Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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Woo! It was a brilliant piece of work, can't wait for your future animations. :)

You seriously deserve that #1!

Heh, I need to brush up on reading and playing music. This seems like it would be really fun to play =D

I definetely need to show this flash to my Mom. She's a music lover and a talented classical singer in her own right. (But she's also really cool about geekery like sci-fi, anime, and RPGs on console, on top of that!) So right now, she doesn't have a piano, but I know that's something my stepdad is interested in giving her (again, she once had one when I was little...) ---and if so, I'll see what we can do about recording her play one. She might even make lyrics and sing, if someone else doesn't add them (if that's okay!).

Gee, looks like I've volunteered her, already. LOL! I'll just have to tell you how it goes and maybe update you should it go that way.

But thanks again for making such a touching Flash animation. Already a classic, as we can see!

i am really inspired by this flash
i guess everyone loved it cause they felt so related to the story in some wey...good luck on the game of PALADIN
i hope to see the composer 2!( XD!!!!!! )

Wow. That's a superb piece of art you've got there. That flash made me cry several times. I love everything about that flash. It made my feelings wake up and see the problems of the world, and then how to solve them automatically. How the world is changing all the time. The music is amazing, the graphics are almost as good as Chuaid's (Adam Phillips') graphics, the...... I don't know how to put my feelings down in words. It's just amazing. It really deserves 1st. But I was looking a bit at the part where the Composer got his own orchestra (or was it the part just before) where you saw the whole theatre with seats and everything. I realized, no one were sitting on those thousands of seats. Amazing job dude. 411 y0r 5's 4r3 b-10ng 2 u.


Played on acoustic guitar. Sounds just as awesome

That was a great little film =D inspired me to work harder


This stuff sounds SO good.

You should really make more, your spot on good.

Wheeeee... Neato piano sheet music! :D

Ya the composer was a really good flash

It's awesome you're releasing the sheet music. I needed a new song to work on and this'll be a fair one to conquer.

I think I made have heard this song in a movie. Last year in school, we had to watch the old movie verson of romeo and juliet. At one part, a guy sang a song that sounded very similar to The Composer. I must know, was this song based off of a song, or just made up?

it was just made up but apparently an old film has taken that sequence of fourn notes before i got to it. I DID NOT COPY anything! lol.

fantastic...keep up the good work...

Hey there, you are awesome. Thanks for the sheet music. I've played through it a few times now. I love the animation (who doesn't). You've got real talent. I'm sorry to say that the composer has slipped to 2nd of all time at NG (to none other than Tankmen 2 =P). You are a good artist and composer, and you have my respect and admiration.

Thank you.

I have watched The Composer at least once every day since I first saw it and even added it to my favorites! I showed it to several family members and they all loved it!
This is,again, an amazingly touching flash...how long did it take to create?

two and a half months
and im SO pleased you love it

For some odd reason I wouldn't mind hearing a heavy metal version of that. Be interesting what you'd make if it was that genre instead. lol :P

U won i think 3rd of september. Maybe a bit higher or lower but close.

U actually came 1st (tankmen2 wasnt counted because it was in house :P)

Congratulations on getting 2nd (technically 1st) prize! I've said this many times before, but I'll say it again.

You DESERVE it! =D

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