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I'm an Atheist.

Posted by Jazza - May 30th, 2011

When I was at Pico Day chilling out maxing and relaxing all cool, some of the little group conversation I was in at one point turned to religion and I mentioned that I'm no longer a Christian. I was actually taken aback that some people were surprised by this, but when I think about it, I've never mentioned anything of the like since my previous posts on newgrounds, including the time I left for a year to do missionary work for my (previous) church.

I don't wanna get all nostalgic or sappy, but I figure it's about time I put it out there to oppose my older posts and clarify my current stance, as if it mattered. which it doesn't.

So there it is. I now openly allow other atheists to welcome me to the train of thought that i'll die and be forgotten, and Christians to tell me why their loving God will send me to hell for critical thinking, and why their denomination of belief is the one and only way to happiness.


if saying fuck punches jesus, manlychicken just ran over jesus with a truck.

"It's not the job of an atheist to prove that there is no god, it's the job of the believer to prove there is."
It's all good.

exactly. Atheist does not imply a knowledge of a lack of diety, rather an acceptance of no proof OF a diety, thus, theist, VS A-theist.

All of us are atheists, some of us just believe in one fewer god than others =)

In the end what matters most is that you are happy with life, and that people love your creative works and you love making them. I'd be sad if this did matter to some people.

Grab a coffee, look cynical about life and join the atheist club!

hehe. Glad to have you in the club Adam. also, fuck.

In this day of age everyone's an atheist.

because in this day and age, people are less retarded. except 95% of Americans of course.

There are people on Newgrounds who aren't Atheists? That's almost as incredible as the eternal fire you're going to suffer.

No I'm kidding. I'm agnostic myself, which, to clear it up for you, is basically like saying "I'm kinda like an Atheist, but I know I'm not smart."

Although Agnosticism has different levels of belief on a scale which I kinda label like this

"I doubt it, but I guess it could be."
"I really have no idea."
"Probably, but I've been wrong before."

I considered myself agnostic throughout the transitional period, but in the end I'm the kind of person who feels more settled in certainty, and where I in the past, CERTAINLY believed in God and Jesus, after being uncertain for so long, i can now be CERTAIN, there is no proof and can not be proof, but there IS much evidence for man's need to create god in OUR image, and so, i am an atheist.

You do know that there are no atheists in hell right?

coz there is no hell?

I feel like there's nothing to respond with since you've established this is already old news for you. Still, I wanted to express my support and appreciation for your candor.

and i love you :)

As I've always said, it takes a certain degree of intelligence to question religion, and you are above that degree. Welcome to the club. Fuck.

hehe. It's particularly difficult to be free thinking when the religion you are part of since birth always sais it has all the answers, and discourages questioning outside their confined realm of thinking. Fuck.

I thought you were going to troll us with the fresh prince theme song for a second.

I considered it.

dos this meen i can gey secks you now? kthnz!

Also ... while, I am currently an atheist, I have many religious friends, and as I've always said, were God to appear before me and say, "Dude, what the fuck? Do you wanna go to Heaven or not?" I would seriously consider believing that there is possibly a god. In short, even a big undeniable middle-finger is a welcome sign from on-high... til then...

...bend over (and don't tell my wife ;O)

This is why i love you.

I myself believe there is a god, but I am not one who thinks god would punish someone for not believing in him. I however believe that scientists were on crack when they said the universe was created in an explosion. If that's true, how in the flying fuck was it possible for water and the first organisms to take form. And they say life began as bacteria. Even if that's true, bacteria must have come from somewhere. (now's the part when some smart-ass asks me where god came from)

But my point is, Christians who think all atheists go to Hell need to live and let live. I think that, if there is a God and he truly loves us, then anyone who is a good person in life and lives to the fullest, they would go to heaven no matter what, that he judges actions and not beliefs.

Judging by your animations and games, I see that you are one who likes to entertain people and make others smile, and that I believe is a grade A quality for a good person.

Also, I think people who think swearing is against religion are pushing it a bit. The bible never said "Thou shall not drop the F-bomb or I shall smite thee with a thunderous plague, and weegees, lots and lots of weegees."

My opinion of you hasn't changed a bit Josiah, good luck with Ortus, I'm excited to play it.

the theory of the big bang is calleda theory because it's testable and has evidence. why would space be expanding so constantly were there no point of origin? the argument of something being impossible because it's not understood it foolish, IE because organisms and water are hard to explain in the context of the big bang, does not meant it's impossible.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq c9zX04DXs

watch that. it gives things a good context.

your stance on judgement and life is good though and is one i can easily see myself conforming to.

i like challenging discussions and enjoy differences in opinion and belief so long as neither is damaging to society, and that's exactly what this is. <3

umm, not tryin to be nosy or anything, but is there a story to go along with this change of beliefs?

again not trying to be nosy or anything, just sort of seems like you made a 180 switch in beliefs, and just wonderin why you now choose to be an atheist.

hehe does seem that way doesn't it. there is a story and it's rather long but to summarize i guess it came down to unanswerable questions which i for a long time chose not to ask, then the instand i decided to be open to asking them, a million more unanswerable questions came up. unanswerable in the context of religion, but not externally, and so now, i fit outside of the context of religion :)

im athiest too but i never really believe in god since the day i was born my mom will fight me about it but meh athiest forthe win

one of my best friend is an athiest cool guy not like the ones on history channel he beleives that there is something god-like up there are u like that or no ether way that wont effect view of you and your awesome animations
you wont go to hell my dad always said that theres

i don't believe in a man made image of God to put a face on the origin or misteries of the universe, btu i am aware that there are many things we can not understand, this is what God, or man's image of God, originates from.

I'm an Athiest man it's a growing trend. I'm glad people around the world are becoming more agnostic. I live in the heart of HickFoxNewsChristianTeaPartyVille so it's refreshing to know that not everyone is completely insane and hostile when criticized.

fox news sucks. when osama was killed they stated that he's burning in hell. how could they justify saying that on a NEWS program? that's not news, it's superstition and silly, and to state it as fact is biased and unethical.

Matthew 13:42: "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

Hey, at least we won't be tortured by demons and shit if hell does exist. But then again, if you are a good person, believing or not really shouldn't make that much of a difference IMO. /shrug

I was actually seriously disappointed when I heard you were LDS back when I started following your facebook. Just because it takes a very stubborn and misled mind to follow something as outright ridiculous as Mormonism. I congratulate you on your successful exit from that train of thought, as I know from personal experience that it isn't something that's easy to do. You'll probably have moments now and then where you look back and get scared that maybe you're wrong in your decision because it was such a powerful part of your life (or maybe that's just me idk), but don't discourage yourself. If anything watch those videos you just favorited on Youtube a couple of times and it'll snap you out of it.

Good luck Jos.

hehe yeah in hindsight it wasn't so much a strong belief that kept me there, rather social ease and habbit. 22 years is a long time to cultivate relationships, ethics and standards to decide they don't count as much any more.

nice, me too! I'll see you in hell, buddy! :D

see you in... nothing!

Someone seems pretty bitter. There are a million shitty religions out there. And then there is the one that can mean something to someone and help them get by in life. That's all you really need from religion anyway. Everything else beyond the good feeling you get is just fluff.

But in either case, God loves you anyway. (And my religion doesn't allow for people going to hell, so I'll meet on on the other side.)

hehe i'm not bitter at all, it's all in jest, i'm very happy about where i am and i'm not trying to change anyone elses opinion. i just adhere, now, to the idea that evidence of truth is more powerful then god. truly, if it were God VS Truth, Truth wins because god is submissive to truth in theory, but truth is not submissive to god, no matter what any hypothetical God may do, 1+1 will ALWAYS = 2

i'm not athiest, i'm catholic and i respect you're choice. for me i have faith in god, jesus heaven, etc... but i don't believe any of that bs. too much scientific evidence and i'm tired of it being shoved at me ridiculed by my own family for.
but good for you for choosing what you want and have no fear of stating it, i respect you for that.
"everyone has their own choice and others should respect it."

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