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ALBUM OUT in NG store!

Posted by Jazza - August 2nd, 2010


yes the sole purpose of this post is a shameless plug, so sue me.

David Orr and I have worked together to finding the perfect sound for the world of Larry, and the Soundtrack from the Game Larry and the Gnomes, is a testament to how well David's work paid off.

If you enjoyed the music to the game as I know many of you did, please consider checking out the album, as months of additional work went into it, David converted each epic loop into grand winding and wonderful songs. I cut and printed each of the albums myself, and have spent more of my own money then i should have in making the product as good as I possibly could!


you will not regret it.

(sample tracks from the album)

(full song "City of Karryon")
(full Song "Larry's Saturday Morning Theme")

ALBUM OUT in NG store!


you scared me i thought you were linking to Yoink's awful rap music for a second

david's a very good composer, no shame in plugging!

duly noted. i changed it to BooYa

Awesome addition to the store! You guys did put a lot of work into the songs, so I think many people will buy it.

Also, when is Larry episode 2 coming out?

hey is it posible for you to make larry shirts?i would buy like 5 :)

one day :D

I would love to support ya. But I'm not allowed to buy stuff online for my parents. Those bastards! >:C

we want larry t-shirts :D

God, when are you going to release Larry 2!?!?!?!?!?! I realize your trying to get alot of hype for the series but 1 episode with Larry as an actual main character is not enough (in my opinion) to start releasing games about the series. Can you please work on a few more episodes before working on other side projects because I like the series so far and I really want to see more of it!

dont stress! i've been working on episode 2 for months. it's my next release and has been since the game.

Oh yeah, crank dat shit.

i would consider buyin it if u put 'Hot Dot Diddly Op' on it man i love that song its the greatest i cant stop watchin ur youtube vid of it u gotta record it!

If NG store didnt insist on credit cards I dont have (no one uses them in germany) Id buy it. Even though I dont own a real CD player. :D

get it on iTunes then :P

I would buy it, but i don't have a paypal nor a creditcard. i wish i could just send them cash in an envelope. :(

can you give a short sum on larry 2, just a clue about it?

I dont hae a frigging credit card srry man. Btw i smell a training montage in larrys future

Actually Larry T-Shirts isn't such a bad idea. If the flash is that popular go for it. Make a few samples before going big.

Great CD btw

I just noticed something...

How come Larry has no feet?

how come he has no fingers? he is deformed remember

lol. Can't believe I just noticed that as well. So that's why he's called "Mittenhands"... =_= He doesn't really seem to be that clumsy with his hands and legs though...