Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

Age 35, Male


victoria, australia

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Sounds great. Good luck!

Woo im in the top friends

The photo is surprisingly not gay. Lighting equipment, attempted dramatic looks, and self-photographing is usually embarrassing just to look at around here, but you pulled it off without looking stupid. Congrats. Looks like an actual album cover.

ta bro, lol. i dont like taking photos of myself usually but as its for an album i cant really take it of someone else aye lol

sounds awesome dude

wait are you gonna do this album and ALSO those animations and that 3D game before leaving for missionary service?

yeah. and a short film

You sir are an all around man's man. You can animate, sing, and make cool album covers! The ladies must be all over you.

LOL... all over me when i have professionaly lighting and camera equipment on me. otherwise i'm just a sweaty over-working nerd lol

Ha-ha, great, sounds quite good, since Ive heard part of your singing in an AP submission, Also, a nice photo-shot as well, and the lighting equipment surprisingly made it better.

Anyway, Might keep a hear out on those songs, keep going good with the rest, josiah.

thanks dude the lights are fair mad aye. anyhow, the songs are subject to change...

Christ you even have an epic voice.

lol! how can a voice be epic?

Well didn't that lighting do wonders for your image.
Anways, added (Anthony)

baha thanks man.
and yeah, i'm ugly as in real life

Hmm, compairing the two, I'd say the eyes in your profile pic are a bit large...

.... perhaps....

You know this album could actually be a real success, if you catch my drift?

i'm not approaching it with that perspective... i did with the DVD which was a mistake. in the end, i'm doing it to have something to show for my songwriting and work, and then be able to move on to something else.

Haha, make some Metal please, kthx.

You could just dive into those eyes...


I love your work! I printed out the sheet music for The Composer and I'm learning it on the piano =D

wow bro great to hear!
if you record it, show me that'd be awesome lol.

hey, just here to say that i love everything that you do. including this.

Also i just got a tablet (bamboo fun) You have any tips on using tablets?

thanks man
any tips would really be, use it. practice makes perfect to keep working with it. my tablet has tripled my working speed and quality, i recomment them to every artist.

except for luis. he is uber enough without one, lol

Do you realise that you use the word "lol" an awful lot of time?
Respizzle, mah nizzle.

my bad

What shall i write here? I dont know..... ^_^; Oooh! Was some1 talking about tongs?! Lol...... u know.....

Do you have a facebook account?
Are you going to animate all of the songs?
Are you going to have a competition for the CD just like you had for paladin?
What do you like more, singing or animating?
Are you going to release a second album?
If you get a chance to perform live will you accept the opportunity?
If the album becomes a success what would it mean for you?
Do you wish to make a band or solo?
Have you though of something else accept animating and singing?
What would you like to say to your fans?

-no soz
-no soz
-i don't know i'll probably do some promotion thing with Tom Fulp, as in a discount code for members or something
-i love both buth want a career in neither so far, i want to be a director
-perhaps in the future, i'll always be writing songs and recording
-ABSOLUTELY, i love performing
-it would mean... i dont know, but i'd be happy to work beyond just making music a hobby if i do well in it
-nah i'd be solo, coz i prefer writing the music, lyrics and performing them myself, i'd definitely love a backing band if i ever get there
-like i said, i want to direct. spielberg style.
-i have fans? lol. thanks really, i used to be a fan of everyone bigger then me, i still am, so i find it an interesting concept 'having' them.

great questions man, really great. hope i answered them.

Now I think I am a better reporter then all the other stuff I do (LOL)
Well you actually did not answer one question.
Are you going to release a second album?
Nice to meet you sir. And good luck with your album.

thats in the future, i'm still trying to get this one out!! lol
but yes i'll keep writing and eventually have enough to make another.

u and moonky are a great team good work on paladin game

thanks man, and yeah, moonkey is da BOMB

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