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Hmm.... Larry wasn't as good as some of your previous submissions

thanks for your honesty. but i love making it so i'll continue to do so :)

Yay can't wait! *followed*

Sweet! I loved the first Larry, and think that in time, he'll become one of Newgrounds's iconic characters like Bitey or Alien Hominid. Everybody loves angry short people with weapons!

He'll never top The Composer though. No offense.

none taken. i know larry is mediocre compared to composer as one is art the other is surface level entertainment, but hey, i gotta make a living :P
thanks though man

sweet, can't wait to play the game :P

Will the games continue the story or will it be non-cannon?

well, the games will take place between specific episodes, but will not have to be seen to make sense of the series. the games are their own seperate little stories but still use plot of the series.

hay buddy cant wait any longer
i just realised that my bday is in 4 weeks to and you releaseing it ...lol

keep up the awsome work buddy ; 3 : P

well-a happy birthday then! i have a good present for ya

so larry is not just a series of movies, but a series of games 2?

yah :)

Looking forward to it, I didn't expect much from the first Larry since i'm not a fan of things back in that time but I enjoyed it!

What inspired you to start Larry?

thanks, glad you liked it. i just felt like making a comedy about a midget knight, and it evolved to be a lot bigger :)

What's up with it being 1.5? Is it planned to be too short to be considered a sequel or does it take place during the events of the first episode?

it is a story seperate to that of the main plot and centered around other characters in the city of karryon. while larry does make an appearance, it is not about him.

this may be unnusual for people at first but i do it in a hope to expand the world of the larry series, full of familiar characters, not just the main ones. :)

Just wondering but do you plan for the Larry series to have a linear set-in-stone story where he has one main objective or will he be going off on different adventures in each episode? I'm not bothered by either direction you take; I'm just curious is all

the latter, but the main plot and stuff has yet to be established. around episode 3-4 it will be, and then on will be individual adventures :)

I wasn't saying it was bad, but you sorta changed from last time....

simple explination, i've not done a comedy series before at all. it's garunteed to be different to anything i've done, so people either like it compared to my old stuff, or not us much. either is ok.

4 week? that's almost a month! your killing me here Jazza, i suppose i will have to wait but i ain't happy about it! lol nah ill look forward to seeing and playing the mini game

thanks man... gimme a break though! these things take a lot of work!

Normandy... is that a country somewhere?
If you recognize the name of a country from a game you've played that has nothing to do with the country itself, you might be a GAMER.

normandy was southern france in medieval times.

fuck me face son

lol reversed names :P and they look like a medieval mario and luigi to me :D

maybe thats a good thing... maybe...

Not bad !


Cant w8 to c the next episode of LARRY, gonna be awsome i bet! :D
and on top of that, a game? Sweet.
Lets hope the game dosen't involve him making love to his dad's head. ^.^'
'cause then i fail XD
(remember the weirdness scale man)

yeah... while not any more of that, the larry series will always have little.... suprises...

I have a feeling that the priest is going to rape the altar boy. Or at least try to. It'd be kind of funny if he kept trying. But way to weird if he actually succeeded.

lol don't worry, i wouldn't be THAT mean to an animated character... or would i?

Woot Larry!!!


you have a good concept. a comedy medieval. hehehehehe

love you spike :)

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