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Oscar/Golden Globe artist... on my ALBUM!

Posted by Jazza - March 28th, 2008

well, the post's title is the long story short, lol.

I am friends with a Lady by the name of Lisa Gerrard whom i have mentioned before, she is a golden globe winning, Oscar nominated singer. She was very involved in the making of the music scores to the following movies:

-man on fire
-the insider
-whale rider
-the passion of the Christ
(as well as other movies and her solo album work)


anyhow, she's the nicest most supportive person you could ever know. we have even watched my paladin DVD together lol. anyhow, at the moment i'm animating a music video to a song on her upcoming album 'the black opal', and in our collaborative sessions, i showed her 6 of my completed songs from my album.

She told me she really really loved them, which is (needless to say) VERY comforting and encouraging. Not only that, i showed her a bunch of music i was putting together in a song, and she hooked up her mics, and 'jammed' with me. she has an amazing voice.


After 'jamming' i asked if she would be interested in featuring in the album. she wanted to!! she said yes! so, come next week i am going to her house for a WEEK with all my gear. most of the week will be working on her music video, BUT at a time in that week she will record the backing vocal track to a song i have done my part in recording so far, to be titled 'There in your Arms'.

There is no point to this post to say anything more then 'yay look at me' which is quite narcissistic, but hey, we need a little self love to survive right? lol jokes.

After our record session next week, my album will be FINISHED. yes, i have 12 almost fully finished songs, and my album should be available within a months time.


the album will be called 'View from a Window', will feature 9 original vocal songs, 1 acoustic version of a song, and 2 composed orchestral recordings. It will cost $14.95, which i think is fair as the publishers take $10 per CD, and i would hope months of solid work would amount to $5 a copy. anyhow, i really hope you guys look foreward to this as much as i do. it's something i've wanted to do for quite a while...

oh, and below... is a rondom pick i made lol. half me half lisa. i'm the dude... i hope...

Oscar/Golden Globe artist... on my ALBUM!


Congrats on that! Its a huge opportunity and a break for you! She's pretty to :)

yeah i know i'm so pumped :D

Good luck wrapping up the CD, I'm sure it will be a hit! Will it be available on iTunes too?

ah havn't even thought about that! i'll look into it!!
thanks, heaps! it'll help me spread my stuff around a lil more :)

Wow, congratulations. I've always enjoyed you're music, I really can't wait to hear the upcoming albumb. :D :D :D

and i can't wait to share it with you. thanks for your support :)

Well done!

You make music to? Talk about talent.

Good luck with that.

lol thanks man.

love your toons btw :)

You're so lucky to know and (used) to be neighbors with Lisa Gerrard. I envy her and especially you SO MUCH

i know. it's so mad. i wouldnt put it to being lucky, more of a blessing really.


very very nice, good luck man. u gonna make it far in life, kick ass animator, awsome composer good singer, nice person. good luck.

P.S thanks for the dvd...again lol

haha thanks, hope you liked the dvd!!

nice hair both of you!

wow! make sure you give us a snippet of the music!

yeah dont worry, the song with lisa will be on the myspace music

Good for You Sir, Good for You! Sounds like you may have a bright future ahead in your desired work :P

you lucky talented guy.
you like ur gonna kick ass anytime soon.
one thing to keep in mind Jazza....
don't kick mine.

Stay Cool

- Sarnicx

LOL i won't kick it. i'll take it out for a night on the town.
thanks man

Whoah, Jazza's gotta thing going with an extremely talented and (for her age) good lookin celebrity.

She's pretty amazing. I adore the Gladiator soundtrack. I'm going to have to steal some of your upcoming CD for a track in one of my movies.

yeah i would tap her... um i mean yeah she's mad lol. she has an INCREDIBLE voice

Congrats dude this rocks

Really congrats! I bet your pretty proud...Keep making music ( no doubt about that xD ) and flash

Making music for your CD in the morning and curling up on a couch to watch your flash animations at night.
Sounds like true love.

lol sure apart from the fact she old and has kids... i still love her lol jokes

That's amazing! I wish I had someone famous sing for me... lol

the half faces scare me a little....ITS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!1

lol i dont mind it :P

Well done sir
If this is as good as any of your other stuff....wow
Good Luck on the project yo!

You sexy bastard. As if you weren't popular enough here, now you have to go and become a celebrity in the real world?! DAMN YOU :P

Good luck on your music career and maybe animate some of the songs you made there, put those out on the web as well to advertise your album. Btw the pic looks kinda sick, if you scaled down her head a bit and made her side a bit more darker, it could easily be your album cover :P

lol thanks man, i'm not HUGE lol... but hey, who knows, if my music picks up attnetion i dont know. i'll expect it not to and be suprised if it does :P

you look better with long hair. My answer is yes, i say stick with that look.

i didnt read this blog but i assume thats what its about right?

lol you damn mind reader. yes, i'm deciding between perm or foils

great man, you deserve it:)

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