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Good lord man, you are brilliant. I was laughing out loud and you had me captivated 100% of the time. The progress you've mate too and you understanding of motion, story telling and mixing media is just astounding, really impressive! Keep up being awesome!!

This is great! Considering this is your first ever flash animation, you should be very proud! You got in a lot of things people don't often have in their early animations, things like facial expressions, a continuous walk cycle, and a little story that plays out. Great work, keep it up! I also like the art style you used ;)

Fwiller responds:

Oh man... it's so strange seeing this review. I say this because almost all of my knowledge I have about Adobe Flash came directly from your youtube channel. Thanks for the feedback, Jazza. :)

Wow guys that was fantastic :D Such great polish, awesome voices and characters and the backgrounds were neat. Made me laugh. Good luck!

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I thought that was great. It accomplished what it set out to do extremely effectively, provided entertainment while getting in a lot of eye opening observations and insight for me to think about through the progressions. Experiences like this prove that games are extremely powerful as an artistic form of expression rather than needing to have loads of customizations, level ups and gore to keep people engaged. Great work, and thank you for such an honest heartfelt piece of work :)

Nice stuff! The simple/understandable gameplay is mixed really well with enticements to keep you going, like learning new spells, leveling, unlocking areas, etc. Visually though very simplistic, a really cool nostalgia is triggered that makes you feel like a kid wanting to beat that next area. I love the colors and visual feel, and the controls were really smooth. :) 4.5

a surprisingly fun and simple game mechanic, there were a few things that if improved would make this a five, but otherwise if a bit of a fun game was the goal then it was reached, so a job well done! :)

The shop mechanic was simple and enjoyable, as well as the leveling system, the things that could be better in particular are how it feels when being attacks, at the moment it's more like you're being hugged by the enemies, so some definitive moves on their part would be better, as well as some polished background art.

Nice work :)

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You're part of Dino Beatdown? very cool :) I love this song, lots of really awesome stuff happening and thematically very interesting. The only thing I can think of that would help me enjoy it more would be to bring out the warm tones more, nice and 'chunky' in the EQ, feels a bit light for such an epic song atm. That and bringing out the melody lines a little more so it sticks in my head more. Very minor observations on a piece that's very well put together!

MaestroRage responds:

hey Jazza! Long time my friend.

Yes I am indeed. Those are very observant and appreciated comments. After listening/working on this piece and others for, quite literally 50+ hours I am completely deaf to impurities and flaws.

I'm pestering Zach EVERY DAY asking about Ortus lol, here's to the day that project wrecks murder the landscape we call gaming ^________^. You let me know if I can be of any assistance.

loved it, I love this theme tune in general anyway, and this variation suited our game and ads a nice spin to it.

Kooohler responds:

Thank you for those kind words :D.

haunting :D

i love it so much, though ever since meeting you i kind of expect anything coming from your mouth starting or ending with the word FUCK. otherwise, wonderful song, AWESOME aura and surrounding presence, i'm SO glad i didn't finish and upload my entry, coz there's no way it had any chance of competing with something like this. congratulations!

hania responds:

Thanks Josiah. Let's book in making music date soon! This time, I'll come to you ;)

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It's hard for me to even describe how touching I find this. Aside from the talent you have to make it look so cool, I'm so very grateful you've spent the time and cared enough about my stuff to make a project like this. Thank you, for the bottom of my heart :) <3

I'm glad you entered :) Facing your fear alone is something to be proud of!

MothmanAssociation responds:

Hey, thanks man! I appreciate the review.

Wow that was fast! And a really great piece too! As the first piece I've seen for the competition, you're definitely setting the bar high! Great work :D

HeartlessArts responds:

:D thanks jazza! ^-^

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