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Album recorded, and Game BETA soon!

Posted by Jazza - April 16th, 2008

don't you just love that feeling where after working on stuff for MONTHS you know you're about to unleash it? i do.

anyhow i have two very AWESOME items of news for you!

All 12 tracks of my album 'View from a Window' are finished. i had a photo shoot last week and as soon as i get the images back and get the cover art and what not done i will send it all off for publishing and announce it's release in a few week,s 2-3 i'm hoping.

And yes, i did record with my very awesome friend Lisa Gerrard and it went amazingly well.

My MYSPACE MUSIC page has 4 of the songs from my album on it, not that the mp3 online versions are nowhere near as good as the CD sound is, i have compared. The first song that plays is the song i recorded with lisa. I hope you love it, i think Lisa did an AMAZING job.

ok and now, SECOND:
touching on a topic that has not been brought up for a while, regarding the game 'Brotherhood of Battle'. It has been worked on for over 3 months solid now, thats how long paladin the game took to finish and release. theres another month or so to go but we're hoping to get the OPEN TO PUBLIC BETA out in a few weeks.

MOONKEY has been doing a SPECTACULAR job. GO THANK HIM. seriously, i have never worked with anyone as fantastic as him. he will hate me for talking like this lol. anyhow, the game has a full working lobby with a friends/ignore list, complete ranking system based on games won, unlockable icons and goodies and stuff.

*5 game types: assault, capture the flag, brotherhood battle, capture and hold, gold rush
*FULLY online PVP, 2-4 players per game, host your own or join others
*MASSIVELY comprehensive map editor allowing you to make maps better then the default ones.
*MAP SHARING and rating is in the works
*I will be putting together a brotherhoodofbattle.com featuring video tuts and info and goodies
*it's all rendered in 3D from maya to flash

THE GAME is pretty much a friggen PC game like warcraft, just better... coz it's FREE lol
It'll be hosted on and by Xgenstudios but we will release a demo version linking to the full free version on every website we can, so chances are you'll see a playable online demo version on NG. the only difference between the demo and full is only 1 game type available, fewer maps, no map editor and no ranks and unlockables.

Heres a little shot i hooked up. ignore the 99 for time and the little editor box, its taken from a testing session from the map editor.


*** EDIT ***

YES i recorded the preist going 'Ho lo lo' like off of age of empires. :)

Album recorded, and Game BETA soon!



damn straight

That priest makes me think of Age Of Empires 1...
Oh God, let him do that "Ho-lo-lo!!"-sound!

lol.. that would be mad

oh hope this games kicks ass! ill look forward for the beta man!! u better be there i wanna try batling ya

yeah i'll be playing it constantly... chances are everyone will want to fight me and moonkey though lol

Oh yes make the priest do that 'ho lo lo' sound.

well i would if i had ANY idea what hololo refers to lol

The graphics of the games seem to be well made. I advice you to export them as .gifs or .pngs (the houses and such, the not animated ones) because it might lag on some bad computers. That technique might boost up the filesize by an MB but it's really worth it. Better than hundreds of complaints telling you how much the game lagged.

the game isnt really laggy at all... nowhere NEAR paladin. Moonkey knows how to reduce lag too, the minimap and everything hidden by fog of war is ann an image, but in the end we can't afford another megs filesize. it's already over 7 and thats without ANY sound at all...

You never cease to amaze me Jazza, well done on all of you work (and good luck with the new game ;D).

thanks heaps man. have a good one

Awesome stuff Jazza

I cant believe how much you've accomplished for how young you are.

baha thanks man. wanna know my secret? NO FRIENDS
lol jokes... i have them, nobody else can see them is all lol jk

I cant wait to see it released! :D

wow, we already have something big in common

Looking great and sounds great :D

About people wanting to fight you, yea, monkey, I'd not like to because he like created the game and therefore knows all the flaws that will make me lose.

Can't wait to see the beta

lol yeah thats the idea.

fun little perks about making the game is i made custom ranks and wartags just for us haha...


:) lol

Looks awesome.

ta bro

i worship you!!!! you are my fav artist one day i hope i could be good as you and i dont think ill like the game even though onley because im not a turn based fan (dont get pissy at me its my own thought)

yeah i'm not a turn based fan either. we're working uber hard to make it feel like real time though. give it a try. it feels like reeltime coz characters move with wads, and it plays pretty much like warcraft (oldschool)... unit upgrades and production, building upgrades, etc etc

i hate turn based games but i really enjoy this one...

Will look awesome dude keep up the awesome work

Is motion twin better then a onion skin

thanks to the first line

what the hell to the second line ?

I want beta :( Also, welcome back :D

you CAN beta lol
i will let you... also, thanks... and mastermind 3 made me laugh in the pants

Looks awesome man, and I love all your music so I guess the album will be awesome too, man your so lucky that your so good at animation and music, man I try at both, and sadly fail at both.

thanks man.

<a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=pztqGnZfJyo&feature=related">http://youtube.com/watch?v=pztqGnZfJy o&feature=related</a>

No excuse left. Do the Ho-lo-lo!

lol i MIGHT

congrats on using that disgusting camera angle that moonkey knows i hate drawing in lmao.

anyway keep up the good work.

lol see thats the plan. we're both plotting against you

lol jk, thanks man. you too. :D

JAZZA you are the best! A free game that looks massive. I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BAD! Also a question can you add a story mode? I love playing those. IF you put it in to the game I WILL WORSHIP YOU! lol j/k but seriously PUT IT IN! please?

nah we can't. any form of single player is impossible because the AI would be near impossible to code, so unless you want the game to take another half year to come out and be much larger in file size thats the only thing the game don't have.

damn jos please ship the cd to the u.s. and/or sell it in your page and new grounds be shure i will........... WILL buy one or more copies o i allmost forgot also sell it on itunes im shure any ng-er who has an ipod will buy at least one track o and just to make a critic about the game it looks freaking awesome!!!

yeah i'll hook up with iTunes, don't worry.

and it'll sell on amazon.com and my website.

and thanks!

Will it be as Perfect as Paladin. Because I was playing Paladin like crazy for a few weeks till Sonny came along.

it'll kick paladin butt coz it's got so much more playability. see with paladin once you finish the game you finish the game, whereas with this, it's easier to get into and be good at, theres SO much more game types, and you can bring friends and earn huge ranks and unlock crap... i'll be playing this game...

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