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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - January 9th, 2011

***before I get to the main part i'll just mention, I visited James Lee and Hania of Tarboy fame last week and we all collaborated on a song and simple animation which will be up in a week or so. Keep you eyes peeled!***

For daily updates on my game/music/animation progress:
follow me on facebook :)
Follow Ortus on Facebook

I have 4 main goals for this year, for those interested:

1: Ortus
2: Album
3: Larry 2.5
4: Larry 3

A little more information:

This is a game that has been in progress since september 2010, and is estimated to Beta around April. It will be an EPIC single player isometric customizable sandbox medieval RPG... and that's the 'simple' way of summing it up. I'll be releasing a teaser in a month or so, and a more extensive trailer a while after that with some gameplay footage and stuff. It's being developed by a team of 15 people, and the story alone is really new and exciting!

I've wanted to make a new album for a while, so i'll be weaving my recording sessions around in whatever spare time i can afford. The final product will be around 17 songs long, split into 2 parts, and mix/mastered by Zach Striefel.

Some people like the idea of me continuing doing the '.5' episodes, some people don't. regardless, it's been part of my vision for Larry since before I released the first episode, so i'm not moving away from that direction. It will present the story of a few different characters you've seen cameo in other episodes, and focus on them, and I promise to make it as full of quirks and chuckles as i possibly can!

I'm not sure if i'll FINISH it in 2011, but i'll work my ass off to try since i don't want to keep those waiting "larryless" for more then a year. Again i'm one person and it's hard to really pull this stuff off at the pace that I'd like without a proper team and budget, but i do what i can and i hope you guys enjoy the result!

so needless to say i'll hardly sleep in 2011, but it's sure to present a lot of challenges and learning experiences, and hopefully, a heck of a lot of fun!

Posted by Jazza - January 4th, 2011

Hey all! hope you had an enjoyable holiday and 2010 :)

ok so simple small announcement, i've been doing a bunch of cover songs and music videos lately, one of which i've entered into a little online cover music video competition, and i'd LOVE if you guys could vote for mine to win.

I REALLY need the money to help get my album funded since i'm paying for it out of my own pocket and am not expecting to make lots of money with it, so if guys can give a struggling musician/animator like myself some extra help, i'd be REALLY grateful.


The music I make is purely out of passion and enjoyment but i'd really like to take it further, which is where I need your help, and it's as simple as watching, voting, and sharing it with your friends!

If you're interested in the musical side of me, i've started a new youtube channel where you can check out more of my more recent cover videos, there will be a lot more to follow. There's also www.josiahbrooks.com (i'll make it look prettier later, lol) and my Facebook Page.

thanks guys, I'd REALY appreciate your help.



Posted by Jazza - December 23rd, 2010

I'm going to go flirt with ladies, eat ludacris amounts of food, and find time to go hang out with Hania and James Lee.

What are your plans?

Posted by Jazza - November 10th, 2010

hey all

check out LARRY: Pup Run, it's a simple mini game which i find fun just because of the idea of riding a mentally disturbed 3 legged dog. :D

also, oh hai Larry poster competition result

So, I'll be taking a break from working on anything LARRY related until mid next year (see the previous news post for more info), as I'm working on an epic isometric RPG similar in style to Baldur's Gate, and Diablo. We have a huge team (12 people) and have big plans to make it the most enjoyable free online game we possibly can.

Also, i've been doing fairly regular livestream sessions as well as making most of my ongoing announcements on my facebook page so if you're interested and would like to keep up with my progress in various areas, please join! :)

thanks for all your support in everything guys, your patience with me is really helpful :P

so, here's a teaser for this upcoming RGP "Ortus"... a LOGO!! (oooh! aaaah!)

Larry break and Big Game

Posted by Jazza - October 6th, 2010

Before I get TOO text crazy:
Go watch LARRY episode 2
Join me on Facebook if you'd like consistent updates :)

NOTE: This is a lot of writing you won't care about if you don't follow the Larry series.

OK so, I've been getting a few common questions about the Larry series: when will 3 come out, will there be more games, etc.

unfortunately, the next episode will NOT be out in 4 months, and it will NOT be episode 3. I'll Explain...

apparently 7 Larry submission in the space of a year is STILL not enough for some of you people, and as much as I'd like to keep pumping them out, I need a break, so I'll be releasing a fun little Larry mini game at the end of the month, then after that I'm working on an EPIC RPG game with an epic team:
Geoff Edwards
and more.

(it will be HUGE)

In that period of time I'll also be working on releasing an Album of my own Music.

now when that is all finished (around March/April 2011) I'll be free to get back to Larry, and I'll be able to do so with renewed vigor and zeal! I'll start Larry 2.5, then
after that I'll be right into 3. I'm assuming these projects alone will occupy a majority of my time in 2011.

To those who want me to stop doing games, and ".5" episodes (the ones not following Larry's story) , the answer is a clear and unchanging NO... From the very beginning of creating the series my plan was to make a world with vibrant characters, and familiar places, so that when watching a normal episode, the viewer can recognize and enjoy much more then normally possible in the time permitted.

Think about it, would you enjoy seeing Pipsley and Jiggadiah so much did they not appear in their own episode? Would you expect Larry to be a tough little fighter as much as you might, without playing Larry and the Gnomes? Same goes for many characters that have already appeared in episodes that I have yet to introduce properly!

I understand the requests to cease them might lie in a sincere desire to follow Larry's story, but I can promise you, his story would not be anywhere near as interesting without the world he lives in being so familiar, and that is not possible without these so called "Spin-Offs".

So, bear with me, I'm doing everything I can to entertain you, but in the end I'm only one guy and it's a huge undertaking by anyone's standard. Please be patient with me, and I promise you'll get much entertainment in the future.

PS: a HUUGE thank you for the wonderful reviews and support, the reception for episode 2 was more then I would have imagined! You guys rock!

Posted by Jazza - October 1st, 2010

Posted by Jazza - September 6th, 2010

LARRY 2 will be released on the 1st of October.

To celebrate I'm opening up a fun little ART COMPETITION so you can get involved, and have the opportunity for your work to be bought on the Newgrounds Store forever!

DISCUSS W.I.P's and other stuff HERE

The first 3 prizes get some cash, and the overall winner gets the glory of being the Published One.

It's just a humble little gig, I don't expect everyone to go crazy since the series is quite young yet, and not everyone loves it, which is ok, but if you do like Larry and like making art, join in! I would love to see what you guys come up with :D

I've extended the deadline of the Competition to be 2 weeks after the release of the episode to that those who need more ideas or inspiration might get it there!

Good luck guys :)

some people have requested some extra reference material so here ya go

reference 1

reference 2
reference 3
reference 4
reference 5
reference 6
reference 7
reference 8
reference 9

Larry Poster Art Competition

Posted by Jazza - August 24th, 2010

I dream of a day where chickens can cross roads without their motives being questioned.

yes. an old joke. and I DON'T CARE.

I Have a Dream...

Posted by Jazza - August 2nd, 2010


yes the sole purpose of this post is a shameless plug, so sue me.

David Orr and I have worked together to finding the perfect sound for the world of Larry, and the Soundtrack from the Game Larry and the Gnomes, is a testament to how well David's work paid off.

If you enjoyed the music to the game as I know many of you did, please consider checking out the album, as months of additional work went into it, David converted each epic loop into grand winding and wonderful songs. I cut and printed each of the albums myself, and have spent more of my own money then i should have in making the product as good as I possibly could!


you will not regret it.

(sample tracks from the album)

(full song "City of Karryon")
(full Song "Larry's Saturday Morning Theme")

ALBUM OUT in NG store!

Posted by Jazza - July 15th, 2010

hey guys! i just finished uploading a bunch of video tutorials that i really hope will help some of you who have been requesting them. If anyone's wondering how I can do this side stuff and still say I'm working on Larry 2, the answer is i have no life, it's 3 am here, Larry has not been compromised.

NOTE: these ones get a little fast, it is assumed that the viewer has a basic understanding of Adobe Flash. I am using CS3 in these videos.


/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */

/* */
I'M STILL WILLING TO TAKE SOME REQUESTS, nothing major or too epic but if i missed anything someones desperate for help in that i can play a role in assisting you, let me know! i get a real buzz trying to help you guys out. feel free to ask any questions in the comments below too.