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You're part of Dino Beatdown? very cool :) I love this song, lots of really awesome stuff happening and thematically very interesting. The only thing I can think of that would help me enjoy it more would be to bring out the warm tones more, nice and 'chunky' in the EQ, feels a bit light for such an epic song atm. That and bringing out the melody lines a little more so it sticks in my head more. Very minor observations on a piece that's very well put together!

MaestroRage responds:

hey Jazza! Long time my friend.

Yes I am indeed. Those are very observant and appreciated comments. After listening/working on this piece and others for, quite literally 50+ hours I am completely deaf to impurities and flaws.

I'm pestering Zach EVERY DAY asking about Ortus lol, here's to the day that project wrecks murder the landscape we call gaming ^________^. You let me know if I can be of any assistance.

loved it, I love this theme tune in general anyway, and this variation suited our game and ads a nice spin to it.

Kooohler responds:

Thank you for those kind words :D.

haunting :D

i love it so much, though ever since meeting you i kind of expect anything coming from your mouth starting or ending with the word FUCK. otherwise, wonderful song, AWESOME aura and surrounding presence, i'm SO glad i didn't finish and upload my entry, coz there's no way it had any chance of competing with something like this. congratulations!

hania responds:

Thanks Josiah. Let's book in making music date soon! This time, I'll come to you ;)


this is freaking cool. I love the multiple layered vocal effect, and you pulled off the electronic feel very well! :D

great work!

i love your stuff hania!
this is a great moody peice, and the low end rumbles really bring it out. at times i wish it had a catch or something that would stick in your head from the first time listening, not in a negative way, i'm just trying hard to be constructive, which is hard coz its fantastic.

totally getting the album when its out! keep it up :)

hania responds:

Yay Jazza! :D

i love you

i'm giving you a 10 because the first time i listened to this all the way through, i was blown away, and i still am. you're extremely talented, and i love you, and want your babies.


thanks for the heads up!

as always i love your work. this peice is quite haunting, and wonderfully constructed. I am a fan of anything that feels epic and this does, French and Brass mixed with drums and choir makes me giddy as a school girl! fantastic work man!

Gravey responds:

Thanks for the review my friend. I am really happy with how this project turned out, and to get such a positive response is quite wonderful.

Thanks again.


oh david...

... this is why i love you :)

thank you for being a delight to work with. the music makes the game a thousand times more adventurous and fun, and brings the world to life. i'm looking foreward to releasing an album with you! :D

DavidOrr responds:

You've been a pleasure to work with as well! There's nothing quite like working with a talented, hard-working team - seeing everything come together is extremely rewarding.

About that album... I gotta get back to work!

fits really well

loved it, reminds me of a matrix type scene, the slow determined walk of a covert kick-ass group or individual through the droning masses knowing nothing of what awesomeness is about to take place.

i think in constructive terms the song could use a little more, weather it be movement through percussion or alterations in melody, but as a loop on the whole its fantastic and fits the scene perfectly! thanks :)

i love it!

incredible, intense, dramatic, astoundingly well written, i love the transition to the mediteranian feeling bridge in the middle.


thank you.

Gravey responds:

Thank you very much. It's always wonderful to hear positive feedback from artists that I have come to respect. I love your stuff, so getting a compliment from you definitely holds more weight than the typical Newgrounder.


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