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My reaction to the redesign:

Posted by Jazza - February 7th, 2012

True story.

On that note, my new development group Elvidian made that toon and will probably make more, as well as currently developing that big game Ortus I've said a lot of shit about, but not shown people much of yet, which has had us occupied for over a year and a half. It's still in progress.

Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.



True story

Lol I watched this over and over as the redesign went on

< : D

My computer had a similar reaction.

so did their servers apparently

my reaction was very similar, the differents is that my rainbow was all red...but thats a good thing!

you need to quit the vegemite mate

I'd recognise that style anywhere

My reaction exactly !
However from two ends.. unfortunately...

srly i dont understand why they have to redisgn the page and my reaction its was bleeding my eyes, ears, nose and asshole.
nice video.

Yup. We shall all now have a moment of silence for our dearly departed Newgrounds. :'(

lol this reminds me of TomSka's ASDF Movie. "doctor i think i might be a homosexual" "how can you tell?" and the guy starts puking rainbows. PS Jazza i know how you feel with the game mine has been a WIP for little over 3-4 years and its still nothing but paper.

I hate the new rating system, and the relocation of the portal. I also hate how when I mouseover a flash, it doesnt show the author, or the rating. Those are my main issues and they're kind of a big deal to me, this site is losing

Oh come on, give it a chance to sink in. The special thing about new grounds is it's always been the best for a community feel and for author support, let things soak in for a few weeks and I think you'll find the redesign caters to both better, and wherever they missed the mark will be trimmed and fixed in no time. It's still the newgrounds we love, in a sexy new uniform were unfamiliar with which some people don't love immediately, but it is much better in the long run.

Also, new features coming is a very good thing too.


Same reaction here, i love the new design, is more Cool :D

It looks like someone vomited a rainbow over the old site and i fucking love it! :3

Lately you've been getting wayyyy better at subtle body movement. I need to come over again sometime so you can subtly move MY body.

thanks man! I love you. Suck my dUck please.

This made me laugh! Pretty sure you're my favorite animator on here! Love your unique style, humor and fluid animation.... I might also be in love with your music as well. ;)

So... is that good or bad?

So, I'm at work right now, and we're using a really out-dated version of IE---
Long story short, i was creeping your page just now, and found out that I can't leave reviews at work. > <

Just wanted to tell you that your latest stuff is awesome, as per usual. :B
I especially loved Chunky Castle Crashers, even though that's not all that new.

Cheers! :D :D :D

haha thank you! It'll be great to hifive you in person, I love yoru style.

Since the redesign, I can't get The Engineer to work. Is it working in your browser? What's the deal?