :)

can i please have the cheats to kill kar 2

Level 16 doesn't work
when i beginning this level game is turning off:((WTF!?

dude your music is some of the best music on the internet

thanks man :)

Level 16 Race level is bugged Xd

MOOOOOOOOOOOSt of the TImeeee,its always level over,you lost,you suck,it always ends at the fuckin start.

I think it turns to 0.00 then 0.06 ugh

And its too hard,i had a double jet engine installed,i only got 1 chance to play it (today)

Add more time...

sorry for any bugs, we're on em :S

Game is just on the border lone of perfection :D. Glad it turned out to be so big ^.^

thanks man

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