Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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If you want to get the word out, all I can suggest is that you ask Tom for more help. Also posting this in the Video Game Forum could also be beneficial.

thanks for the pointers! I'll do it after i sleep (3am atm)

Personally I'd release a public beta version of the game to get people interested.

I agree, thats kind of what we tried to do with Battle for Wayland Keep, but that was a veeeery simple version with way too many differences, if we released a public demo it'd bee to much work, we might as well just finish off the game :P

Personally, I'd make a better game.

Just kidding. Indiegogo gives you all the donations even if you don't reach the goal by the way.

MARRY ME JAZA..... i kid :P how close are you close to getting that money ?

trying to get closer ;)

Hi buddy.

Don't pay attention to those who undermine the word, you just keep spreading it.
I kept track on the Ortus kickstarter proces. It's slowing down, don't let that happen man!

And again sorry i couldn't complete my share. I'd really want it. I hope kickstarter will think about the suggestions i made.

Good luck!

Have you thought about talking to Kotaku about it? They tend to put Kickstarter's out there, and it seems to work for some of them.

great idea, thank you! :)

I know the guy above me suggested talking to kotaku, but I'd try to talk to any major gaming publication about some possible exposure. I know Game Informer in particular tends to be very indie friendly, and has an enormous community to boot. Escapist is probably another good bet.

I am poor XC... But I'd be glad to tell people about it, It's aways good to see an Austrailan be successful, Lulz!

wooo good luck on the remaining 10k! Contact me when you need more stuff, lol

thanks dude! I'll definitely be getting to you, I don't know exactly when because we're rigging other areas of the game and combat is still in the works but you know how much we love you :)

Congrats on making it this far with your kickstarter project!
My kickstarter project has been approved and will be launched soon, but it has nothing on the professional-ness and awesome-ness that yours has!

is this going to be diablo style?are you going to make money? not from me :3
ima download det.
anyways,good job brooks, and your team, for making this...yeah.

Jazza, I'm sorry, but you need to hear this. I can not believe you are trying to tell everyone that the game won't be as good without the funding. IT IS A FLASH GAME. It requires virtually no money in order to make it, and if anything, your progress may be slowed if you don't get the outrageous amount of money you are asking for. $20,000? That is completely out of hand, I mean come on. You're already getting the sponsorship from Armor Games, and you're asking for additional money. It frustrates me to see this; you seem very passionate about making this game, so I'm sure everyone is expecting it to be phenomenal, with or without the 20 grand you are asking for. Finish the game to the best of your abilities, and if you don't reach your goal, then settle for the amount you have. Regardless of whether it's as financially successful as you hoped for, you at least have a massive game, Ortus, that you poured your heart and soul into.

hey man :)

You have a legitimate concern, I would like to clarify how things work on our end so you understand better though.

While you are correct that technically flash games don't cost anything to make, the problem comes from the fact that bills suck. Being an adult with gas, electricity, rent, petrol, rates/phones, and all that jazz, bill can at times come to several thousand dollars a month, and the funding for ortus ran out a while ago. like, april.

The kickstarter funds are actually quite small in terms of what we need to survive but we're asking for the bare minimum to keep us on track to work full time, survive, and pay our bills until we can release.

while $20,000 is a lot of money, when you divide it between four people working full time, as well as covering other costs like voice actors, and trying to drag that money out over 5-6 months... It's actually only a couple of hundred dollars a week each, so like i said, bare minimum. Without those funds we cannot work full time any longer on the game and would have to branch out to other projects to pay our bills, which is a shame because of how much Ortus means to us. So much so that we're been working without pay since April. The kickstarter was our LAST resort JUST to try and keep working full time and make the game awesome.

without the funding, yes you are right the game will eventually be finished. But it will take MUCH longer, with a LOT more stress, and will probably not be as good because we'll be dragged back and forth between other products to keep it going.

I am glad though that you can see how much Ortus means to us and how much work has gone into it already, I hope that my response has helped you understand our situation a little more, as we're no longer teenagers living at our mum's houses with not a care in the world, but grown ups being forced to survive while still trying to do what we love and making the most out of it!


I can't think of a time when I HAVEN'T considered gagging you and doing unpleasant things.

i want you. now.

Good luck with kickstarter, hope you reach your goal!

Also Felix posts some weird comments...

thanks man. Always good seeing you around ;)

I knew this was the point of this, but it just seems like an absolutely rediculous amount to ask for. I know you want to continue working full-time on it, so truly, I hope you achieve your goal, but if you don't, and have to go back to a boring day-job, then try and stay focused. You know you want this game to be amazing, so don't settle for nothing less. Once again, good luck Jazza. :)

To be honest, I am not that active on newgrounds or youtube, so this is the first time I saw this. Either way, I hope you reach your goal, because judging from the video, I can tell alot of work was put into this. Also I understand your viewpoint from the comments above, you have bills to pay, and to truly make this game a success in a time people want to see it, you are going to need that money to continue working full time on it. Anyways, I'll pitch in how I can, thumbs up, Spreading the word with my friends, you got it. I'd help with the funds too, maybe... ...Im not to sure how that works... :D

If the donations don't work out as intended, you can always apply for numerous jobs. However, that wouldn't help very much. By the way, I found an additional animator:
<a href="http://woodensneakers.newgrounds.com">http://woodensneakers.newgrounds.com</a>
Don't know if you'd like what he does though.

if i give you 1000 bucks can my dude be awesome like he gives out insanly good things

all companion NPC's end up incredibly well put together :)

HEY after ortus you need to finish larry the little frickin knight hes epic. like if you keep makin larry bigger he could probally as big as pico. but good luck man.

thanks mate, and yeah Larry is still going to live don't worry :)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
Hope you get enough money!!!

thank you! :P

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