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PALADIN GAME: visual updates!! offering you pics and vids...

Posted by Jazza - December 1st, 2007


the video demo is complete and uploaded
check it out here

As many of you know Moonkey and I have been working hard on the PALADIN game game for the past 3 months.

private BETA testing begins in a week or so (the participants are selected, no more soz) and because i'm a sucker for giving away previews and stuff, i decided to let you all know, from now until the release of the PALADIN game, I will share a screenshot of the game with you for every page that the paladin progress thread increases in page size.

i've revealed for now that page 8 will show a dragon, 9 will show radiel and kognor, and 10 will be a video sample.

So, if you're interested, Get posting! and GET EXITED! I am really pumped to be making a game of this size (it's huge, trust me) and i get a buzz every time I play it. Really though, all props to Moonkey for his super amazing coding work. he's a champion

For those who care to see the previous screenshot's ive given, see them below rather then combing through all those forum pages.

1 - young Auron in training
2 - undead giant
3 - (test level) Auron in test room
4 - undead decapitation!
5 - Auron and Melahn attacking skeletons
6 - Auron defending against undead fortress
7 - Auron casting 'Judgement'

well good luck guys, and thanks for all your support and interest so far. I leave you with a sample menu for the Paladin Game!

PALADIN GAME: visual updates!! offering you pics and vids...


wow! I love the paladin series and i bet i will like the game!

yeah it follows every even of the game
and more! :D


indeed :)


indeed :)

Wow! This looks awesome!! Never played those games though...

those games? what games?
paladin was a series not a game until now XD

Looks (Insert Godly Word here)

You have out done yourself, this game is worth that wait!

haha thank you. i really look foreward to letting people see/play this game

You're giving away info based on the amount of comments your stuff gets? Seriously, wow... :/

its a 'reward' for getting exitement building. plus its a reason for me to sahre some goodies. sorry if you see that as a bad thing


december (mid)

OMG, it look so awesome!!!
but please, for the sake of my computer, add a low quality option =)

it will prolly be low quality by default. its pretty intense

way to go your awesome man. i consider you the 3rd or second best flash animater ever.

haha i appreciate that muchly

Never before, aside from Madness, has an epic series of newgrounds fame made the transition to game form. And (no offense to Krinkels) your work far exceeds the quality of anything from Madness. I look foward to playing this game many times.

lol thank you. although i dontconsider myself a newgrounds 'great' of those i still look up to (adam phillips, james farr, look at my favs list for more)

but i get a HUGE buz from watching and playing and witnessing it all come to life

Paladin Series= Ownage

Paladin Game= Total Fucking Mega Ownage!!!!

I can't wait!

haha nice summary there :)

the paladin series was GREAT and i look forward to the game and... cheat codes! thats gonna be awesome

P.S. whos all in the testing anyway?

haha yeah, im exited too! and thanx for the compliments

the testers are the mods on my jazzastudios forums (plus 2-3 loyals) and tom fulp and luis

ohh just looked at the pics they look sweet

thanx mate. i'm puttin everything i can into the art, and moonkeys the best coder i could ask for

I want your babies

take them, im sick of paying for diapers

...Wow. As I've said before, this looks really awesome.

I'm loving that menu =)

thanx bro :D

The series was epic. I can't wait for this!

thanx, and neither can i! lolz

Wow, this looks too epic. I checked out the dragon and...wow.

Then again, the dragon (animated) wouldn't really work out when it's playable, would it? 'Cos the angle would change (dragon's angle) and the wings would still have to be animated correctly.

Anyway, I hope it turns out alright.

Also, seeing as you're in Vic, Aussie, mind telling me where you got your graphics pen from? The only one I could find is at Peripherals Plus at Clayton for $150. Where'd you get yours from? And which suburb?

what do you mean the angle would change? the dragons animated clips look pretty fluid and in line with the series. better then i hoped it would turn out anyways. and the wings look ok. theyre divided into four parts (the wings) that are tweened and stuff, i like how it looks.

as for my tablet, i ordered it online. i'm sure you could look into getting them shipped in from a harvey norman. even ebay. it cost me 1,600, but its worth it. i saved for a year to get it (i was working at target at the time)

It's going to be released already in mid decembre? =O Nice!
Anyway, I just noticed the cheating device. So, I bet there's going to be some sort of god mode, infinite magic power/ health, an extra hard level or bonus weapons and stuff. By the way, are you able to customize our "blue-hair"? It's actually one of the most important factors for an RPG-like game (or is it just a hack n' slash? I hope not!).

unfortunately to keep in line with the series i have not added visual customizations. there are instead lots of ways to go skill wise, you can concentrate on speed, strength, magic, endurance and more etc.

different elements are added all the time to vary the experience, IE flight, bird companion, different levels and bosses, armor, etc etc....

Looks pretty damn awesome, cant wait until it comes out!

thanx amn

man I am a huge fan, I got ur DVD and all that crap (won it and am proud of it :D) and seriously, if you would only find some ppl or send your idea to some gamin company this would be good enough to be published as a game u pay for

awesome, i hope you liked the DVD. and im not gonna get into making games long term, i wanna be a director :)

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