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Larry Poster Art Competition

Posted by Jazza - September 6th, 2010

LARRY 2 will be released on the 1st of October.

To celebrate I'm opening up a fun little ART COMPETITION so you can get involved, and have the opportunity for your work to be bought on the Newgrounds Store forever!

DISCUSS W.I.P's and other stuff HERE

The first 3 prizes get some cash, and the overall winner gets the glory of being the Published One.

It's just a humble little gig, I don't expect everyone to go crazy since the series is quite young yet, and not everyone loves it, which is ok, but if you do like Larry and like making art, join in! I would love to see what you guys come up with :D

I've extended the deadline of the Competition to be 2 weeks after the release of the episode to that those who need more ideas or inspiration might get it there!

Good luck guys :)

some people have requested some extra reference material so here ya go

reference 1

reference 2
reference 3
reference 4
reference 5
reference 6
reference 7
reference 8
reference 9

Larry Poster Art Competition


hmm... no comments... haha, i`ll see

Hello my fellow Melbournian :P

This sounds awesome!
I can't wait to see what people come up with!

Didn't larry 1 come out like..1st of october last year? :P

This is a pretty cool dealio though, i'll think about a concept

i'll give it a go and see what i think of

i would do something for it if i ever watched or played the larry movies or games

also school

why did the chicken cross the road'??

ahaha... i see what you did there!

I know what I am saying is off topic, but can you help me understand the way to draw hairstyle like 3d drawing in pencil... because I am getting problem getting the hair move side to front. I hope you understand what I mean ... do you?

Not really no, elaborate. In a PM

OH FUCK IM TO EXCITED, Im gonna semenate.

How much money

it's not about the money maannn!!! lol its about the... babes...

What I mean is :-

Is there is a guideline in how to draw the hair from any different position?

*I don't use PM because I fear I don't get any answer*

i answer PM's :)

if you want to continue the conversation further PM me otherwise, yeah, just rough out the hair as a shape then alter the shape as the angle changes as you would any other limb or joint :)

How powerful will Larry become?

More powerful the Red Baron or Castle Crashers?

Cause I'm thinking of making a cross-over flash one day.

if you mean will he ever be like, super saiyan or something, no, lol, but he'll get a little faster and tougher over time :) he's already pretty tough

I'll try this, but I'm gonna wait for episode 2 first.
Shadowy badguy's only bin onscreen fr a few seconds n Larry's not done anything yet.

Sounds awesome, it's just that i'm much of an artist yet...still have a lot of practice to do. So making a decent poster would be pretty much impossible for me.
If it was a normal art contest with smaller measurements, i think i'd give it a try. Ah damn, now i just wanna try to make some Larry fan-art XD

And about the prizes, wouldn't it be cool if you'd design Larry T-shirts and use that as a price? Doesn't have to be a t-shirt, but something simple and more larry related, if you know what i mean :p
That sure makes people more excited about entering than just winning some money.

And just one more suggestion: why not make a flash video to promote the contest? Put it on the portal here and maybe on youtube too. That would make sure more people would enter.

Awesome - count me in :)

I suck at art, yo.

almost finished my entry :)

ok il give it a try :P

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh more of larry yeahhhhhh ahahsdadlssa (heart attack)

*hands over heart pills*

Right on the day of my birthday! Thanks for the present.

few words... AWESOME REFERNCES !!!!
i really hope that the game would be really released on the 1st October
as we say in my country:
Lep pozdrav

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