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Pic looks awesome for the upcoming
I love the whistle btw =]

thanx, and thanx

how the hell i fix my whistle i dont know...

Just watched the first video tuturial.

It's really good!

It (you) has a friendly (sometimes funny) way of explaining while you show, which is always good.

And to your question: How much to tell? Just drop the whole bomb.
Everything you say is helping.
But if you want a more specific area, then I would say...
Draw an good looking but fairly easy hand close up.

The drawings are awesome... it's awesome... you are awesome :)

A question, do you draw with mouse or?

thank you, i'm really glad it helps and you like it
i'll keep in mind the 'hand' idea

i draw with a tablet. i even draw it at the end of TUT 2.5


around 7:20 in the second video XD

LOL what can i say... it was late, i was tired :D

I'm problerbly breaking some rule or another but here goes anyway...

The face expressions tutuorials were VERY helpfull!
It's the small tips, that really helps, something that is so obvious that you don't think about it.

In addition to my "Hand" request, then I would say a villain tutorial.
Mostly just his face and maybe an outline for the rest of his body.

i like the villain idea. i love drawing bad guys :)

and i dont think theres rules as to how many times you can post on someones blog thingy... i think its up to us/me :P

I'll try not to spam you too much then, :P

A last suck-up before I promies to shut-up. (cool, rhymes!)

Don't stop talking... ever!
It's fun and keeps the viewer (now suddenly also a listener) busy.
I think (can't prove it) that everyone tends to learn better if they are entertained at the same time.

wow, you rhymed up with... up!! great job lol

and yeah, i'll talk. even though it makes me feel like a tool :D

I think it has been said but I would to reiterate it. A hand tutorial would be hella sweet as me and alot of others just can't jump that hurdle. Great tut's by the way.

feet were my big hurdle... I'll make sure my next tut is a hand tut. i'll update this post when it's up

please tell me that i was your inspiration for the new game :D
I posted this

(Im not spamming)

Dude that was cool man make another game lol
Dec. 23, 2007 | 9:07 PM JAZZA responds:

one day :)

lol well, moonkey and i just felt we made a good team and felt like challenging ourselves more... and yes, we wanted to please you :D

Your next game seems like a RPG (or maybe it's a fighter game?): really intresting, I hope it soon will be done to play it.
This image reminds me of the "choose class" screen in Diablo II. Is this a "choose class" screen?

For your whistle, go to Rage's gift forum here: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/74264/961">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/7 4264/961</a>
and flag abusive reviews, it's the faster way to upgrade your whistle (you probably already knew that).

nope, no RPG. strategy, turn based,

thanks for the whistle tip, i'll check it out now

I really dont know how to animate in flash. actually I am confused with the layer tweening and fbf stuff. Can you make a tutorial on how you animate. The way that is easy for you maybe.

ok, i'll add it to my list (yes.. i have a list of tut requests :P)

well wow pretty sweet thats for sure i also have seen your tutorials and them very helpful mybe u could teach to use flash because and i got no experienc at all, and all my movies get blammed. plz JAZZA from PM12

ok, this seems a common request, so i will do an animating tutorial when i whip up some more...

Sweet, I'm going to check out those tutorials. As for the characters they kinda resemble Diablo 2 in a way. Not sure why, but nice job can't wait to see the final product.

lol well diablo is awesome... but the gameplay will be not too much like it. We're working on making it turn based atm, just coz it's pvp

Helpful tuts! I've been trying to pimp up my anime drawing style by mixing it with others, this will probably help too :3 Keep up the great work, those tutorials will help alot of people to... well.. copy you. But most of them will hopefully be thankful :3

baha thanks, i'm trying to show methods and stuff i use, and if people copy me... so be it :P

it's a compliment in the end i guess

woot :D they helped alot, especially the complaining about WoW :p

LOL yes, i tend to talk to myself a bit. Frankly i'm suprised everyone can hear me in the first two with the terrible audio and my accent and slurring speaking

oh god

excuse me?

I think theese are very godd tutorials, you are very good animator.

thank you very much! :D

thank you for the tutorials. there is talking instead of a techno music loop(major win) and that makes it much more usefull than most of the tutorials I have seen on this site. please do the world a faver and make one on how to write script. I have found only a few actionscript tutorials that have been useful and a talking one would be better than all of them. Please continue with these IF you can and it wont affect your current projects, because I will be looking foward to your next game since I love anything that utalizes 3d. That and im really really impaciant.

is that game done yet?lol

lol it's not done yet, but be assured we're working really long and hard on it. I've pretty much finished all the characters, now i move onto more props and stuff.

as with that tut request, I DON'T CODE!! sorry, that's all moonkey so you shold ask him :P

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your tutorials, it has really helped me with my drawing. I really enjoyed the colouring and shading tutorial, I could never colour anything, but now I think I have a chance.

Also I hope you have a good time doing your missionary service, I hope all goes well.

Can't wait for the game!

thanx dude, i hope to make more tuts so keep an eye out

Of course it was a compliment. I'm not usually positive when it's up to people "learning" from someone but since you know it I missed that part - you're a great artist and animator, I truly hope no one will copy you too much over the line, I'm just used to seeing original stuff getting overripped. I made up a new word. :3

overipped? i like it ! lol
thanx bro, i dont mind people using my stuff for reference

The characters are awesome.

Also, I`ll check out those videos later.

thanx, in both cases

Damn the Garbage whistles...
Anyway, the tutorials look good!

lol yeah, i still gotta fix that
and thanx!

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