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So... What's next?

Posted by Jazza - January 14th, 2008

One question that has popped up a lot for me in emails and PM's, is what am i doing now that the paladin series is finished?

well, towards the end of April this year, I will be leaving to do some missionary service! This goes for two years, and I really look forward to it. I assume some questions will come up regarding this also, so heres a few bits of info:
- I will not be animating those two years
- I will no be able to update forums/sites over that time
- and yes, it is for the LDS church, more commonly known as 'mormons'
- I find out where I go when I submit my papers

When I get back I look forward to fully perusing my directing career!

SO! now to my plans for the next four months. The following are projects that I aim to complete before the end of April:

1 - Another game with moonkey, a 3D (hopefuly multiplayer pvp) strategy game
2 - Record an album with original songs both composed and vocalized
3 - Make an animation about... well, you'll find out
4 - Make a tankman spoof :D
5 - Finish shooting editing and composing for my first short film
6 - Animate a music video Lisa Gerrard commissioned me to do

If you have any questions, let me know! i'll be happy to answer them :)
and don't forget i'm not gone yet. still here for four months, and i'll come back before you know it

also... no news post would be complete without an image of sorts:

So... What's next?


Wow, you're gonna do all that before April?! You're one busy guy, dude!

And then after that you're gonna do nothing but be a priest for two years. :p Well, I suppose that's you're first job, or something, since you're only 18, so that's possibly why you're doing stuff so fast now.

btw, you should use that as your avatar. It's way better than the big-nosed freak up there (sorry if it's accurate :p)

big nosed freak? why i aughtta.. lol jokes

and yeah, i'll be pretty busy lol. i just wanna get a lot of projects finished before i leave...

and... sure. it's about time i changed my avatar, lol

That was quick :p

Like everthing else you do... -_- lol

indeed. i try :)

Jazza!!! give me your wacom before you go pretty please, you know who this is xD.

lol sorry. i need it to come back to :)
and yes... yes i do

This isn't really a question, more of a suggestion. It's probably a "State the Obvious" but anyway, i think should should complete those five projects from biggest til' smallest. That way u won't be left to suffer. lol ;D

how about i finish them all?
oh, i forgot to list another, lol, music video for lisa gerrard. i'll fix that up now.

i work hard, i'll get them done. i'm good with deadlines

One of my friends is going on his mission in two months. It sounds like a very weird ordeal. He said he will have to learn the language of wherever he's going in a matter of weeks or something. Crazy stuff. Good luck.

lol no, not a matter of weeks. those who learn a new language get months and months of prep, then in the field they get to stufy it every day :)

And we <3 you.
I hope that you finish all of the work that you aim to finish but it sure is a lot of work.

Have a nice trip when you get that far.

thank you so much :)
i'll do muh best

Well, 2 years somewhere in Zambesi or Zambia will give you more than enough time to write storyboards and practise your drawing. :)
I hope I'll get to go to Beijing for a year in the summer, to study. Lot of times these kind of thing are very good for your personal development and actually help you get better.

Good luck to you sir,


actually you hit the nail on the head sort of. i want to get a lot of life drawing done, and up my realism capabilities.

thank you bro

I'll be missing u... hahahahaha.... BTW is moonkey can help me on my Adventure Game??? tnx a lot dude... I like your PALADIN game so much...

you'll have to ask moonkey about that :P
and thanx

wow! sounds like nice plans 4 da future, hope it gose successfully 4 u, man. u deserve it. ur a legend in animation with da epic paladin seris and stuff.

Farewell for 2 years :)

legend? lol i wouldn't say that. those with newgrounds characters as now mascots are legends, lol. IE salad fingers, blockhead, bitey, xombie etc etc.
thanx bro

You better give the portal a little bit of medieval porn!!!


Wow that is alot to get done in just 4 months and you'll be leaving Newgrounds for a missions trip well at least it is for a good cause Although I still have a feeling that I am going to check your Userpage or DeviantART even when your gone for some reason...

lol, well when i get back i'll prolly have a bunch of life drawings i'll chuck up there. i plan to keep up my art while gone, just in a medium different to what i'm used to.

Good luck finishing all that stuff in 4 months O_o !

But more good luck wished for your mission. Mine was a defining moment in my life and I learned skills, talents, ways of thinking, etc. that I still use every day...not to mention the spiritual and social aspects which are immeasurable.

Also, much respect for letting the NG community know about your spiritual side, that takes courage especially considering that the NG demographic is not generally friendly to theism :P

Be sure to tell us where you're called when your papers come in! I get the feeling you'll be a great missionary!

haha fo sure bro, i'm really looking foreward to it. also, i figured NG has been friendly enough with all my animation efforts and theyd prolly respect my descision to try and do a little good in the world :)

and if anyone's been "letting the NG community know about your spiritual side", it's you. you name is BOMtoons for crying out loud! lol..



Best Wishes to you man, thanks for the years of entertainment, and can't wait for years more when you get back.

In the meantime, we'll keep the light on.


thanx bro, i'm not stopping making stuff by any means. just a small break. when i get back i'll be making epic films!! :D

and i won't rest until i am :)

much respect to you MC, love your work.

JAZZA and Moonkey sitting in a tree
first comes Paladin
then comes Monthly First
then comes a 3D (hopefuly multiplayer pvp) strategy game

yeah i cant make it rhyme...


oh well, so hows about that composer hack and slash game? i reckon that would rock!

any hoo looking forward mostly to number 5, as you wanna be a director don't ya?

thing is tho...


lol best poem i've ever heard.. in my life... bar none!

lol yeah i cant wait to make my film. i goots the 1337est camera around :D

google 'HVR-V1U'

Best wishes on your missionary work. woulda never dawned on me that you'd do that. Hopefully you'll turn out nothing like BoM Toonz i hate that guy!!!!

On a serious note, good luck with wherever you turn up. Youre a talented guy and have a selfless side as it turns out.


lol yeah BOMtoons is a JOKE lol jk

and thanx bro, for someone who uses a MOUSE to animate your not so bad yourself...

selfless side? nah man, i'm doin it for the babes, lol... those hot, ex-olympian russion babes

awesome... we will be expecting...
btw... the image is fantastic
& man.. we will miss you a lot... :'(

thanx bro, i'll miss you.. aldldv... wait no, alvddls...aldd- whatever

lol joeks

Wow dude ur mormon?!? my best friend is mormon hahaha XD mormons are cool but i rather be athiest and respect their religion and be friends with em =P good luck in ur stuff mormy

lol mormons rock socks.

you too athiesty :)

2 years? Wow, I don't think I could go that long without animating and flash. I'd be afraid that I'd lose interest.

What are the possible places you could be going, any idea?

I remember when I was starting out on Newgrounds I really admired your work on "KOROSU- the black samurai", even though I'm sure you laugh at it now.

Shame to hear such an inspirational young lad as yourself is going to go under the radar for that long.

Best of luck though! :)

i could be going ANYWHERE, litterally... on earth... except like, atarctica lol. and yes. i do laugh at korosu lol.

don't worry i'll be back eventually :)

good luck on ur missionay service!

why thank you old chap

Oh.....cute image. That's a disproportioned chibi-esque you i take it? Anyways i'll miss you when you're gone man, you're my favorite artist on all of NG. Good luck with the missionary work, i'm glad to see you're actually doing something to help out the world, though mormons do creep me out. Also; when i first read the post i though you said you were gonna do work for the LSD church,LOL! Anyway have fun doing all that crap before you leave, i for one am hugely looking forward to that strategy game! Your fan; Catman03.

thanx bro. you do know that the LDS church and the mormons are the same right?

also, if anything creeps oyu out its the 'ida' of mormons, which is incorrect information given to you via friends, rumors and episodes of southpark. i assure you we are a nice christian people :)

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