Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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Damn your good this will be the best game on NG. Did you go somewhere to draw and animate like you do?

thanx heaps bro!
an no, im self taught, been using flash for 5 years now...

Looks great man. Lookin' better then some of the computer games on the shelves these days. Ya found a damn good programmer eh?

the best.
his username on NG is moonkey, but his stuff on here isnt as complicated as is his potential. i swear some of the stuff he's pulled off for this game is incredible!

wow that is awesome.

thanx! XD

JesusJazza! *squeal*

bahaha, no we are two seperate people i assure you :P

Dude! That's so cool. You should go Pro and get into real toons and video games!

i actually want to be a director, so i'll be making even BIGGER movies!! hahaha

oh my god..... If the Paladin movie was God like, I can't imagine how good the actual game is gonna be. Also... YOUR SERIES (plus the composer) RULES!!!!

ahaha thank you so much. thats my goal though, entertain people. looks like ive gotten to a couple which is a comfort :)


aaha thanx :)

Just watched the teaser and.....Well I would vote of 5 if you released it right now...I have a feeling this will be one of the most successful and greatest games on Newgrounds....

You really need to release a demo sometime!

If you ever....EVER need a Beta Tester....I will gladly lean a hand.... =)

haha if i ever need beta testers it will be very secretive and prolly restricted to my forum mods haha, im paranoid of leaks u know, getting stuff stolen :P

i wanna play it NOW! and bad news for everyone who submitted a movie this week, adam phillips is poised to drop the waterlollies nuke on us ;) there goes your weekly firsts! anyways i cant wait to play it :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!

yeah waterlollies will be mad, so glad pally game wont be competing with that stuff, hahaa
i think the whole of newgrounds is eager for it

anyways, im glad u liked the trailer, i cant wait to finish the game too! lol

*your game not waterlollies

how many acts will there be, and how far through the game are you?

there will be around 9 acts, we're up to 4, but with main chunks of the coding done its just a matter of slight alterations with the other levels and how theyre set up...

awesome, so more than halfway done altogether then?

uuh yes i would say so. been workin on it a month and have a month or so to go

I'm annoyed that the HUD is almost identical to Diablo II's, but the game looks interesting and well-made regardless.

i knew that making the interface like that would bring some criticism but, ive always loved how the health and mana is set up in diablo, its easiest to understand and most aesthetically pleasing in my eyes.

personally i think, if it aint broke, dont fix it!

That's a lot of crosses for a Mormon boy. ;)

Looking awesome! I can't wait to see the full deal.

lol i know im naughty. lol.

nah but i do it coz its the indicator of his religious standard as a paladin. also whos to say he's not catholic or seomething, i mean, you see the preist at the start. lol.


i would like to say that after reading your reply to my post on that journal about your deviantart, i am very glad. i think i may have overreacted to notorious's defense a bit, but thanks for being cool about it



wait what

haha no problem
everyone makes mistakes, i made one. over now

hope you love the game when it comes out!

Looking good Jazza, the quality seems sky high.

thanx dude. yeah thats good and bad (coz of lag) so we have to set default quality to low, but it really doesnt make that much of a difference haha

It looks so traditional that I love it. Games went from 2D to 3D almost all at once, but when that happened, development of 2D conventions kind of petered out. I'm crossing my fingers that it's got that extra something, because I'm now really looking forward to playing it.

Good job, buddy!

thanks a bunch swain
(that almost sounded like an insult.... like... swine? nah... lol)

anyhow yeah, ive been really aiming to get this as fast gameplay with ability to use lots of strategy to maintain health. all bosses need the player to have maxed out health potions, (3)

looks pretty cool.

In the beginning, you had a 3Dish effect on the wall, but later in the game the 3D effect was gone? Is this just a result of taping different builds of the game or something else...

Who's coding it?

the first 3d effect was easily doable so i did it, but i couldnt on the later wall because if you notice both before and after you enter the other side of the wall is darker and moodier. with a 3D effect that would not be possible and it was more important to have the mood in that room...

moonkey is coding it, he is doing an absolutely INCREDIBLE job

...man that game...
...i fucking envy you...
on a lighter note ZOMG! DIABLO HUD!
and its that a experience bar? OH GOD SAY YES
(by "god" I'm not refferring to you jazza, but you are on your way)

hahah im so glad youre excited for this one. really gives me motivation to keep workin when people look foreward to something as much as i do

aaaand YES! it IS an experience bar. i probably should have shown the stats menu, coz every time you level, you gain 3 stat points to use, either on character stats (IE strength, speed, health etc) or spell stats, making your magic stronger...

you really need to invest stats wisely to beat the later bosses. at the end of the game theres 3 bosses in a row, then half a level, then the FINAL BOSS

The Paladin series RULES!!! and so as you! can't wait for the game to show up! Keep up the good work, Jazza! ;)

haha thank you

paladin series doesnt rule as much as i would like it to, simply because when i started it was not ambitious enough to go out of my way to push plot or involve mor characters. because of that i am stuck making a game with required plotholes to fit in with the series, for example, after he gets the sword he gets blue hair and black clothes...

I DONT KNOW WHY I DID THAT in the end of episode 1. later in ep 3 i explained the hair by showing that those who absorb too much power of a diety begin to look a lot like them, explaining aurons blue hair when he holds the gods power within the sword, and the oldness and the eyemarks on radiel, as well as the white hair...

anyhow... i never explained the black clothed in short and im stuck with that. guess its no big deal but still...

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