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I thought that was great. It accomplished what it set out to do extremely effectively, provided entertainment while getting in a lot of eye opening observations and insight for me to think about through the progressions. Experiences like this prove that games are extremely powerful as an artistic form of expression rather than needing to have loads of customizations, level ups and gore to keep people engaged. Great work, and thank you for such an honest heartfelt piece of work :)

Nice stuff! The simple/understandable gameplay is mixed really well with enticements to keep you going, like learning new spells, leveling, unlocking areas, etc. Visually though very simplistic, a really cool nostalgia is triggered that makes you feel like a kid wanting to beat that next area. I love the colors and visual feel, and the controls were really smooth. :) 4.5

a surprisingly fun and simple game mechanic, there were a few things that if improved would make this a five, but otherwise if a bit of a fun game was the goal then it was reached, so a job well done! :)

The shop mechanic was simple and enjoyable, as well as the leveling system, the things that could be better in particular are how it feels when being attacks, at the moment it's more like you're being hugged by the enemies, so some definitive moves on their part would be better, as well as some polished background art.

Nice work :)


this is a simple (to the common user) complex (to make) well designed and polished game! I love the unique concept and the flawless execution. You're representing newgrounds quite well too, great work guys. really, great work.

FrozenFire responds:

!!!! JAZZA !!!!

I'll be as constructive as possible

let me start off by saying you KNOW i love you, and my criticism only comes from the desire to see great games come from you.

Ok now that that's said there are a few key points i feel the need to express:

1: initial experience
I found the game frustrating and poorly designed, there was no motivation to get anywhere or rewarding feeling from any progress. It felt like a vertical try-hard re-skin of Toss the turtle. The art was great and i think you have a unique style that helps carry a game past it's flaws, but DON'T think that it saves the game from criticism or alters the enjoyment of the experience in a major way. yes, the art did have me approaching the game with a positive expectation because it felt clean and fun but the gameplay severely disappointed me for what has potential. Add more personality to the game, and make the controls less frustrating.

2: Style
Like i said, visually good but the game is nothing new at all, in fact if anything it's been done before over and over and this is a less impressive version than others i've played mainly in how the gameplay is executed.

3: Mouse/Keyboard
i wanted to play with only the keyboard but since the shop and continue screen were forced to be used by mouse i found myself using the less preferable control scheme to save moving my hand to the mouse back and forth. Make whichever setup a player wants to use as convenient as possible.

4: PLEASEEEE for the love of all that is holy stop riding on the turtle.
I get it, Toss the Turtle was cool, well pulled off and not only that, but you were lucky enough to emerge from obscurity to being recognised because of it's success. That's great, congratulations, but every time i see that turtle outside of the context of the original game i cringe. It's like you feel like you won't be recognized as who yo uare without putting him in and there is NO reason for it. I don't want to sound mean, i'm actually complementing you, i feel your art style is unique and stands out more than most game art designers on newgrounds!! USE THAT and NOT the turtle. He's done, he had a great run, now be as creative an unique with new ideas and you can!

I swear if you ever make a TTT sequel i will hunt you down, you're better then that. You have so much potential and i really want to see it flourish so leave the turtle and make something new to amaze us, coz you can totally do it.

This wasn't it, but please, keep trying! <3

sincerely, me

3/5 5/10 (because the art is cool and the music fits well)

Komix responds:

writing a constructive review is like writing letters to Santa... he is probably not going to read them, and if he does he is not going to appreciate being told how to do his job.

It's funny you out of all people would say something about the turtle with your godawful Lazzy character... oh I mean Larry. And don't even get me started on your game concepts!

Well, you ve certainly bought yourself a VIP spot on the naughty List with this review, expect nothing but coals this xmas!

holy crap...

i was pretty skeptical at first, i just have a hard time getting into pixel based story adventure games, but this was insanely addictive and i have no idea why.

all i know now is i must buy and watch the movie and my life will be complete.

that recreation was freaking awesome. i love you guys. thank you.


you know what? the guy below me is a complete prick. and you know what, "ArChEr-11"? your submission sucked ass and voting down other people isnt gonna get you any more talent yourself. DONT be a WANKER!

as for this game, i'd be suprised if it doesnt win, i too am another contestant to the game competition, and i'm proud to say i'd be angry if this doesnt beat mine and many of the other submissions, it's by fat the best i've played, and you guys have done an incredible job for the redickulously short amount of time you were given. you had a real plot, fantastic art, spectacular programming within the confines, and i'm REALLY impressed. good on you guys.

in short, it's guys like the team who made this game, that make newgrounds the best place for creative minds in the world, and guys like the prick below me who suck ass and deserve to die, keeping the site back from its potential.

we're no longer the problems of the future today, we're everything by everyone. stop living in the past ArChEr-11.



RiverJordan responds:

Hey Jazza! Thanks for the glowing review man! Its totally appreciated! We had lots of fun working on this and were really happy that people are enjoying it!

I think Archer-11's review was deleted too, though i'm kind of interested in what it said.. ah well :P

ps. I actually really liked your game too :P It was pretty funny!


i feel kind of wrong having just spent like, an hour on this. seriously, i had a conversation with an automated system for like 20 minutes. you did a great job on this simulation! covered all the nooks and crannies! i commend you!


this game is so much fun and the character art for so many intricate things, how it's all woven together to mimic physics is fantastic, the slightest wrong tap can send you in every wrong direction, its a great challenge and highly addictive. great work!!!-
10/10 5/5

it was pretty good

there were obvious bugs though. i dont think the game autosaved which is more the norm in flash games today, because half way through playing after playing for like half an hour, my character was invisible, so i refreshed the page and it was the start of the game. so now i cant be bothered getting up to were i was.

anyhow, the game was enjoyable, a nice fun concept, a little too much reading at times for a game which is ok in some aspects, the art was nice, suited to the game, and the sounds were obviously well thought out and gathered, so great work!

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