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New game, and an Upcoming Game

Posted by Jazza - May 23rd, 2011

we've released Battle for Wayland Keep on the portal :)

As you can tell it's got a rather large team behind it, but the most important thing for you to understand is how this game has come about.

Ever since last September, that large team has been working on a very big game called 'Ortus' which we have created editors and powerful back end tools for. In April we decided to use some of these tools to produce a 'prelude' game (for a few reasons, both to add depth to the story of Ortus, and to break up our work load a little). We made Battle for Wayland Keep in 2.5 weeks from start to finish using the tools we've been building.

We hope you enjoy Battle for Wayland Keep, but even more importantly, get excited for Ortus. To explain briefly, Ortus has FAR more depth then BWK, Players will be allowed to make their own character and play how they want, being completely good, evil, or anything in between. There is an insanely deep and cool story with MANY paths to follow to reach one of the many different endings, there is a vast variety of customization and variance in weapons and clothing, and locations are vast in size and number.

We're still working and it's months away still (we'll be done this year) but we're trying to make the best, most in depth possible free flash RPG ever. :)

Go thank Adam for all his hard work and welcome him to the newgrounds community. He's sacrificed SO much in making Ortus what it will be. (not to mention the other 14 hard working participants)

New game, and an Upcoming Game


DUDE!So its kinda like an rpg GTA thing?(if we can do what ever we want?)dude SUPER keep it up man :)

yeah kinda, minus the... cars... :P but yeah our aim is to make an in depth, free for all game, going back to the roots of what 'RPG' means, chosing the personality of a character and playing them in an established world

btw at the first level it some times buggs when trying to scroll down

PM me with a little more info. a screenshot would help. :)

Its so awsome man,i love RPGs and so more yours!! :D

Aww, no medals?

Hey JAZZA. Since you are obviously rasterizing your visuals to sprite sheets, I was wondering, did you use some form of bin packing algorythm?

i don't speak french (code), ask moonkey :) lol

Played it on armorgames, a very good game, and it makes me want Ortus even more!

Man,I haven't played it,in fact im doing while i'm writing,but i'm sure it will be awsome like all your games and movies!

"to make the best, most in depth possible free flash RPG ever"?
Made with the help of JAZZA?
I think my jizz just jizzed

So how's getting games over 20mb sponsored working out for you? Is it worth the trouble? Because any other developer would find selling such games almost impossible, as these games can barely spread and can barely generate much traffic for the sponsor.

So, is it really worth the ad/sponsor money? Wouldn't it be a far better option to implement microtransactions, since you have a loyal fan base?

usually larger games can be tricky, but with Ortus we decided: screw it, lets make something as awesome as possible and apologize later. We've yet to apologize coz we're not done but we hope people will be forgiving.

i love RPGs specially single player RPGs but to my question will it be turn based?
im kind of curious to the game itself too cause most RPGs you find on the webs are boring, and repetitive but i played most of your games so im sure you wont let the portal down :D

it won't be turn based, but as with BWK, people can pause a lot to select their actions if they want, or if they prefer instant action, can keep the fighting on as if playing diablo or something

DAMN IT! Moonkey was wrong when he said you change your avatar after every new flash uppload Q_Q

will you have to pay to play Ortus?


FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEEEEEEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really psyched for this game - your dialogue and characters are refreshing compared to the run-of-the-mill RPG game. You should help Bioware with their dragon age series!

hehe why thank you :)

I'll go play it now!

I think this might be a bug. After meeting Argus, I just kept going through his dialogue, ending it, then immediately going back into his dialogue again, repeat until I had all the powers. Nothing was happening, I walked all around for 5 minutes and nothing happened. I really wanna play this, JAZZA, the reviews seem awesome.

hmm i dont know what happened there, try refreshing or updating your flash player

Err, Argus is the character right? I mean that captain that comes up after the first fight.

your shit sucks, jazza

yup, yours is WAY better :D

If the above is true, you should use your poop as a makeshift vacuum!


So this is what you were doing while i was looking for a team for "Troll king",
Man that game looks cool but i haven't played it yet but considering it's rated #1 for today i can say "Good job!" Anyways i have a whole team now working on the collab but if you want to voice act there's still some parts left.
Anyways i hope this turns out well and thanks for wishing me good luck.

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