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the Battle of the Gods

Posted by Jazza - October 28th, 2009

hey guys

I ordered my EWQL composers collection, it arrived, took over 24 hours to fully install, set up and get working and i've been playing with it for the last day or so, and this is the result:

the BATTLE of the GODS

It's been more fun then i've had in a log time using this amazing software so i'd love if you could tell me how my first attempt went! and ofcourse votes/reviews help heaps.

Love you NG!

the Battle of the Gods


Firsty :D

Pretty awesome, I must say mate.
Kinda has a Lord of the Rings-esque feel to it, nicely done.

well thats a good feel to have so thank you! lol

This was really nice, as the one before me said already it had a LotR touch! Already the beginning (which i found to be the best part of the song) told me that. Keep it up.

That's brilliant. Great job.

All I can really say is how much the Badger visualization fits with the song so well.

i can imagine

nice jam man, very epic!

Did you crochet that pie?

no i did not. i found it and how he's my friend. it's a boy. i won't tell you how i know that.

MAke dance music, it would be epic.

yesss beuaitufl.

i want this!!!

It sounds amazing. How do you find the EWQL stuff when it's running in Cubase? Has it caused you any problems?

I have the platinum plus library as well as a few other bits and pieces and everything works out alright until I start using Dark Abbey reverb on anything and then I can expect to get a glitch or two here and there, but that's to be expected as it's pretty resource intensive.

well i dont have any complaint yet as my systems pretty massive, but now and then i've found if i have heaps of layers of rapid notes with a lot of movement sometimes when i try to lay a legato long note like a horn or something over top, i can cut in half. i havn't done much to find out whats causing it though and it's probably solvable.

As have I. I do regret not getting a 64 bit system, though. I have a 32 bit system for the music stuff, with 3 gb of RAM and that just isn't enough, I feel.

I'd like it to be a 64 bit system with at least 12 gb of RAM in there.

Trouble is, I don't really have enough time to deal with what I'd like to do, musically, so all of this takes a kind of side burner.

Anyway, keep doing what you're doing, because it sounds awesome.

yeah i got a 64 bit system. i also have 12 gig of ram but its not as fast as i expected, i'm assuming theres some things i could do to unleash the beast it could be, but my brain does not think in technical issues at all. if only i could sing it better.

anyhow, thanks heaps man, i appreciate it.

Oh, one more thing. Keep playing around with the attack times in the player option of the EWQL library instruments, because that can massively influence what you're doing as you're playing it.

sorry u might have to explain that one a lil liljim

Now go dive into the keyswitches and internal modwheels, you will never sleep again because of awesomeness. :)

i obviously have just scratched the surface because i dont know what you guys are talking about. explanation would be totally awesome. i mean, i know the keyswitches, but, modwheel? :( man i suck

It's okay, MaestroRage told me for the first time and I removed my pants and almost had sex with the box itself. I'm sure something may arise similar in your situation.

Ok, so when you load up a play instance in the vst instruments, you get like a browser that lets you choose which instruments you want to use. If you click the "player" button, which is usually to the top right of this browser, this will let you tweak the instruments - like what reverb you want to apply.

On certain instruments like the pianos, you can change the mic positions etc. On pretty much all the instruments you can choose whether you want to pan left, right, and also you have several dials (I think on the pianos, they're on the bottom left of the player - I'm not in front of my music computer at the moment, so that's just a guess based on memory.)

You'll have attack, delay, release, etc. If you try dragging these dials around, you effect the way in which the instruments sound. I found that with a lot of the violins, for instance, I brought the attack right down so that they're more "instant" sounding, though you can get some mad sounds out of traditional sounding instruments like the pianos - try setting the attack on a piano to full, you'll see what I mean.

As for your issues with the instruments cutting out, try going to settings in any of the player menus. There's a tab somewhere in there that says "engine" or words to that effect and a setting you can change on how many samples are loaded. I might be wrong, but I think it's set pretty low by default - you wanna make sure that it's at the highest setting, which is five. You can also probably turn off cpu limitations, which again, is on by default. That might help with things cutting out.

Also, it's documented but in small print, that you should load up a different instance of the player for each major instrument you're using, rather than having say 16 instances of play over the 16 channels in one instance of the player.

With respect to the mod wheel that Draqo was talking about - you can assign different things to the mod wheel of your keyboard, if your keyboard has one.

I'd also recommend checking this out:

<a href="http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/hardware/cc121.html">http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/

I have one, but haven't actually used it yet, as the desk I'm using is too small for it to fit on. I leant it to my friend, who says it's one of the most handy things he's used when producing music in cubase in a long time.

thanks for all that i had a good fiddle.
i'd like to hear more about the mod wheel, i have one, how do you use it to do stuff? lol. sorry i'm such a n00b

This guy rambles on a bit, but he uses the mod wheel at around 5 minutes:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ_BrKJwpCo">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ_BrK JwpCo</a>

You may not have this library, but it's a better demonstration of the different sounds you can get out of the mod wheel:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRHSd0c8aDw">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRHSd0 c8aDw</a>

Nice, I'm digging the song.

On another note (haha music pun), seeing as it appears you know a bit about music programs, do you know of any other than Finale and Sibelius that dont require use of piano roll to compose and that could use high quality samples?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

uum, i dunno what you mean... but i think the two mentioned are compatible with many industry standard programs. for instance i know wheres an option to import/export musical scores/sheets in the program. but you dont have to do it that way.

very well done jazza i really like it. can't wait for your new animation btw.

Nice job, I can tell you worked hard on it :D its not really my type of song but it still sounds good.
A suggestion for you is to make more trance songs, your godly at that, and i mean it, :OBLIVION: is beast, pure beast :D

i will make more trance, i get more VST synths soon. thanks man

Nice! I really like to hear lower brass stuff 'cause that's what I play. You should get some kind of orchestra to play this. I would play it if you could get me the sheet music of it for tuba!