The Composer: out now

2007-09-19 00:28:52 by Jazza

After several months hard work, I have finished my latest animation! It's up and ready for you all to see!

To let me know what you think about the animation, feel free to post on this topic, and review the animation!

the song is also available for download on newgrounds and jazzastudios.

I worked super hard on it so i sincerely hope you all enjoy it!

::::EDIT (21/09/07)
wow, i am amazed that this animation has been received so well! truly, i was expecting it to be ignored or attacked for being too serious. Main reason i came to that conclusion was coz most 'serious' animations ive done have been beaten out by silly stuff, IE: iltimate showdown beat pally 4, dad's work beat pally 5 part 1, blamformers beat pally 5 part 2, and so on...

naturally when i noticed that xombie 10, the series finale, was submitted a DAY before 'the composer', i expected my work to be forgotten completely...

i can't thank you all enough for your kind emails and reviews. i have read EVERY SINGLE REVIEW and will continue to do so, I also respond to any emails, so don't be shy! haha. anyhow, a big thanks to everyone for your immense support.

quick note to say i did not make this animation expecting it to be a hit. i made it to vent things going on in MY life, and in truth, the character in the composer is lightly based on me because i use music to vent and express in the same way.

let's hope madness day doesn't cause my animation to die early, haha...


The Composer: out now


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2007-09-19 00:35:59

Bellisimo. Easily the most beautiful flash animation I've ever seen. As I stated in my review, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with me.


2007-09-19 00:45:28

i sense a front page, simply stunning! you animate in a similar fashion to me, (and i can apreciate how long this must have took you!) plus its nice to see you animate something other than paladin, once again excellent work! and i look forward to your next release


2007-09-19 01:10:25

Really amazing.

Everything was spot on.

It almost made me cry, and I havn't cried in about 2 years.

Thank you, for making my day.
I am basicly in love with this animation.


P.S Is there anywhere I can download it :]]


2007-09-19 01:29:41

That was a rather beautiful concept. Was very well put together.

Totally surprised to see you're also a fellow Australian, I had no idea.

Great work, truly inspiring.


2007-09-19 01:45:18

It was pretty good, I enjoyed it.


2007-09-19 01:48:37

Completely inspiring and smooth to the heart. What more can I say?


2007-09-19 02:23:53

Amazing, very nice. I really like how it's sort of a story without an end because you don't know how the composer ends up being but you know what's going to happen to the boy.
Way better than your Paladin series if you ask me ;)


2007-09-19 03:36:45

Fantastic, truly inspiring.
Your art is so smooth and clean, it looked really professional.
I liked how the story went along all in sync with one song.


2007-09-19 08:14:23

you did a really great job, The only part i dont like is How you made the piano strokes with the fingers so well, but the onther instruments kinda choppy.
I still 5d and Love it :D


2007-09-19 13:52:44

I shed a tear while watching this flash. It is everything I wish to be, and will be. Simply the most moving flash I have EVER watched.

I don't even really know what to say, you are incredibly talented, thanks, I am grateful that I was around to see it.


2007-09-19 16:50:52

I don't want to be the poop in the pool water, but I guess I'll have to.

It seems as though you always pander to the most basic of emotions. Your Paladin series was all about violence, and no thinking. And this cartoon creates a very simple view of sadness or emotion in general. The fact that he was literally crying makes it all the less convincing, especially when you consider kids that grew up in broken families like that, who don't cry, and never cried about it. Those are the people who deserve sympathy, not the ones who drain it all the time. It's easy to show a crying person and get people to sympathize, but so often is that only due to people's assumption that they are obligated to feel for crying people. On top of all that, this cartoon constantly depicts crying. It's like giving out candy all the time. It's not special or significant anymore.

Also, why do you always have soul patches in your cartoons? AGH! Ty Pennington, you monster!


2007-09-19 18:11:05

I already gave you a 10 so I'll drop my criticisms (hopefully constructive) here. The animation is pretty jerky and all your faces are the same. Really thats all.

I must agree while disagreeing with the poster who talked about basic emotions. It is impossible in a flash to be that subtle and still get any message across. It is an exploration in sadness and life, things are larger then life.


2007-09-19 18:11:51

I already gave you a 10 so I'll drop my criticisms (hopefully constructive) here. The animation is pretty jerky and all your faces are the same. Really thats all.

I must agree while disagreeing with the poster who talked about basic emotions. It is impossible in a flash to be that subtle and still get any message across. It is an exploration in sadness and life, things are supposed larger then life.


2007-09-19 18:17:56

First off, the movie is brilliant.
If it was less jerky and all the faces were more different it would be even more so.

To the guy that said this flash was too blatant with emotions:
It wasn't. Real true complex emotions can't be summarized in a five minute movie, however good. However studies on particular aspects of emotions can. This video dealt with sadness, lose and life. I'd say it portrayed them pretty well.


2007-09-19 18:18:11

This really touched me at a moment in life things really could go better. It made me smile, at the small gestures and little details of hope. I guess I registered to say that. I think I'll give a go at animating or drawing again myself. It used to distract me alot. Thank you.


2007-09-19 22:13:21

Well, I enjoyed. A ton. Incredible work, man. It was a fantastic movie.


2007-09-20 00:07:44

You are a NG artist I respect a lot.
Good luck on your future projects.
Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2007-09-20 01:20:39

I wish I could vote 6...

Just wonderful.


2007-09-20 06:55:23

Thank was rather amazing. It seems like you tween alot for walking cycles, and movements, but you do it so smoothly. How exactly do you make it look good? Usually tweened walking cycles don't turn out looking too well.


2007-09-20 10:44:13

Hey, I just wanted to reiterate my thanks here for sharing The Composer with us. It's a really beautiful story, and it's such, such, such a refreshing piece for Newgrounds. I found it really hard not to burst into tears by the end, to be honest (as corny as that is). So, thanks again. I really appreciated it.


2007-09-20 18:57:47

Touching story combined with great animation equals a great flash. Congratulations, on frontpage you deserve it!


2007-09-21 12:01:31

that was awesome


2007-09-21 13:36:18



2007-09-22 02:54:33

You know, I think KupaMan has a point. And yet I still really liked this submission.

There were also a few unrealistic things here and there (well, for example, I don't know any conductors who conduct an orchestra without a baton), but the central idea behind it was very good.


2007-09-24 05:15:18

I'm gonna be honest with ya here. I'm not a big fan of Pally, great animation and art but I just didn't get into it. But "The Composer" that one was different. That one got to me. It made me think about crap. That flash you made was the first flash I've ever gotten tears in my ears from. Really amazing...

Jazza responds:

i've never gotten tears in my ears personally...
haha sorry to kid with you, but really, thank you. it means a lot to me, sincerely


2007-09-26 07:44:20

Congrats on the Weekly First Place!
Heh, you could have submitted at a better time, considering it was right before Madness Day, but you still got # 1. And I have to say, you deserve it.


2007-09-26 16:31:53

I have justed watched your flash and i must say, amazing job. The ending was brilliant with the boy playing his guitar in the end. A most stunning flash. One of the best out there. Thank you for this wonderful piece of art.


2007-09-26 18:52:55

beautiful... just beautiful. you are one of the only animators on this site who can use their skills to inspire others to stay strong, and to keep going. it truly brought tears to my eyes :')


2007-09-27 05:08:11

That was great but it didn't really get through my thick skin that much... it has to be very touching to get through me. I love how you based it on your life and all... Hopefully, I can work with you on a movie some time.


2007-09-27 17:50:40

Congratulations of front page, no.1 flash, both the trophys, the unbelievable good work and making the portal touched :')

Is the entire movie possible to download, because this will stay in my memories forever dude.


2007-09-27 18:06:08

The animation was great

I like how at the end the kid finds a way to express himself through music, and the composer understands even though it's through a different instrument. Good music is good music, and that's all there is to it

(I'm a Beatles fan myself. Doesn't mean I don't love bluegrass, jazz, blues, and classical)


2007-09-27 18:11:32

Let's hope "The Composer" never dies! Live long and prosper!


2007-09-27 20:18:52

Yes I loved it. A serious flash like that is needed. When I first saw it on number one I thought that it was probablly some fanboy kind of thing that clung to things that people already will be like lol 5ed for referances, but no. It would be great if you could read my review because I rarely give reviews and I love it when the author appritiates me doing it. So that's all I ask.


2007-09-28 16:12:27

will you make me a smico day anthem, it's almost my birthday!!!!!!!! ( pico=smico get it, we're cousins )


2007-09-28 16:34:56

That was as close to perfect as you can The walk cycles were a little off, but other than that, it was quite well done. Well, maybe a few less tears, as KoopaMan said. Nothing is perfect. Anyway, back on topic, that was one of the most beautiful things ever. I thought it would be some crap in the number one spot, but in fact, it quite deserved the high rating it is getting. The music, the animation, the ideas behind it, everything, was perfect. You are truly one of the best animators I have seen. It seems that each week something new and great comes out, and it looks like you're the flavor of the week. Great job.


2007-09-28 19:39:24

I wanted to cry after seeing that, please JAZZA, make more of these touching flashes.


2007-09-29 16:30:57

i nearly cried when i wached it, but my fan mail told you that, for the love of god please dont stop on making flash


2007-09-29 18:58:56

It's amazing how capable you are of making all sorts of genres of movies. From plain violence to Classic music scores.

You are one of the animators I simply envy.


2007-09-29 20:32:18

Well let me just say that The Composer was breathtaking and beautifull. You know, it's rare to find a serious video here at Newgrounds, this was a treat. I won't lie to you, it almost made me cry in some parts, which is a big deal for me cause it's rare that something like that happens. Madness Day didn't make you animation die, which is something else cause I saw it on the top of the portal last time I checked. Well you said you use music to vent and express, so what instruments do you play?

Jazza responds:

i play drums, piano, and i looove singing even tho im not expert at any of those!


2007-09-30 03:12:49

Oh how you never fail to inpress me, time after time you make incredible animations and write amazing music and this just tops all of both of them. A beautiful peice of work.


2007-09-30 12:29:02

Holy shit. I just saw it. For once we get a movie that doesn't induce masturbation or is about crushing a guy's head and putting his family into an Iron Maiden.


2007-09-30 22:09:33

I left a review but i want to say one more time, it completely deserves being the best flash of all time on newgrounds. It made me feel better about quite a few things. It was beautiful, probably one of the greatest flashes i have ever seen. Thank you for putting the effort into making it, you did a great job and got well deserved praise. Congratulations.


2007-09-30 22:36:07

This is truly the best flash ive ever seen, well, ever

Ignore all my previous comments of other flashes, i never realized something this good can come out of flash.

From now on i'm going to be much more difficult with my rating :O
Bless you for being brave on a subject no one makes flashes about,
Bless you for just making a flash about something serious, you deserve that number one position on all time, and i will do everything in my power to keep you there *wink wink* 5 a day from me :D

Jazza responds:

thank you so much friend, truly


2007-09-30 23:36:20

This submission sucks!Get rid of it by tonight!

Jazza responds:

no my friend, you suck


2007-10-21 04:56:21

well.... u cant dis blamforms, can you?

i love serious movies AND the funny too ^^

need some laughs some times, need sometin to make me think the others...

anyways, blamformers had stamper, paladin didnt, then i wudve voted 5 every day for a month straight :D

we love you jazza


2007-10-29 06:29:55

2 words: bloody awesome!


2009-12-12 02:42:27

I know this is really late, but I couldn't fit my entire review in the review.

I have no idea why, but every time I watch this flash, and every time I listen to this particular piece of music, my worries just wash away. Its almost as if the music sinks into my soul, cleanses the troubles out, and sticks around for a brewskie (for lack of a better term).

This is what animations were meant for. Anyone can create a parody. Anyone can create a song with a thumping beat. But when something like this is shown amidst the clutter...this is a real flash gem.

It might not mean anything, but when I first saw this flash movie, I was having a difficult time. A tragedy befell me that I'd rather not talk about, something that I thought I would never ever recover from. I had even contemplated giving up and taking my life.

This a life-saver.