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Jazza's News

Posted by Jazza - August 11th, 2012

Hai guys, I made a video update explaining what's been happening lately.

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Draw With Jazza- Drawing tutorial series
Elvidian - Game/Animation Dev group

Posted by Jazza - July 6th, 2012


I made an animation called 'Cooking with Gandalf', check it out here.

I also Made a Lip Sync tutorial using a great tool called 'Keyframe Caddy' (in flash).

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Posted by Jazza - April 25th, 2012

Work has been hectic as always, cool stuff has been in progress and it's still the best lifestyle choice on the planet, but this week some fellow Aussie newgrounders and I have made our way to philly and are hanging out with the NG crew over Pico day. I'm leeching their internet this very moment. Life is good.

In other cool news, the new media/game development group I co-founded has met up for the first time! We hung out at my house last week. The team consists of myself, Moonkey (coder), Zeedox (artist), Lochie (web/programmer) and Adam (writer). It's been a total blast, and reassuring to find out interacting with people you've known online for so long can happen as easily in person.

We made a Game for Pico Day this year, go play it and enjoy the shit out of it! :D

Here's a speedpainting I did for the main menu art:

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And here's a picture of our sexy faces:

At newgrounds and ready to party

Posted by Jazza - April 9th, 2012

Hey ya'll

Check out my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL dedicated to drawing tutorials, which will over time feature tutorials on animation, photoshop, and some speedpaints. Make sure to subscribe!

As some of you might know I made a whole bunch of terrible quality tutorials a while ago, and while the content was ok, the video quality sucked and they weren't planned out at all, yet they stacked up over 200k views without any kind of promotion. I figured It might be worth putting in some effort to make some new ones that are planned out and more structured.

Also if you're interested in the music crap I make, here's a music video I did of a cover I did.

Also, boobies *creepy smile*

Video Drawing Tutorials! And Boobies!

Posted by Jazza - February 7th, 2012

True story.

On that note, my new development group Elvidian made that toon and will probably make more, as well as currently developing that big game Ortus I've said a lot of shit about, but not shown people much of yet, which has had us occupied for over a year and a half. It's still in progress.

Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Posted by Jazza - January 16th, 2012

Just letting you know that from now on, the people I consistently work with will be creating under a new identity rather then keeping on with the whole 'Jazza Studios' thing (it's too individually focused in it's name, especially for big projects like Ortus).

Give us love on

The Larry series will still be made under Jazza Studios, but everything else, major games especially, will be released under this new identity (including Ortus).

The group consists of:
Manager/Creative Director - JAZZA (Josiah Brooks)
Environment Design - ZEEDOX (Greg Bartlett)
Code/Engine - MOONKEY (Matthew Stradwick)
Code/Web - LOCHIE (Lochie Axon)
Writer - Adam Ipsen

We're definitely looking forward to working together to make lots of cool shit. :D

New Indie Game Dev group, of Newgrounds regulars!

Posted by Jazza - December 22nd, 2011

On both the giving and receiving ends of things this Christmas period has quickly become the most awesome ever.

Our Ortus kickstarter surpassed the 20k goal which is a bigger help then you could imagine, and will allow us to continue working on the game full time, while involving those who pledged towards the game in it's creation (through their pledge rewards).

There's still a small window of opportunity before the kickstarter ends if anyone still wants to get on board and be apart of it. Either way, thanks to everyone who donated, spread the word, or even had faith in us. You guys made this possible, thank you. A big thank you to Tom Fulp for being our corporate backer, which guarantees all you guys the game here after it's release on armor games, meaning medals. LOTS of medals. ;)

Finally, Zeedox released Comet not long ago, which has turned out to be one of the most awesome movies I've been a part of making. His artworks are always stunning, and motivated me to do some of my most painstaking animation yet, it's not perfect but I'm sure proud of it. The music is awesome so if you enjoyed the movie, go check our Reasoners stuff!

I hope you all have wonderful holidays this year!

dod bless us, everyone.

Posted by Jazza - December 9th, 2011

Ok ok I know, I've talked so much about Ortus and our Kickstarter recently, that you are probably considering gagging me and doing unpleasant things.

I hope you can understand that I do so because it's the biggest thing I've ever been a part of. This game is the game I've always dreamed of and we're working our brains out and sacrificing a lot to get it done, but to get it done right we need the kickstarter funds to finish it off in good time, and to do that, I need to talk about it:

There's only 2 WEEKS left on the kickstarter, we've reached $10,000 which is awesome, but if we don't reach 20k in the next two weeks, NONE of the donations will be taken and we'll have to resort to other projects to get bills paid, and the creation of Ortus will take the hit.

Please help us reach the goal by helping spread the word!

Here's a glimpse of some of the aspects of the game and some sexy people talking about it. Supporting our cause can be as simple as rating the video up, commenting, and sharing!

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(BIG thanks to TOM for the front page plugs)

Posted by Jazza - November 14th, 2011

Quick news:
the Engineer is out, go play and enjoy!
Having issues playing it? read this.
also, Larry 2.5 is being worked on over weekends, script and voices are finished.


Ortus, as you may have heard me blabbing about over the last year, is a massive free RPG being developed by a team of a dozen or so people, several full time.

We just released a kickstarter because we're run out of development funding (because the damn is so damn big!) so to help us across the finish line we've set a kickstarter up with a goal of 20k, allowing contributors to be a permanent part of the game as a character, or quest, monster design perhaps, and plenty of other goodies! EVERY and ANY contribution helps!

We've set the deadline to the morning of Christmas day, so our joy on the occasion is directly tied to the kickstarters success or failure. think about THAT while you hang up your Christmas stockings! haha.


This is a big deal to us, many of the developers have sacrificed sanity and health in building this MASSIVE RPG. The story alone is going to be something to remember for a long time to come, so why not join in the process and help us out at the same time!

the Ortus Development Team
Josiah Brooks - Artistic Director
Matthew Stradwick - Code/Engine Creation
Adam Ipsen - Writer
Greg Bartlett - Environments/3D

Charles Evans - Music/score
zStriefel - Sound FX
Kamikaye - Environment Paintings
Jouste - cutscene art
Miccool - special effects animation
Shad Brooks - Concept Art/Story Team
Sharon Ipsen - Story Team

Posted by Jazza - October 14th, 2011

I have an unhealthy addiction. I'm addicted to doing stuff. When i take a break from doing stuff, I just end up doing other stuff. It's a real problem. Anyway here's some stuff I'm doing lately:

just finished a new cartoon: the Internet Pals
It's kind of how I imagine the main social hub websites would interact if they were cartoon characters.

I've been working on Ortus full time for over a year now, release looks like it'll be early 2012 at this stage, it's freaking huge, i'll have some in game footage for people to peak at soon.

Moonkey, Zeedox, ZStriefel, and I have been working on a cool top down game called 'the Engineer', a mix between tower defense and survival shooter. It'll be out early November.

I do all of this crap in the hopes that one day a girl will notice me. a hot girl. *cough*