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Want to be an NPC in a massive RPG? Kickstart ortus!

Posted by Jazza - November 14th, 2011

Quick news:
the Engineer is out, go play and enjoy!
Having issues playing it? read this.
also, Larry 2.5 is being worked on over weekends, script and voices are finished.


Ortus, as you may have heard me blabbing about over the last year, is a massive free RPG being developed by a team of a dozen or so people, several full time.

We just released a kickstarter because we're run out of development funding (because the damn is so damn big!) so to help us across the finish line we've set a kickstarter up with a goal of 20k, allowing contributors to be a permanent part of the game as a character, or quest, monster design perhaps, and plenty of other goodies! EVERY and ANY contribution helps!

We've set the deadline to the morning of Christmas day, so our joy on the occasion is directly tied to the kickstarters success or failure. think about THAT while you hang up your Christmas stockings! haha.


This is a big deal to us, many of the developers have sacrificed sanity and health in building this MASSIVE RPG. The story alone is going to be something to remember for a long time to come, so why not join in the process and help us out at the same time!

the Ortus Development Team
Josiah Brooks - Artistic Director
Matthew Stradwick - Code/Engine Creation
Adam Ipsen - Writer
Greg Bartlett - Environments/3D

Charles Evans - Music/score
zStriefel - Sound FX
Kamikaye - Environment Paintings
Jouste - cutscene art
Miccool - special effects animation
Shad Brooks - Concept Art/Story Team
Sharon Ipsen - Story Team


Greg Bartlette doing 3D?
*orgasmic gargle*
wish i could work with him some day, his environments consisting boss like bump mapping and lighting makes me all tingly in my nutsack; that or its cancer.

Anyways good luck and hope for the best!

I'm actually interested in donating for the fact that I could have a NPC. We will see. I'm married and supporting a family so being interested is as far as that may go.

I would raise the 20k and go to "full sail"

I get that you want people to play it but I honestly don't get why the WHOLE game will be free. Like I would buy this game. It seems like it's worth the money. I think you underestimate the people who will buy this game. It really does seem worth it. Keep at the fantastic work all of you. You are all doing an amazing job.

there will be microtransactions later in the game for additional content, but it will be subtle, and people will still be able to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay without feeling pressured to pay for more. We also want to make an additional content version for steam.

Im glad that you are improving your flashes and games but I dont know if you have read all my comments before, anyways are you working in something about LARRY? because I miss him so much and I would seriously like to see him again here in Newgrounds, hope you read this :D

i'm animating episode 2.5 at the moment on weekends :)

seems cool, but what kind of computer will you need to run this flash rpg game ?

we'll be beta testing for as long as it takes to get the game working on as many machines as possible!

I hope you will kindly accept my $10 donation :)
(I'm a bit poor, wish I could help out more!)

we're really really grateful for your donation. any support is still real, tangible support, and will help us cross the finish line. <3

I sat in on your livestream last week and there were a bunch of us stuck in a seperated chat where you couldn't see us. It was weird!

Interesting way to get people involved, I'll see how it goes down.
Sad I couldn't get in on this, seems like a really awesome project.

If I get a quest NPC he better be everyone's favorite ;)

hehe we'll be making every cameo NPC as fun as possible :D

I just wrote a bunch of tips for Kickstarters, but then I read the whole thing n fuck it man, you already got it pretty well figured out.

I always wonder when I see these; What exacly is development funding? What does the money go for exacly?

well if you think about it, 4 people work on this game full time. That means all our time and energy is going into something which isn't paying us because we ran out of funding. that means we have no way of paying bills, buying food, etc. 4 peoples wages for 6-12 months would easily be more then 20k, but we're asking for that as a minimum to help us financially survive and finish the game.

hope that answered your question :)

i can't play your game... flash player 11 isn't available for mac users running firefox... :(

^ l2not use a mac

Wish i wasnt broke so i could give you guys money :'(

One thing you NEED to include is the Red Baron's armor.

I don't have any money currently but you WILL be getting a nice 50 later on in the week ;-)

Have a great Destiny in your hands....

Maybe not...

but you're doing a great job anyway

Im sort of new to NewGrounds so I only learned about Ortus about a month ago so is it a free game or are u going to sell it online kinda like on STEAM?

Can we see small footage of an actual battle?

combat engine is still in the works (has been for several months) so it's being meticulously crafted.

Well Jazz... You know me good, but i dont have the 200 Dollars Yet to donate XP Aww... But seriurlsy... this is what i ALWAY!!!! AND I CANT EVEN WRITE THIS WITH WORDS CAUSE I AM YBER OVER HAPPY NOW TO GET THE CHANCE always waited for... to get the cance to get just... alitle tine known. + i want to donate as much as i can. I wanted to donate 2000. if it was possible. but i dont get much each month... 201,28 USD per month... and hover half of them goes to what owe my dad -.-, driving licence and stuff... anyways, just so you know... I REEALLLLLY hope that i wi'll get the money in time.

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