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Jazzastudios Video Update

2012-08-11 07:07:58 by Jazza

Hai guys, I made a video update explaining what's been happening lately.

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Draw With Jazza- Drawing tutorial series
Elvidian - Game/Animation Dev group


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2012-08-11 08:07:32

Epic voice acting is epic.


2012-08-11 08:09:49

I know you can't tell the exact date of when Ortus is done, but can't you give a less specific date or period. Like it will be done in 3 moths or 6 months.

The drawing tutorials are nice watched almost every single one.

Jazza responds:

We used to try doing that, guess how many months. It's just not that simple. The game is very big, and while our guesses are more accurate because of how much work we've done, we still just can't make those guesses, so we're just working like hell and when we have a clear idea of a beta period we'll be very willing to tell it to the world :)


2012-08-11 09:20:22

Jazza I a life lon fan from phillpenes, thenks for updatin the newground pag forum me. its hard for to type english. thenku and good bless mang


2012-08-11 09:49:46

Do you still do the comics? Because if you do I'll have to spend my whole day catching up.

Jazza responds:

Been too busy, the time i would have spent on making comics have been spent making the drawing tutorials, which I have been enjoying making much more.


2012-08-11 10:21:57

i stop watching ur stuff bcuz i thought u stopped working on larry


2012-08-11 11:24:56

you're alive and prettier than ever ;)

...no homo

also cant wait for Ortus :3


2012-08-11 12:31:32

Ortus is looking pretty good so far, I can't wait to try it out. I'm a huge fan of RPGs that allow you to create your own character, especially ones like this. Speaking of Larry, if and when you get back to working on the series, please try focusing a bit more on the animations. We only have 3 episodes so far and 5 games. I like the games but I'd much rather see more of the world and Larry's crazy antics.


2012-08-11 14:51:34

I get a boner everytime I see Elvidian Entertainment <3 Also Ortus YU NO COME OUT D:<


2012-08-12 13:33:28

Ok that's cool. I wish you and your team the best of luck :)


2012-08-25 09:24:57

Went and checked out your drawing channel and when you got to the "3d transform" tool on the flash basics video and explained you didn't know what it did I got excited as I'm a 3D modeler...moments later on google I found out it's basically the perspective transform tool like in photoshop to just make things appear to move back and forward in space at an angle...

Good channel!