Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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victoria, australia

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I wanna give you a lozenge and bigger monitor. Both will do you good while animating!

baha, its only small because i shrunk it so people can see the smaller details of the timeline. dont worry. i have plenty of work space. also, give me that lozenge. my allergies have been driving me crazy!

your skills are awesome man!!!!keep on!!!

Gnomes ?

I think it would be a great idea to make a video going into more detail on human proportions and muscle structure. You touched briefly on both in your first tut but the subjects really deserve a video all to themselves. After all, you can't make too many cartoons without learning the human form.

great idea, i shall put it on the to do list :)

Hey you sound really great on these videos, unlike typical youtube tutorial stuff.

I just watched the first mouth one, and you got to a bit where you couldn't really explain why drawing all the teeth looks dumb; I AGREE. I think it's because it's putting too much deatil in too small a space. Like if you have these blocky cartoon characters with simplified featurs n then the mouth has all 32 teeth, then the amount of detail gets all inconsistent and it really stands out.
It's the same as if you put writing on a guy's shirt or if you put lines all over a guy's face or try to colour someone's eyes when they're too small, or draw some lines too thin etc.
So yeah, hopefully that explains that.

yeah i think i knew subconsciously, i just have a habit of not seeing things in a technical way. i more 'feel' how something should be drawn, or copy someone elses style.

thank you so much for the tutorials man.

no problem! i hope they helped!

U going to comicon?

one day *gazes into the distance*

When's Larry 2 coming???

2 months ish

Dude...how big is your screen?

bigger then the video shows, i shrunk the flash screen so people would be able to see the smaller icons easier.

Can you make one about drawing ballsack ?
I can never get it right.

me either. i can give tips though, reference it. try placing a mirror about 3 feet away from your head, facing towards your forehead and just copy the balls. you can draw the tiny penis that's there too, just take your time. i keed. :)

It's amazing you do this ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!

Where as some of the best animated TV shows are still imported from Korea.

Yes....even Futurama is animated in Korea.

shame aye. i wanted to go work in the Disney studio in Sydney in Australia but they closed before i got the chance! that's where adam phillips went.

what kind of tablet do u use?

wacom, PL510 or something, the cheaper of the LCD ones

i agree with ChocolateChipCookies, go into muscle structure

ok, top of the list now :)

I can't seem to get the opacity (not brush size) on CS3 to work. Hmmm....any idea what's going on?

as in, in the paint selector? if that dont work, reinstall flash. it should

I knew how to lip sync before watching your tutorials, but I never thought of putting it in an organized movie clip before >_>

thanks for the tips jazza! :D

makes a big difference, then you can freely animate the head for the expressions!

Something about your avatar makes me want to punch you in the face. I have no idea why, though...


lol, do it

make a tutorial of movieclips and stuff for games.

You can always come to the US someday.

I'd really like to know how you did all the intricate details of the backgrounds. Those are probably the greatest things in your animations!

I agree with ChocolateChip aswell, an anatomy tutorial would be great. Please teach us basic male and female structure though; No bodybuilding spartans or busty pornstars rofl.

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