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Brotherhood Of Battle! (upcoming game)

Posted by Jazza - February 8th, 2008

Though I'd give you all a little peak at the epic game Moonkey and I are working very hard on. As usual we're doing our best to tailor the game to be pushing the envelope a bit in how flash games are played and what they can involve. (IE pvp + 3D rendered)

about the game:
-start off with all 5 units, with upgrades and unit/army more production
-online PVP
-different game types (deathmatch, C.T.F, etc etc)
-some games involve a fortress you can upgrade and research from

there's a couple of features we're working to get in there, such as map editor and the ability to share maps with friends, and loads of different game types. It should be really fun. Think 'Age of empires/mythology' and 'warcraft' with a flash feel

aaaaaaand screenie:

Brotherhood Of Battle! (upcoming game)


looks awesome keep up the work

FIRST! WOOT! The game looks awesome thanks Jazza for making a multiplayer game! Also do you have any idea when it will be out?

month or two? dunno really

hi dude sup so your game will be like this well it looks great and the grafich is perfect too wish you lukc mate

Thats awesome. You rock.

This looks pretty cool!

Epic game?

Another one!?

You guys are crazy! =P



wow looks sweet do far, how much is the file size? seems like a heavy game, and i supose u like epic era rather than futuristic one eh?

at the moment its around 6.5-7 megs
it'll prolly end up 10 with music, but i think most (95%) of the in game art is done.

and yeah, im a HUGE medieval fan... just magic and might is fun...

That is like totally Epic man...

The game looks amazing, I am really excited for the Online PVP.

That looks like one EPIC game. I wish I had the patience (or time) to make flash as well as you do. Looking forward to it!

"aaaaaaand screenie:"

aaaaaaand drops jaw

aaaaaaand then picks it back up

this looks very very nice there JAZZA, any words on a expected release date?

the idea of a map creator and online sharing of maps is astounding, moonkey is really pushing the boundaries here :o

the only qualm i have is that theres 3 characters that look similar, the white hooded assasin, the red hooded masked assasin and the blond haired masked assasin, well, they probably dont look as similar in the game but their icons on the hud look very similar in my opinion </nitpicking>

should be awesome to see how it pans out

on an unrelated note:

"packerman says:


lol firstly no one cares and secondly your second HAHA! :3

hey bro, thanks for the kind words

when you get a good look/play at them they are very different in how they walk and attack and, look.

white hood = MAGE
red hood = ASSASSIN
blonde = ROGUE

they all have completely different moves, spells, specials, etc.

This looks even more amazing than the Paladin game!!
I love how it has 3D qualities, yet it still maintains the cartoony flash feeling.

yeah i love the 3Dness too. EVERYTHING (except for ground texture) you see is constructed and rendered in maya, a 3D program, then exported for flash.

Looks great Jazza! I hope to see it soon :D

A multiplayer? Great, I'll make sure I be here on the release.
Chat! Yay!

OMG JAZZA! Create a wrestling game.

wrestling is poo... sorry

Will u be able do make this game downloadable? If u can, that would be so good, it would almost be like a real PC game, i.e. UT, KO, etc...

hm, i dont know...

thing is, there wont be any single player options, it'll be pvp or not. just coz coding an AI would be impossible


territory war 2, this game and the one coolio-niato are ALL gonna be online!? AND THEY ARE ALL COMING IN A MONTH OR TWO!?!??

this is gonna be a really good year for flash!

lol yeah games and movies are really progressing on the net

Good luck with the multiplayer aspect :D

I'm curious if you guys are using smartfoxserver or Xgen?

JAZZA you are amazing..... cant wait hope you do beta testing on this one to might get more people to join your forum

yeah this one will prolly have to utilize mroe of an open BETA test... we'll see

...I hope I can get Fios by then...

I'm guessing the server for the online play will be from your site eh Jazzie-poo. :P
Anyways I don't see a point in saying good luck cause by the looks of this screenie your good. lol
It just gets better and better eh? Maybe you'll make a 3D movie next? :3

lol if i get any time maybe. anyhow, we're still looking at our options for the servers... dont think i know how to do it on my space...

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