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New Year Goals

Posted by Jazza - January 9th, 2011

***before I get to the main part i'll just mention, I visited James Lee and Hania of Tarboy fame last week and we all collaborated on a song and simple animation which will be up in a week or so. Keep you eyes peeled!***

For daily updates on my game/music/animation progress:
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I have 4 main goals for this year, for those interested:

1: Ortus
2: Album
3: Larry 2.5
4: Larry 3

A little more information:

This is a game that has been in progress since september 2010, and is estimated to Beta around April. It will be an EPIC single player isometric customizable sandbox medieval RPG... and that's the 'simple' way of summing it up. I'll be releasing a teaser in a month or so, and a more extensive trailer a while after that with some gameplay footage and stuff. It's being developed by a team of 15 people, and the story alone is really new and exciting!

I've wanted to make a new album for a while, so i'll be weaving my recording sessions around in whatever spare time i can afford. The final product will be around 17 songs long, split into 2 parts, and mix/mastered by Zach Striefel.

Some people like the idea of me continuing doing the '.5' episodes, some people don't. regardless, it's been part of my vision for Larry since before I released the first episode, so i'm not moving away from that direction. It will present the story of a few different characters you've seen cameo in other episodes, and focus on them, and I promise to make it as full of quirks and chuckles as i possibly can!

I'm not sure if i'll FINISH it in 2011, but i'll work my ass off to try since i don't want to keep those waiting "larryless" for more then a year. Again i'm one person and it's hard to really pull this stuff off at the pace that I'd like without a proper team and budget, but i do what i can and i hope you guys enjoy the result!

so needless to say i'll hardly sleep in 2011, but it's sure to present a lot of challenges and learning experiences, and hopefully, a heck of a lot of fun!


I'll give input if you change your signature to 'Joseph" instead of 'Jos'

my names josiah not joseph

Please, Joseph.

Make it Joseph, Joseph.


Hey, I don't know if you want to but I always wondered if there is a technique to voice acting. And if so, would you mind doing a video vlog of instructions?

Johnny Utah doing that "Your dumb at Flash" videos.

I consider you a great voice actor. Perhaps a quick video on how you change your voice and personality?

Thundaboom just earned a spot in the "AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA what a tool!" sector of my mind.

yes, mine too lol

Joseph? more like BROseph.

Can't wait for Larry episodes (i'm such a big fan of the animations/games)
PS: You rock!
PPS: Joseph..

Wow! You're gonna be busy this year. I'm surprised you care so much about us fans. Great job man. I can't wait for what you're making next no matter what it is. Whether it's Larry or a huge game I'm sure I'll love it. :)

You haven't updated your site/webcomic in like forever.

i know, i'll get on that :( the uploader on my back end is broken so i need to fix it with my programmer


More like BROsiah!

Can't wait for 'Ortus', sounds like an amazing game. Would be more epic if it had medals. ;)

t will have like, thousands...

Why don't you collaborate with other artists to make Larry episodes faster?

Wait, they're from Australia?

yup :D brisbane


Hay do you know how to convert emulators into flash?

Well, JOSIAH, Ortus sure sounds awesome. And so does Larry, JOSIAH, but ofcourse we all already KNEW it was awesome. can't wawit to see Ortus though no matter that i'm not ENTIRELY sure what it is...but hey, you only make awesome stuff so yeah..Josiah...

More stum for us to wait for...

AAGGGHHH!!!! You Know Hania and James Lee?!??! WTH why is everyone cool in Australia?! This just makes me wanna animate even better and meet other awesome people!.....and fight a kangaroo......

I personally think one of the most interesting .5 episodes would be about Ga, the dumb cut baby. Exactly who is this .5 episode gonna be about?

nice idea, i'll keep it in mind! :)
The next .5 will be about a few people, including pipsley/jiggadiah, and a certain town alesman and drunk. and more.

do you have a paypal donation thingy?

sure, send donations to jazza -at- jazzastudios.com! lol... but srsly, GIVE ME MONY. jk.. but srsly.... jks...

Looks like calling you Joseph is gettin' popular lol!


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