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LARRY: episode 1 - RELEASED!

Posted by Jazza - November 16th, 2009

YAAAAAAY! i'm happy.
anyhow, it's taken months of work and has been in development for over a year now, and here it is, LARRY: episode 1!

Please vote and review, i read all reviews and will try my best to respond to what i can.

There is also a Youtube version, simply because its pretty intensive sometimes so it's a safe lag-free option.

Thanks NG for all your awesomeness. I love you :)
thank DavidOrr for the music and theme song
thank Zstiefel for the sound effects


(oh, and while your at it, become my fan)

:::::: EDIT:::::::::
i feel SOO ALIVE!!!
i'm reading EVERY review even if i dont get to reply to them all and i really missed this, having direct feedback, good and bad, to help me know what you guys want. i'm glad that overall i've seemed to hit the mark pretty ok! THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS, i love you :D

LARRY: episode 1 - RELEASED!



Wonderful... Glad to see something new from you :)

Jazza, I loved the flash. The humor, the gross-out of Larry and his dad's head. Great job, I 5'd it. Keep it up.

haha yeah i dont even know why i did that... prolly a little too much, but hey, why not lol. THANK you.

Good stuff, nothing quite like a bit of medieval comedy.

Don't have time to leave a proper review, but in short:

Excellent, top-notch (albeit economical) animation. Really detailed and well drawn, really high quality stuff.
Brilliant voice acting. You really found the right voices for each character.
A cliched story, yes, BUT with great dialogue and characters, funny and amusing!
The prospect of a full-blown series?
The best thing on NG since Tarboy and a strong contender for a Tank Award.

No joke, either, I really enjoyed that. Cheers, kudos and acclaim for creating this!

And a heartfelt thank you to you and everyone who's working on this series, this is why NG (sometimes) rocks!

wow thanks so much. i really appreciate the detailed feedback. THANKS!

As glad as I am to see your work it still pisses me off that you can't volunteer even though you want to.

thanks. me too sometimes. theres positives to every negative though.

wow this series is amazing. it's hilarious and it has familiar faces from castle crashers to disney. it was great 5/5 but the dad thing was a bit brutal lol

LOL yeah i knew it would be pushing it. i bet that earns a few 0's lol, but i just animate whatever pops into my head, which goes to show, my head is a REALLY messed up place.... wow.... yeah, wow

just amazing... a little disturbing, but is a masterpiece... XD

lol yeah XD
thank you :)

its a great flash check it out people

great idea, i think i will.

awesome movie

have you been making them all together for close release dates or do we have to wait another six months for the next one? If it's the latter, I'm getting a flight over to your place with a posse to be your assistant animators until it's finished... well not really. But imagine how cool that would be! :3

man that WOULD be cool. dont worry, episode 1.5 will be roughly 2-3 months away. i planned it all so every new episode would be 2-3 months from the last one, and larry based games would be released in between them. i do have a game comming soon (not larry based) to help you with withdrawls. lol

that was pretty cute

the last submission of yours i saw was the composer, your animation's gotten a lot better

I thought all the way through the voices were way better than most Newgrounds cartoons, then fuckin WHAT- You did like all of em. Well done.
Infact well done on the art n animation aswell. Shit, the whole thing was great, good job.

haha thanks heaps!! i love doing larry and kikket the most. ther'll be more to come. i've had all these characters including the voices pre planned for a year now

Just thought it was interesting, I was the 79th voter. I'm one of the first hundred people to have seen it. Dunno why but I think that's cool.

i think thats cool. u know whats cooler? i was the VERY FIRST to see it. lol

its really hard to outcomment what has already been said
but yes this was an excellent flash which i cannot wait to see more of
its a great followup to your previous stuff
keep it up

WHOA, you DID IT man, you outcommented it all! GOOD JOB!
and thank you

As usual, I'm late to see one of the NG gods return to us, so welcome back, I'm a little sad for what happened to you to cancel your mission, but you came back and made this excellent film for your loyal pool of minio-er, fans.

Larry was great, from the "ID" and the random pain and torment inflicted on Larry, to the corny cliche evildoer thought paths, but I liked the beginning the best.

"If this legend is true, I'm screwed."

please dont call me that. i'm way cooler, joking. lol?
but nah thanks, larry does end up getting random beatings from stuff coz he's so small lol. he's little sister Ga will get some soon :)

Jazza, I Great flash. The humor, the gross-out of Larry and his dad's head. Great job, I 5'd it.

while your doing this, something you might want to look into:
<a href="http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html">http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/ove rlord.html</a>

I loved the first episode, if you ever need a voice in the future, I'd love to help.

thanks for the offer man :)

I always get a laugh out of THIS.
<a href="http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/169000/169866_userpagepic1.jpg">http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/169000/169 866_userpagepic1.jpg</a>

lol kewl

It was somewhat unexpected, but a very nice one. Why George Bush was on the credits?

i dont know. same reason michael jackson. i never take credits too seriously and i had a song to keep in time with but ran out of people to credit.

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