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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - June 6th, 2008

ok guys, i'm not front paging this post coz we're keeping usage of our new public beta slow at first. that means anyone who CARES about playing it and checks here to see if it's out, get their due reward!

-play the game and have lots of fun hopefuly
-let me know what you think
-respond with bugs you find
-share the link with a friend or two

-post about the game yet unless i signify its safe to do so
-give it any exposure ather then to friends you know and want to play with

ok guys! enjoy!


remember, hush hush ISH for now!

Posted by Jazza - May 29th, 2008

IT'S OUT! :)


my new album "View from a Window" is out, after months of hark work! It features 12 songs, all original compositions, and one of the tracks has Lisa Gerrard on backing vocals!

Just thought i'd let you all know it's ready if you're interested! I tried really hard to make it available in as many places as possible so if you like my music so far then hopefuly one of the options is comfortable for you!

ACTUAL ALBUM (delivery to your door)

CreateSpace E-Store

ALBUM DOWNLOAD (download songs or album)

Amazon Mp3

Just for the sake of it i uploaded a vid of me singing my song "There in Your Arms" (the one with Lisa Gerrard). I suppose you could call it promotional, even though it's completely informal lol (me wiping sweat and coughing and being a retard).

ALSO: feel free to add me on myspace :)

Well, have a nice day!

::::::::::::::::::::: EDIT:::::::::::::::::::::::::
the video should work now :P sorry about that

/* */

Posted by Jazza - May 15th, 2008

just popping in to let you know that Brotherhood of Battle (BoB, hehe) is on its way to public BETA. GO THANK MOONKEY for his hard work!

It's currently in private BETA and we're all having HEAPS of fun playing it. i'll admit, i'm addicted to my own game... *sigh* kinda sad too coz i have like, 160 game points which i have to lose when the game goes public :(

anyhow, my NEXT userpage post will be announcing the release of the public BETA. this means that the game is not 100% finished but we're gonna let everyone play it to tell us what bugs thay find and balance issues also...

Let me also just note that i have battled against crazy jay of stickpage/flashportal, and Krinn of sonny and sinjid... AND PWN THEM BOTH!


especially jay...

anyhow, sit tight, i cant give specific times but i can say it's less then a year... lol... a lot less?? just stay tuned.

the image below is one of the funniest things that has happened in a game yet... i was rubbing my victory in Jay's face by stealthing 8 rogues around his fortress, so that when he recruits a unit (he had none left) they would all appear randomly... well the really funny part is he recruited a mage and without knowing they were there did the shockwave spell (intending to only hit the 2 rangers) and all of a sudden 10 people were blasted back lol!!... it looked totally awesome.... i'll hush now...


Posted by Jazza - April 30th, 2008

Ok guys, the captain wanted me to show this to you...

i would say 'Happy pico day' but i think he would chuck a fit and punch me in the ovaries, so i'll just show you his message... i recorded it... he delivered it...

he's not happy, i know, but i think he just needs some attention guys...


take it away captain:

/* */
PS... it works now, lol... it's set to public :P

Posted by Jazza - April 16th, 2008

don't you just love that feeling where after working on stuff for MONTHS you know you're about to unleash it? i do.

anyhow i have two very AWESOME items of news for you!

All 12 tracks of my album 'View from a Window' are finished. i had a photo shoot last week and as soon as i get the images back and get the cover art and what not done i will send it all off for publishing and announce it's release in a few week,s 2-3 i'm hoping.

And yes, i did record with my very awesome friend Lisa Gerrard and it went amazingly well.

My MYSPACE MUSIC page has 4 of the songs from my album on it, not that the mp3 online versions are nowhere near as good as the CD sound is, i have compared. The first song that plays is the song i recorded with lisa. I hope you love it, i think Lisa did an AMAZING job.

ok and now, SECOND:
touching on a topic that has not been brought up for a while, regarding the game 'Brotherhood of Battle'. It has been worked on for over 3 months solid now, thats how long paladin the game took to finish and release. theres another month or so to go but we're hoping to get the OPEN TO PUBLIC BETA out in a few weeks.

MOONKEY has been doing a SPECTACULAR job. GO THANK HIM. seriously, i have never worked with anyone as fantastic as him. he will hate me for talking like this lol. anyhow, the game has a full working lobby with a friends/ignore list, complete ranking system based on games won, unlockable icons and goodies and stuff.

*5 game types: assault, capture the flag, brotherhood battle, capture and hold, gold rush
*FULLY online PVP, 2-4 players per game, host your own or join others
*MASSIVELY comprehensive map editor allowing you to make maps better then the default ones.
*MAP SHARING and rating is in the works
*I will be putting together a brotherhoodofbattle.com featuring video tuts and info and goodies
*it's all rendered in 3D from maya to flash

THE GAME is pretty much a friggen PC game like warcraft, just better... coz it's FREE lol
It'll be hosted on and by Xgenstudios but we will release a demo version linking to the full free version on every website we can, so chances are you'll see a playable online demo version on NG. the only difference between the demo and full is only 1 game type available, fewer maps, no map editor and no ranks and unlockables.

Heres a little shot i hooked up. ignore the 99 for time and the little editor box, its taken from a testing session from the map editor.


*** EDIT ***

YES i recorded the preist going 'Ho lo lo' like off of age of empires. :)

Album recorded, and Game BETA soon!

Posted by Jazza - March 28th, 2008

well, the post's title is the long story short, lol.

I am friends with a Lady by the name of Lisa Gerrard whom i have mentioned before, she is a golden globe winning, Oscar nominated singer. She was very involved in the making of the music scores to the following movies:

-man on fire
-the insider
-whale rider
-the passion of the Christ
(as well as other movies and her solo album work)


anyhow, she's the nicest most supportive person you could ever know. we have even watched my paladin DVD together lol. anyhow, at the moment i'm animating a music video to a song on her upcoming album 'the black opal', and in our collaborative sessions, i showed her 6 of my completed songs from my album.

She told me she really really loved them, which is (needless to say) VERY comforting and encouraging. Not only that, i showed her a bunch of music i was putting together in a song, and she hooked up her mics, and 'jammed' with me. she has an amazing voice.


After 'jamming' i asked if she would be interested in featuring in the album. she wanted to!! she said yes! so, come next week i am going to her house for a WEEK with all my gear. most of the week will be working on her music video, BUT at a time in that week she will record the backing vocal track to a song i have done my part in recording so far, to be titled 'There in your Arms'.

There is no point to this post to say anything more then 'yay look at me' which is quite narcissistic, but hey, we need a little self love to survive right? lol jokes.

After our record session next week, my album will be FINISHED. yes, i have 12 almost fully finished songs, and my album should be available within a months time.


the album will be called 'View from a Window', will feature 9 original vocal songs, 1 acoustic version of a song, and 2 composed orchestral recordings. It will cost $14.95, which i think is fair as the publishers take $10 per CD, and i would hope months of solid work would amount to $5 a copy. anyhow, i really hope you guys look foreward to this as much as i do. it's something i've wanted to do for quite a while...

oh, and below... is a rondom pick i made lol. half me half lisa. i'm the dude... i hope...

Oscar/Golden Globe artist... on my ALBUM!

Posted by Jazza - March 4th, 2008

Hi all, i made a simple myspace artist page just to show a couple of the songs from the upcoming album.

The final album will be at least 10 songs long (i've recorded almost 6 of them so far), but for now, feel free to listen to the result of some of my hard work. Let me know what you think! Honestly!

Oh, and add me to friends and if you like a song, host it on your own space!


oh and yes. i know the photo's are cheesy... it happens. lol.
I got some professional lighting equipment this morning and the photos are the result of me mucking around.

Album Preview - Myspace Music

Posted by Jazza - February 12th, 2008

thought i'd bring up this years TGSNT animation competition finalists

For those who don't know, TGSNT is a competition for storytellers. it stands for 'The Greatest Stories Never Told' and has previously won by the likes of Adam Phillips, Bernard Derryman (of Arj and Poopy) and more.

Lucky us, newgrounds has taken quite a hold on this one!! Artists from right here are being recognized which is awesome, artists like:

Kelly Loftus
Spike vallentine
and me

i think it's totally awesome
Almost HALF of the 20 finalists (around 9 of them) are newgrounders. now, time to VOTE!!
anyone can vote, the TGSNT judges get the final say as to who gets first second and third prizes, but let's all vote and make sure a NEWGROUNDER wins the peoples choice.

strange though, i pictured Adam Phillips taking this one with waterlollies... For some strange reason he musn't have entered... can someone check if he died? coz that guy would have won for sure (personal opinion).

Frankly i don't care if i win or not, i'm super happy to be on the shortlist and among such awesome stories.

well then, here it is, TGSNT 5


(newgrounders in the image below are highlighted)
oh, and if i missed any newgrounds artists, i am really sorry. i don't have the best memory :S


Posted by Jazza - February 8th, 2008

Though I'd give you all a little peak at the epic game Moonkey and I are working very hard on. As usual we're doing our best to tailor the game to be pushing the envelope a bit in how flash games are played and what they can involve. (IE pvp + 3D rendered)

about the game:
-start off with all 5 units, with upgrades and unit/army more production
-online PVP
-different game types (deathmatch, C.T.F, etc etc)
-some games involve a fortress you can upgrade and research from

there's a couple of features we're working to get in there, such as map editor and the ability to share maps with friends, and loads of different game types. It should be really fun. Think 'Age of empires/mythology' and 'warcraft' with a flash feel

aaaaaaand screenie:

Brotherhood Of Battle! (upcoming game)

Posted by Jazza - January 22nd, 2008

The other night i got bored... I did something random and made 2 video tutorials.

I enjoyed making them and they didn't take long to make, so I made some more today. They are in a 'How to Draw' theme, and although I don't by any means claim to be the best, I have had a bunch of requests from people asking me to 'teach them', a bit too much effort to do one on one online...

This I feel is a nice alternative though! If you can somehow get past my Australian accent, I hope that they will be informative to those of you with a creative side. Let me know what you think, and what might also be any good addition to the collection.


part 1 - construct
part 2 - emotion
part 2.5 - emotion
part 3 - poses
part 3.5 - poses
part 4 - color/shading

i've in the past wanted to find some video tutorials, and never founf anything free that was of any use. There was cartoonsmart, but i never really liked his art style not to mention the bloody COST, lol.

Anyhow, I'll leave you all with a little update, Moonkey and I are working hard on our next game, I'll not give too much away, but we hope for it to be PVP over the net. The art has all been made in 3D for the game and rendered for flash. Heres a sample of some characters!!
:::::::::::::::::::::::: UPDATE (1/24/08) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
MORE video tutorials!! all based on the mosts requests i've gotton so far:

Part 5 - hands
Part 6 - hair
Part 7 - animation setup
part 8 - animation
part 8.5 - aniamtion


Drawing Tutorials, and Upcoming Game!