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The game looks very Diablo-ish.
I shall play it when it comes out.

lol a lot of people notice that
and yes, i hope you do

You guys did a whole lot really fast!
I shall play it when it comes out also.

yeah only workable in that timeframe coz of the hours put in, roughly 6 hours a day

dude i envy you. See I'm currently working on a project called 'Syndacite'. starts as a series. ends as a motion picture. But you've done all your work. I keep looking at you for insperation. so i don't hit my animatorsblock.

and...your and AUZZIE :D.

keep up the AWESOME WORK


haha im so glad you like my work. also the review is very friendly in how it decribes my series as a 4 year development and progress into a DVD. the series started on a whim and the DVD was thought up on a whim. still im glad it turned out ok but yeah, it takes a lot of effort.

good luck with your work man, i wish you the best



well said friend

I don't know what else to say, but WoooHooo. This is going to be one of those top 10 greatest games to play on Newgrounds

thanx bro, thats what we're workin for.

I like to play games.

i like to make them :D

the game sound fantastic... I will be one of the best ever on NG...
I would like to see it as soon as possible...
but I know.. you haven't finished...
but... it sound great.. the review was very helpful
so... i'll be waiting dude... XD

i'm gad you look forward to it, i've never have anything of mine reviewed so im glad it wasn't mean or anything :P

awesome! are you planning on making the combos longer? ATM all i want to do is the turn undead spell, I MUST SEE WHAT IT DOES!!! T-T

you have to be certain levels to use certain spells, IE 2 to use aura shiels, 4 to use aura blast, 5 to use shockwave blah blah blah. stops people automatically getting the awesome spells

oh and how come all the awesome animaters are AUSSIES?!?! adam phillips and you are the best animaters on this sight! (i dont care what scores say, you are!) i wish i was an aussie, damn english weather, all we get is rain *continues rambling*

lol thanx for the compliment. theres as much good animators in america and europe, i just suppose they have JOBS. i wouldn't mind driving to adam's house one day....

Hey just wondering are you gonna make this game for any consoles?
Cause with the dvd that would be a good idea.
Although to make it a successful game it'd have to be at least eight hours long :(

*sigh* i cant reveal anything too soon.... but theres a possibility. i've had my share of chats with the behemoth

I'm really excited for this game because you're a favourite animator of mine. I can't believe how fast you work on these things but still make them look stunning. For instance I've been working for one and a half months on a christmas project and I'm already struggling and getting a bit lazy. However It's people like you that keep me from stopping because I can see you really appreciate the reviews and publicity and unlike some animators you take time to answer reviews and keep people updated and I'd really like to be able to do that :D

So two questions

1) Is winning a daily away as good as people say it is :)
2) How do you prevent yourself from just giving up?

Thanks for you time and entertaining me, infact I'm going to watch some of your animations now :D

thanx so much, for the compliments and compliments and compliments :D

1- it's kewl to get awards but, theyre only for bragging rights in the end. some of the really known stuff didnt get anything, i dont think charlie the unicord or salad fingers got any attention instantly.

2- i get really excited about projects. i used to be on the verge of giving up on everything, IE why i have so many episode 1's and not so many episode 2's. i think with paladin i stumbled across a theme and style i enjoyed more, and that the audience responded to more. i worked with that as much as i could and trust me, i still had close give-up points.

thanx for showing your appreciation :D

I...LOVE....YOU! You are a god, in flash, (and soon to be games ~_o) When this comes out, I shall play it as if it were my life depended on it. CAN'T WAIT!

haha so glad, i can't wait to share it with ya mate

this game is really awesome

thanx heaps, wait til u play it, youll like it even more then

that game's lookin great man! I'm itchin to play it XD

im glad, for both of those things :D

after paladin the game have you got any ideas for new movies? or are you going onto that paladin-except-in-the-new-world movie?

nah no more paladin related stuff for a while after the game. i need to get out of my comfort zone

Hi awesome person.

lol, hi?

cant wait 4 teh game!!!

same :)

Im a big fan of you and all of your works, especially the paladin series i really loved...
im looking forward to play your game, keep doing all the good work and....

3 DAYS TO GO BEFORE DECEMBER!! cuz you said the launching of the game is on december, right?

Best Regards,

haha it wont be STRAIGHT AWAY

because i'm not entering the competition any more we're not as restricted for time, but i still wanna get this thing out there. expect it before christmas.

beta testing begins in a week and a half (between my forum mods and tom fulp)

how well that goes will dictate how ready the game is

Sorry, but the kid who talks to much is back just to say (dies of talking overdose and you never find out what he was gunna say until his devi--I mean angel comes down and says) there should be a paladin day!