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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - January 14th, 2008

One question that has popped up a lot for me in emails and PM's, is what am i doing now that the paladin series is finished?

well, towards the end of April this year, I will be leaving to do some missionary service! This goes for two years, and I really look forward to it. I assume some questions will come up regarding this also, so heres a few bits of info:
- I will not be animating those two years
- I will no be able to update forums/sites over that time
- and yes, it is for the LDS church, more commonly known as 'mormons'
- I find out where I go when I submit my papers

When I get back I look forward to fully perusing my directing career!

SO! now to my plans for the next four months. The following are projects that I aim to complete before the end of April:

1 - Another game with moonkey, a 3D (hopefuly multiplayer pvp) strategy game
2 - Record an album with original songs both composed and vocalized
3 - Make an animation about... well, you'll find out
4 - Make a tankman spoof :D
5 - Finish shooting editing and composing for my first short film
6 - Animate a music video Lisa Gerrard commissioned me to do

If you have any questions, let me know! i'll be happy to answer them :)
and don't forget i'm not gone yet. still here for four months, and i'll come back before you know it

also... no news post would be complete without an image of sorts:

So... What's next?

Posted by Jazza - December 23rd, 2007


after months of tireless work, MOONKEY and i made the game i had dreamed about for ages


i hope you love it

any questions or comments, leave them here and i'll respond. i never can catch up to all reviews on a submission, but i read them all so dont NOT review lol


PALADIN GAME: released!!! PLAY IT!

Posted by Jazza - December 1st, 2007


the video demo is complete and uploaded
check it out here

As many of you know Moonkey and I have been working hard on the PALADIN game game for the past 3 months.

private BETA testing begins in a week or so (the participants are selected, no more soz) and because i'm a sucker for giving away previews and stuff, i decided to let you all know, from now until the release of the PALADIN game, I will share a screenshot of the game with you for every page that the paladin progress thread increases in page size.

i've revealed for now that page 8 will show a dragon, 9 will show radiel and kognor, and 10 will be a video sample.

So, if you're interested, Get posting! and GET EXITED! I am really pumped to be making a game of this size (it's huge, trust me) and i get a buzz every time I play it. Really though, all props to Moonkey for his super amazing coding work. he's a champion

For those who care to see the previous screenshot's ive given, see them below rather then combing through all those forum pages.

1 - young Auron in training
2 - undead giant
3 - (test level) Auron in test room
4 - undead decapitation!
5 - Auron and Melahn attacking skeletons
6 - Auron defending against undead fortress
7 - Auron casting 'Judgement'

well good luck guys, and thanks for all your support and interest so far. I leave you with a sample menu for the Paladin Game!

PALADIN GAME: visual updates!! offering you pics and vids...

Posted by Jazza - November 13th, 2007

well I'm glad a lot of you enjoyed the youtube trailer of the paladin game preview.

i'm happy to share with you a written review from Luksy of c404 of a VERY unfinished version of the paladin game.


notes on the version of the game that he played:
there was no finished boss, of flight system
there were minor flaws in combat that are being worked on

although it was unfinished it gave him a good idea as to how the game is played and the quality of which my very talented scripter and I aim for.

on another completely separate note, i completed a four day director's boot camp in the city the other day, scripting, casting, filming, editing and starring in a short film, it was a very fun event. It has motivated my to buy a nice HD camera and write up a little solo project i amd going to script, direct and shoot on weekends until i can share it with those of you interested.


Posted by Jazza - October 31st, 2007

I've put together a video teaser of the PALADIN game and its gameplay! it runs almost two minutes in length and shows a great amount of the work that has been done so far! feel free to vote and leave comments too guys!


If youre excited about this game, please take the time to let me know on these forum topics, to keep others interested and aware!! :

paladin the game: progress

paladin the game: video teaser

PALADIN: game teaser video released


Posted by Jazza - October 30th, 2007

I am lucky enough to have a very well established mentor, especially concerning music: Lisa Gerrard, who has composed music for movies like Gladiator, Man on fire, Whale Rider, the Insider, Passion of the Christ, and the list goes on.

anyhow, to cut a long story short, she used to be my next door neighbor and i visited her a couple of weeks ago and have a few times since, sharing my work with her (given her a paladin DVD :P) and been able to sit in on her recording.

heres some new songs i did.

Consecro Deus
a very orchestral piece, 16 layers of MIDI (me as the fake choir)

Whatever it takes
Not much to show for the MIDI samples, more of a 'me singing' song...

anyhow, i really didnt do the MIDI's justice but i really want to learn and will be doing so as much as possible...

ooooon another note, the PALADIN game is coming along remarkably WELL! with 8 acts planned, 6 bosses, and several mini movies, it should prove to be a very fun experience, due for release EARLY December. for some screenshots and more info check out the PALADIN GAME PROGRESS THREAD.
for those curious, yes i will be creating and recording all the original music for the game, and yes i will definitely be doing so with my great new MIDI's.

finally, no news post would be complete without an Ugg
Don't know what an Ugg is?

ask him yourself:

new songs, and paladin game progress

Posted by Jazza - October 12th, 2007

hey guys
I had a huge urge to draw last night and I liked the pic, and long story short I ended up opening a deviantART account and uploading a couple of my better images there. There will be more uploaded in due time but for now, feel free to go on and check them out. tell me what you think, feel free to leave comments on the art pages.


Here's a sample of the pic I drew last night:

my new DeviantART page

Posted by Jazza - October 1st, 2007

OK, I am officially BLOWN AWAY

for a flash that i made expecting it to get ignored and left in the dust, to become #1 of all time (for now at least) and have so many reviews and people favourite it, the least i can do is thank you all

I've had LOTS of requests for the sheet music to the main theme of my animation, which is surprising in itself because my composition isn't that brilliant. anyhow, i did what i could to write it up, and it's free for all to use.

here is the sheet music to 'the Composer'
ZIP file:
http://www.mediafire.com/?67e334o7qdis xni

I'm not very good at writing music down, so I did the best I can, with a LOT of help from 'Sibelius' the music annotating program.
Remember, if you do anything like perform this live or record a version of some sort, you MUST MUST get me footage or a sample! I really love seeing my work influence others in some small way.
I hope the music is understandable, and I wish you all the best-


the Composer: SHEET MUSIC


Posted by Jazza - September 19th, 2007

After several months hard work, I have finished my latest animation! It's up and ready for you all to see!

To let me know what you think about the animation, feel free to post on this topic, and review the animation!

the song is also available for download on newgrounds and jazzastudios.

I worked super hard on it so i sincerely hope you all enjoy it!

::::EDIT (21/09/07)
wow, i am amazed that this animation has been received so well! truly, i was expecting it to be ignored or attacked for being too serious. Main reason i came to that conclusion was coz most 'serious' animations ive done have been beaten out by silly stuff, IE: iltimate showdown beat pally 4, dad's work beat pally 5 part 1, blamformers beat pally 5 part 2, and so on...

naturally when i noticed that xombie 10, the series finale, was submitted a DAY before 'the composer', i expected my work to be forgotten completely...

i can't thank you all enough for your kind emails and reviews. i have read EVERY SINGLE REVIEW and will continue to do so, I also respond to any emails, so don't be shy! haha. anyhow, a big thanks to everyone for your immense support.

quick note to say i did not make this animation expecting it to be a hit. i made it to vent things going on in MY life, and in truth, the character in the composer is lightly based on me because i use music to vent and express in the same way.

let's hope madness day doesn't cause my animation to die early, haha...


The Composer: out now

Posted by Jazza - August 28th, 2007

calling all coders/action scripters who are looking for a great new projects
I am planning on creating a game based on the entire PALADIN series.

If you are not familiar with the series but are a scripter, all you NEED to know is that the game will be a fast paced sidescroller adventure fantasy game, with a level-up based system, spells, stats and story. I will be working extremely hard to create intense and captivating in game art and short cutscene movies. the last game i made took me 2 weeks with another scripter, and got over 3 million views web-wide, and this game will be much bigger and better.

the game will be finished this year depending on how good the coder is. I will do all the art i just need someone who has time, enough of it to help me with this. The creation of the game will begin in roughly a month (after I submit the animation i'm currently working on). It will be entered into the Armor games 'best original game' competition

whoever gets the job WILL get paid, via sponsorship and depending on the success of the game will also get money from competitions etc.

To Audition for the part of actionscripter, please email a resume to: audition@jazzastudios.com
send samples (or links to samples) of work you have done before and what your specialties are, etc.

keep it real-

::ATTENTION CODERS:: job opportunity