Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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Good game!

Really looking forward to seeing how Ortus turns out! I would say don't be too ambitious, but I don't think thats of your nature ;) good luck mate!

true. my coder hates what i'm putting him through already haha. thanks man :)

I look forward to this game as I love RPGs

Ortus better have a Larry reference or cameo in there.

of course :D

This new game of larry is awesome!

thanks dude!

Those spinning blades are evil!!!! :( But the game is fun and I could entertain myself in the time it takes for you to get back to the series. :)

Anyhow, I left a comment on your last post that you didn't get to. Is it alright if I copy and paste the question from there to here? Thanks for the series and the time, you are Rawesome! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

From one of your many fans,

PM me
and thanks

what about the larryart contest

the results have been posted! thanks for the remind, i'll edit my new post

Is it a troll's fingers under the shield?


Ortus, sounds interesting - hope it has good art.

especially buildings. hope whoever does those doesn't screw up!

Cool. I'll check out the game later. :)

Once again, I love the idea with the RPG. I still can't really recall any games or at least RPGs that are big collabs. That'll be great. Good luck to you all!

Love how your actually expanding the Larry universe,dude.Having so many games,installments,and mini-games makes me love the series even more.I think this is a BIG step up from the Paladin story.Also,when you get started on the next Larry installment,I might be able to do voice acting once I get enough money.
P.S. Sorry for long comment

all good, i'm glad you like all the little additions. some don't, i personally think they're very important! :) thanks

hmm im not one to complain on production but... you really need a entire team of artist and animators to get this stuff rolling

First of all, my comment about the pup having 4 legs ... wow, I'm drunk and wish so hard that NG allowed for erasing comments. Alas.

Last of all, Ortus looks hawt. And I can only hope it has the same mix of epic bloody adventure mixed with epic bloody humor that your Larry series has.

it wont be a humorous game but definitely blood :)

A feel as if the tip of the sword is at a slightly different angle from the rest of the blade.

wow that game is so badass!

Jazza! I love Pup Run and I can't wait for Ortus! So far the game looks great- of course, it isn't even in beta/gamma/alpha/etc- but I still love the things you're doing. As a regular D&D Dungeon Master, I respect the effort toward a world of realistic fantasy you're working on. Keep up the great work, and best of luck Mr. Brooks!


long live DnD! i love DnD for the great roleplay, and freedom. we're trying to replicate that as much as possible. :)

11 people?! Good god, what will everyone be doing?

Maybe additional music
And then 7 voice actors or what?

Who are you working on with this game? D:

UI and cutscene artist
3D building + prop designer
visual FX and icons
story and concept art guy
story and NPC rigging guy
music guy
sound guy
experienced male voice actor
experienced female voice actor

12 actually



Lol 12 people? You atleast count around 2-3.
Animator/Voice actor of many voices and also a writer.

well i suppose my own job (other then most ingame animation) will be participating in everyone elses work. directing them really. Perhaps thats why i'm enjoying the project so much!

I accidentally clicked through the explanation of controls for your game, and i can't get that screen to show again (there is no button i can see). It seems that after viewing it once, the explanation goes away for ever. sad! I have the feeling i'm missing something subtle about the controls or something.

also no more hurting puppies in your flash

the only controls are arrows and space bar. you're not missing anything important. unless youre not jumping...

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