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Help Me!

Posted by Jazza - February 9th, 2010

I need help!

it's a random topic, BUUuuuuuT:

i'm trying to get my buskers license so i can play in the streets of australia, but my act involves a piano and microphone. now, i CAN play a LITTLE guitar but i REALLY wanna do it pith my electric piano.


i need power! my piano needs a power supply, buskers must supply their own power and sounds. buying a battery powered amp is fine, in fact i would need to get one anyway, but the real issue, is HOW do i power my piano? i'm not allowed to use a generator, any ideas?

it's a random dilemma but i really wanna do this and i've looked in all the places i can think to.


thanks so much for all your suggestions!! some good stuff here, i settled on a car battery with a power converter and have been using it, 2 hours laterit's still going so i'm very happy with my choice. thank you all so much!


extention cords bro
lots and lots of extantion cords

I didnt even know there was such thing as a buskers liscence; or regulations for doin it. you are in a marvelous predicament.

use one o those children's keyboards that only has like 8 keys, it'll be adorable.

ahhh, that is a problem..... i got nothing, sorry man. I think you might need a battery powered electric piano ( you might have to sacrifice some quality though...)

they have adapters for 12V batteries (car batteries) that convert to AC power that you can plug your piano into, not sure about power conversion in Australia, but a Radio Shack or other electronics store should be able to point you in the right direction.

Here's a link to what I was talking about, you clamp the clamps onto the car battery: <a href="http://www.dcacpowerinverters.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=PW200-12">http://www.dcacpowerinverters.com/ite mdesc.asp?ic=PW200-12</a>

what the hell is a busker?

(oh already beaten to it)

street performing. in the non sexual way.

It's a movie with Phil Collins

i LOVE phil collins... in the non sexual way...

You should build the thing iron man has in his chest. that should keep you performing for years to come.

since u cant bring a generator but still need power to your piano, u can get a piano powered by batteries. i believe their is a portable generastor type thingy tht can be used. i just dont know where to get one check it out then chek back ight

You might be able to find someone you and rig some car batteries into a mobile power house, wierder shit's been made.

what happened to larry!?!?!
did he die :[

Instead of using a generator, link it up to a car battery?

does the piano take batteries?
i have a yamaha DGX-620 and i'm pretty sure they take batteries.

Does the piano take batteries? For some reason I have it in my head that you use a Yamaha DGX-620 Portable Grand Piano. Either way I have one of these and am pretty sure that they take batteries.

If not then I agree with rapcathackysack.

Good luck with your licence bro :D

I had an electric piano powered by batteries.. problem was that I had shit friends who would leave it on ALL THE TIME. :(

Drains overnight.
It worked great otherwise though.

see, you can make a alternative power supply, by simply taking the strongest batteries you can find, and wiring them to it, technically it is NOT a generator, its an alternative.
MAKE SURE to wire it correctly or a severe injury could occur!

There is a guy in the town that I live that plays a piano that he places in the back of his truck. He parks it at night (when parking is free in the downtown area) and plays out of it. It's a bare bones upright piano with most of the support taken away and the back of the truck is covered so that he can sit down and play just fine even in the rain.

If there were a truck you had access too and an upright piano you could pop in the back (pretty heavy though), perhaps you could work something out. No electricity needed

Hope this idea helped.

You could take a tip from you movie and push around a big old piano like he had XD. But im really not sure, I think iv heard of plug in battery cases though, you put the batteries in and it plugs in, but im not sure.

ive been taking an awesome renewable energy class for my junior year, and it sounds like a good 1k-2k fuel cell is right up your alley. If you want to see some of the projects our school has been involed with, go to <a href="http://www.protium.us">www.protium.us</a>

you would be Amazed at the power fuel cells have, and the only waste from is is drinkable water, since the fuel cell can use only solar energy, and hyrogen and oxygen to supply power. If you're interested in such a thing to power your piano, i go with this. message me at email2email@juno.com, or on here if you're interested. im sure i can find some site's for you to buy one from ;)

If not, Good luck with getting that license!

a potato

i have no idea and when is larry 1.5 coming out

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