Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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Attention Jazza! Spelling Opportunity! It's called school!!!

Anyway ... looks good. Wish I knew how to code better. Then I'd help.

bahaha, thanx for pointing that out, i fixed it


damn, this looks like its gonna be awesome :D If you need coders jazza, you should ask the really REALLY good ones, Hell, if your paying them im sure they wouldn't turn down the offer, Inglor,Aaron Worrall (NegativeONE), FrostedMuffins Etc. they've made some kickass side-scroller beat-em ups so I'm sure they can do wonders for your game! Good luck man

Hehe! Reminds me of Adventure Quest! But I think it will be better than AQ , don't you think? But yeah I hope I'll enjoy playing it as AQ!

ill see what i can do, the guy i have in mind has even started making his own operating system, or atleast is helping with it, hes real good at it, ill see what i can do fo u

I emailed you about my candidature.


Man, if i learn programing, i may help u, but sorry, i dont know

i have a idea

man, i have a idea, ill give u the ideas and concept of game and u do the other things, what do u say?

trust me dude. i've already got LOADS of ideas and concepts for the game.
thanx anyways :)

Impressive work so far. I have sent you an email.

Hmm, I might be up for this. I also live in Victoria, Australia. It really depends on how much time I have in a month or so (Year 12 exams and shit will be coming up, so I'll be needing to study). I'll e-mail you with some samples and what-not in the near future.

I'd be happy to help you !
I know you want from me a "portfolio" or these kind os stuffs but I don't have.

So why would you believe to my programmers skills ?

I've been studiying actionscript since 2005.
I just don't have the artist skillz to make a great game.

Just send me a small task like "make a lil action game out of this movie clip" or something like that, i'd be glad to show you how good i am !

It would definitely be my dream project to work with such a high-profile artist as yourself. If you're still accepting auditions, I'll try to send something tomorrow.

Man I really wanna work with you! Hopefully the timezone diff won't cause too much of a problem :P

Would it be possible to have an idea for when you will be ending auditions, so that I can send one in at a good moment? (I'm working on a general portfolio website which will take some time to complete - it would be nice if I could show it to you as my audition.) Or will they end in late September - roughly a month after you posted your notice?

roughly 2 weeks. they will end at the time i submit my next aniamtion, which will as i said be in roughly 2 weeks

You didn't even take consideration about my proposition ....

i would have if you emailed me, lol.
email the adress mentioned above and i'll send you the very task you ask for, as i have several others who have impressed me.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A PALADIN THE GAME OFFICIAL SKETCH!!!!!!AN AUTOGRAPH OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!