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Newgrounds Christmas Toon

Posted by Jazza - December 11th, 2009

i'm currently well into animating a Newgrounds Christmas animation because the inspiration struck me last week and i couldn't NOT do it. anyhow.

basically it's a Newgrounds Christmas party at the office, and all of the big NG stars are invited. I've been asking around and have recruited original voice talent for all speaking parts which is pretty cool, you'll even hear dirge, someone who hasnt been in the flash world as of late.

so far attendees include:

tom fulp
dirge (xombie)
bitey (brackenwood)
captain and steve (tankmen)
kenstar (girlchan)
overlord (larry)
dad'n son
salad fingers
dad (dad's home)
the turtle from toss the turtle
alien hominid
the castle crashers knights

so reason i'm posting this is because i want to have as many NG stars that people will recognize as possible and i want your input incase i missed any. i'll add ones i missed that i will add below:

hank (madness series)
the kitty crew
clock crew
samurai asshole
the mindchamber robot
meat boy
Newgrounds Staff Members
stick slayer
Auron (the Paladin)
retarded animal babies
toast king
joe zombie
Foamy and Germaine
Nene and Darnell
killing spree stick
the time fcuk guy
gary brolsma (numa numa)
charlie the unicorn

for now that is all, the animation should be up in a week or two, i'm kinda crunching to get this one out as a present before Christmas!

(IN OTHER NEWS, Zstriefel, my sound designer, is making a BIG SFX library for artists and want to know if you prefer WAV or MP3 for flash production. Go tell him, it's help him a lot)

and heres egoraptor watching pico and alien hominid in an arm wrestle :) my favorite scene so far.

Newgrounds Christmas Toon


lolol can you make me too in it xDD

but you ARE in it. you're inside the fire extinguisher on the bottom right. see it? :D

you should add NAMELESS character as well,because there are famous on NG

thanks! added. :)


ok ima need your help here, i'm not TOTALLY informed on what the kitty crew is. the basic guess i have built up is its a group that spams the portal with loads of average/crappy submissions, with an occasional ok one or something, but have become an inside joke sorta thing??

inform me a little and i might consider having some people wandering around in kitty suits...

What about Hank from the Madness series?

OH MAN i can't beleive i missed thta one! glad i posted. thanks man.

To be perfectly honest, that's my basic understanding of them as well, if you wanna know more, I would suggest talking to hulalaoo, he's gotta be one of the Kitty Krew members who've had the most impact on Newgrounds as a whole.

ok. i'll just have them standing in the background somewhere.

The krew is dead, sadly (or not?) but yes, back in the day, they made it their goal to spam the portal with some of the most random crap they could muster, their leader was BigFuzzyKitten and even Tom recognises them as an integral part of what is now the modern newgrounds.

interesting... thanks for the info :D

put the clockcrew in it

thanks, done

no mario, sonic, caption falcon, or naruto ? this is a shit, i go to fap me now !

thanks for the ideas but nah i'm keeping only NG originals.

What about blockhead nene and samurai asshole

thanks! done

C0mBineD beat me to it but the Clock Crew should be on the flash.

Anyway, that pic looks great, and Alien Hominid is cheating :o

he doesn't have much of a choice, his arm's tiny!

Nameless? Lazymuffin's on war. Will you draw them by your own?

yeah i'm drawing all of them.

xD how about the little squide that say what pessing his off
and the brackwood dashking

ya know, i think bitey IS the brackenwook dashkin :P

oh oh !!
dont forget mindchamber's robot LOGO

oh thanks :)

everyone forgets about black&white theater :/

hmm, thats a maybe, but not totally iconic. i mean great film but more of a gag then something people see and immediately associate with newgrounds.

i've always been a fan of seeing how people animate darnell haha

thanks i'll put them in

put me in it!!!!!!

What about me? I have an entire game planned for NG with medals, a shity, to be fixed game out, and my own christmas flash. I also will be starting on two other games, WITH MEDALS. They will be technicly be my first games, since i didn't CREATE the one that I have out. I am gonna be an awesome Newgrounder. So could you help me out by being even moar notcied with this?

:P none of it is iconically newgrounds yet. depending on how they go they could be in it if i do the same thing next year, but this isn't to promote up and coming, its more for the guys that have been around forever :P sorry man.

oh, that's a funny idea gettin all the actual guys.
you've got everythin I can think of, well done.

Meat Boy?

ah! thanks!

Stamper and Jeff?
Snake from Metal Gear Awesome? (would be a better choice than Kenstar, imo, as he's more recognized)
Ry and Brock? (Life in the Portal)

i would add snake but i added egoraptor instead animated in the 'awesome' style. cant have too much of the one thing though so i'll leave it at that.

but yeah, some NG staff would be goot too. and i can't beleive i missed sweebs stuff!

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