Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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victoria, australia

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awww, well i already got a cintiq 13HD and the masters of anatomy book :/

oh well not like i'm gonna win anyway so i shall possibly submit something this time

This looks amazing...I hope to participate in this challenge!!

i don't know many christmas-themed movies i cant think of a fitting/good drawing. guess i cant only join this months contest...oh well

Would Bowser (from Mario bros.) be able to be a part of the challenge? There was an episode of Mario Super Show where Koopa (Bowser was called that) dressed up as Santa and planned to ruin Christmas for the world. So, could Bowser be a potential villain for the challenge?

Can a create a Christmas villan?

I feel like the winner is gonna be some digital art, traditional art can't compete.

I disagree. With enough ambition and creativity they can absolutely compete, I'll also be keeping in mind there's a bit of a 'handicap' in that regard too.

Hey guys definitely don't just back down, give it a try you might surprise yourself! and if you can't find a villian just find some inspiration from google and the creative commons section. There are plenty to chose from, especially from the 70's and 80's. I missed last months challenge but this is going to be fun!

If I win, just give the prizes to the runner-up and the person that gets the award.

shit looks cool

Hi, Jazza! I would love to participate, but I live outside US. Can I take part or not?

This challenge looks like it needs moar video gaim kareucturz

I won't be participating since I'm not an artist but I just wanted to say I'm glad to see you still post on NG and not just twitter and YouTube (and whatever other social media sites you're on)! Makes me happy.

i created an account just to take part in these one day when i get better. One Day "Sigh" :/

Can 3d images be submitted like using blender

i choose selina kyle as catwoman,sexy miss santa

I would like to particepate, but i'll probably need some more animation / flash courses and lectures. Trust me, i tried to Draw last day, first off, the size of the drawing was apearently to big, and follow by the way i Draw, getting better yes, but i still can't quite figure out how to use special fetures. So i will see what i can do (i got alot of stuff floating around in my head that i need to draw)

I'm sure this is only picture art, but are animations also accepted? I just found out about this contest, and wouldn't you know I made a cartoon music video about The Krampus that I would LOVE to enter if I could...

So im new to NG and I have made artwork for this compition, it was an interesting theme, but i don't really understand how this really works, i added the tagg but not sure if it's showed up. However, I have seen a few of the competitions so far and I think these are great ideas to encourage people to draw, especially since I was experiencing a creative slump, and this got my motivation up and running again. :)

Can I partecipate even if I live in Italy?

I just uploaded my entry.!! Hope you likt it!

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