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Posted by Jazza - May 15th, 2008

just popping in to let you know that Brotherhood of Battle (BoB, hehe) is on its way to public BETA. GO THANK MOONKEY for his hard work!

It's currently in private BETA and we're all having HEAPS of fun playing it. i'll admit, i'm addicted to my own game... *sigh* kinda sad too coz i have like, 160 game points which i have to lose when the game goes public :(

anyhow, my NEXT userpage post will be announcing the release of the public BETA. this means that the game is not 100% finished but we're gonna let everyone play it to tell us what bugs thay find and balance issues also...

Let me also just note that i have battled against crazy jay of stickpage/flashportal, and Krinn of sonny and sinjid... AND PWN THEM BOTH!


especially jay...

anyhow, sit tight, i cant give specific times but i can say it's less then a year... lol... a lot less?? just stay tuned.

the image below is one of the funniest things that has happened in a game yet... i was rubbing my victory in Jay's face by stealthing 8 rogues around his fortress, so that when he recruits a unit (he had none left) they would all appear randomly... well the really funny part is he recruited a mage and without knowing they were there did the shockwave spell (intending to only hit the 2 rangers) and all of a sudden 10 people were blasted back lol!!... it looked totally awesome.... i'll hush now...



Jazza, I love you.

i'm taken :P

Sexy =)


lol she's hotter then YOU!

=O My heart, she is broken.

Looks swell! Can't wait to give it a try.

can't wait to let you

Oh man this game looks so awesome!

thanks man

Holy crap, this looks like the greatest game ever!!
You have the whole setup going on, reminiscent of Starcraft and stuff.
That looks absolutely amazing.
If you made this for like a console, or PC, I would probably buy it.

haha well it feels like a PC game and it's free, so i guess you win both ways aye!

i like this 'brotherhood' thing tho... its different to other strat games in that its not ALL about pumping out units (even though it can be fun) but more about using your brotherhoods unique abilities with each otehr to win!

WHOA. Mind blown. JAZZA, you are amazing. Are those graves the people who died in battle, or just part of the scenery?

LOL they would be people i killed, of jays :D

oh yeah, and dont forget to praise moonkey. he's done SO much work

AWESOME.... hmmm is that online? like.... hmm... whatever.. how many people are in the beta? hmm like 11? it seems like an awesome game anyways..

theres prolly 10-20 ppl in the private beta, the list build based on whom moonkey and i trust.

and yeah it's online.


I see what you did there man.
VERY smart move. But your not getting out of this one that easy.
I'm keeping my eye on you mister.

damn yo.

this looks wicked.


thanks man
i appreciate ur work too btw :)

I love how you two produce quality submissions, your part of a rare breed left and it's an awesome one. I'm totally up for the BETA, can't wait to hear about it, plus knowing how to code I can give Moonkey some pointers.... hehe, more like the other way around, he's helped me a few times :)
Looks awesome though.

thanks man... we're really trying to push the envelope so we hope it's recieved well.

I have been waiting for this for pretty long time, and it is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeet! I guess in the mean time i will go play the territory war 2 beta XD Then after BoB Combat Online is supposed to come out some time......This year is already amazing flash wise eh?

indeed :D

i play less flash games then i make though :P nah i play a few now and then but i'm usually too busy trying to make crap :S

Holy craps man, this looks awesome. Nice graphics, looks like some badass gameplay too. You've sold me on this one.

thanks bro. i look foreward to you guys being able to play

........WOW! Continue making games. It seems like it's your thing now. Weird. A lot of artist aren't multi talented with making games and movies. You are.

oh i barely did half of this man. Go thank moonkey, i still only did the art :)

Looks awesome. Graphics are epic, and the programming looks at though it will be great with all these features in it. I tip my hat to you and say well done old chap :P

thanks heaps man

you should sell it in stores it looks TOO good...

lol nah... i would be extatic to play this game for free... might as well give other people the opportunity :)


Looks amazing... gimme :). By the way I'm with Mr.Smurf, Not only do I love you but I'm stealing you. You will make me flash games for the rest of your life. And music.

Looks great,

lol i'll be your slave... as long as you call me fabio and stoke my leg beard

Looks amazing, I'll go thank moonkey for the element I haven't tried yet.

damn straight

all of this is done in flash? o.O

damn straight

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