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Posted by Jazza - July 2nd, 2008


i just found last night blizzard releaseing their videos and stuff for the upcoming diablo 3, and DAMN it looks awesome!!!

just needed to post about it. i'm about to cry with joy! i mean, i've been a HUGE diablo fan since the dawn of... diablo. Anyone who has played either paladin the game or B.o.B know that its been one of the core inflouences every time i've made a game...

It is a joyous day for us all!


::::::::::::::::::: EDIT::::::::::::::::::::
yes... i know i'm a bit slow in sharing it... i just found out so... SHUTUP!


We're all pumped.

I can't wait for Diablo III to come out. It looks simply superb.

Burp. Woops excuse me.

dude i love basically all blizzard games. I play WoW starcraft and iv played Diablo once or twice. So when all this stuff pops out im definately gettin Wrath of the Lich King, Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2

You're just a BIT late to this no?

lol yeah i get it. i'm slow

Jazza is never late. His timing is precise, you should know that.

lol sounds like a gandalf line... i watched all 3 extended lord of the rings movies like 2 days ago... took a long time

I have never played Diablo......is it pay to play? or is it buy to play?

buy to play

Shh, don't tell anyone, but there's this rumour going around that Diablo III is the sequel to Diablo II.


OH.... MY.... DIABLO !!!!

Finally !!! it is HERE !!!!

P.D : Diablo means devil in spanish , or it is refer usually to Lucifer :P

yeah i've heard that... strange for a mormon fellow like me to be into a game like diablo... just a kewl series of games :)

I KNOW...Although in the teaser it seems like that city built on the mountain resembles Minas Tirith.

I always see Diablo elements in your games here and there.
No surprise, it's the franchise that gave the genre the kick it needed.

And yes, you are a bit late there, but no big deal. Since we still have ATLEAST 2 years of waiting ahead of us :(

lol well thats convenient :)

wow I'm usually not a fan of stuff like this but that preview of the game was amazing.

I've been testing it out for Blizzard and i mean its really a great game. I told them the day they hired me that i didint need to be payed... Playing Diablo 3 was enough. i still get payed though, Cheap bastards lol. And those videos dude, Nothing.

It just gets better and bettar.

wow really? sounds good!

totally off and late, but congratulations on yer album release on i-tunes. Wish I was that good, haha.

i'm still have to play diablo II

Can't wait for it. To bad all they've show for characters is the barb and the witch doctor(?). Hopefully Blizzard has some BNet protection against Bots, considering the majority of level 90+ people on D2 are botting. I personally think that it would make the game more enjoyable playing with actual people instead of bots

To WorldOfHate:
I can guarantee you, that you do NOT work for Blizzard. And have NEVER played Diablo 3

1) They don't hire 14 year olds
2) I could have said the exact same thing based solely on Blizzard's amazing reputation
3) You're lying
4) They don't hire people just to "test games." That isn't a job discription, or title. Developers for the game do all the testing.

LOL i thought ur message said "a word of hate"
which is fun... i thought you were yelling at me. /cry

lol jk

Not true Goat-man. My friends were interns at a game company and they tested games. No one better to test games then the demographic thats going to buy it.

Hows B.o.B. coming along? a few weeks ago you said it would be a few days.

yeah i know. we're still polishing bugs for the demo version, but the full release is still available on xgenstudios

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