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So... What Next?

Posted by Jazza - October 6th, 2010

Before I get TOO text crazy:
Go watch LARRY episode 2
Join me on Facebook if you'd like consistent updates :)

NOTE: This is a lot of writing you won't care about if you don't follow the Larry series.

OK so, I've been getting a few common questions about the Larry series: when will 3 come out, will there be more games, etc.

unfortunately, the next episode will NOT be out in 4 months, and it will NOT be episode 3. I'll Explain...

apparently 7 Larry submission in the space of a year is STILL not enough for some of you people, and as much as I'd like to keep pumping them out, I need a break, so I'll be releasing a fun little Larry mini game at the end of the month, then after that I'm working on an EPIC RPG game with an epic team:
Geoff Edwards
and more.

(it will be HUGE)

In that period of time I'll also be working on releasing an Album of my own Music.

now when that is all finished (around March/April 2011) I'll be free to get back to Larry, and I'll be able to do so with renewed vigor and zeal! I'll start Larry 2.5, then
after that I'll be right into 3. I'm assuming these projects alone will occupy a majority of my time in 2011.

To those who want me to stop doing games, and ".5" episodes (the ones not following Larry's story) , the answer is a clear and unchanging NO... From the very beginning of creating the series my plan was to make a world with vibrant characters, and familiar places, so that when watching a normal episode, the viewer can recognize and enjoy much more then normally possible in the time permitted.

Think about it, would you enjoy seeing Pipsley and Jiggadiah so much did they not appear in their own episode? Would you expect Larry to be a tough little fighter as much as you might, without playing Larry and the Gnomes? Same goes for many characters that have already appeared in episodes that I have yet to introduce properly!

I understand the requests to cease them might lie in a sincere desire to follow Larry's story, but I can promise you, his story would not be anywhere near as interesting without the world he lives in being so familiar, and that is not possible without these so called "Spin-Offs".

So, bear with me, I'm doing everything I can to entertain you, but in the end I'm only one guy and it's a huge undertaking by anyone's standard. Please be patient with me, and I promise you'll get much entertainment in the future.

PS: a HUUGE thank you for the wonderful reviews and support, the reception for episode 2 was more then I would have imagined! You guys rock!


missed a name from your list :P

How come Larry and Kickit's voices changed after episode 1? Did they take too much effort to do or something?

if they've changed slightly it's because i'm more familiar with their characters. they feel much more natural now, keep in mind episode 1 was the first ever attempt at their voices i've done :)

You think I give a fuck??!

:) yeah I do

If you don't make a Larry Hentai game, I think I just may lose respect for you. :(

done and done :)

And before I forget, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the 360 effect of Larry in the beginning when he was training with Kikket. I suggested that on my review last time and apparently you listened to me or thought of it as pure coincidence.

Either of which, I loved it - I forgot to mention that on my review. My bad.

And by the way, I'd love to help translate Larry into different languages, but can't do so without your script (it would be excruciatingly difficult if I have to listen and rewind many times doing scene selection just to get the words down). I was wondering if I could request the text (dialogues) so I can expand your viewers and fanbase at the same time?

Many of my friends loved Larry, but wished they could understand it, and my translations can't exactly keep up with them all the time and they wish the flash had a "language selection."

I'd like to help start that if it's all right with you. I won't distribute your script outside of your permission and would be solely for my friends and people who can't understand English.

Thank you. A reply would be nice, even if it's a "no."

PM me what you need and i'll get it for ya ;)

You make a good point. Thoughs characters are much funnier to see because we already know what there all about. And I love the .5's. Idc what you do, as long as its in the Larry world I'll be lmao. Keep up the great work, this is really funny

PM'ed. Thanks!

I still want to contribute some Larry art.

Just as soon as I have the time.


You gota a new userimage

sounds epic

I would prefer if you made more episodes than minigames, bu that's just my opinion. I really like the minigames, and I just recently started playing Larry and the Gnomes. I have no idea why I waited that long to play it. The game is amazing and fun as hell. One of my favorite games here on NG right now. But, I do really like the minigames, but I'd prefer if you would stop making so many of them. You're working on the fourth minigame right now, that means half of your series will be minigames when it comes out. But again, that's just me. Everything you make is awesome, so it doesn't matter that much anyways.

Best of luck with all the projects mate, alas time is something we can never have enough of.

Larry and the gnomes was fucking awesome, and I'm not a mega fanboy so I don't care either way.

Though I will say this. The fact that you have more spin offs than episodes does seem like a rather bizarre choice from where I stand, as spin offs kind of infer that the base mythology is familiar to you, which isn't really the case since we've only recently gotten to 2 episodes.

Have you ever thought of making your huge RPG's on Xbox? It seems the bigger you get, the harder the flash game will distribute, and might be limited by Flash's limitations. And it might end up being a bigger source of money.

That's an all star cast for the RPG... lookin' good, can't wait :o

Aha, I had no idea why you were doing, with all of the mini games and stuff. But now it makes a lot of sense, and I LOVE the idea of creating the world and going into it.

that's the idea! thanks :)

well they can't reclaim
everyone like larry and the gnomes :3

an rpg bigger than Matt sword's?
i'd be fuckin impressed if you pull that off.


Wow ! New Buddy Icon.
Great, you look Handsome..

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