Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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Sweet will it have medals.If it has medals it will be 20% better

it will have many medals.

Lookin' forward to it. nice new display pics too ;)

thanks dude :P

Lovin the new icon

Wow wow ! i can expected a great boss monster ?

yes :)

Those are fantastic news ! Good luck with the game and Im glad that you have so great team to work with.


so am i. thanks :)

you cant have the big game with out the VidgameDude


Did that sound guy actually work on the Blizzard cinematics or did he just dub it for show?

dub it for show. hell, that'd be awesome if he did it for realz :P

(Either way it was great)

Ooohh! I guess I missed my chance to work with you !

whats your specialty?

You plan to start on a BIG game now and release it next month? Well, I guess I can see part of the reason you're schedule is packed =P

yeah. it'll be at the end of the month i hope, and we're working full time on it...

Awesome! Looking forward to that very much. Looks like youve got a great audio team, i think ill be contacting Zach and David, they are amazing!

i totally recommend it man. they're awesome.

Nice looks like you made a nice team i think you guys can make a epic game.

but is :
;Everything he touches turns to gold
a insult because that would mean you cant touch yourself.

no. other people can touch him. HOT people.... *cough* maybe not

Ok, you'll have the best assets in town, but make sure it all goes into a good game.
Make sure it's kinetic and communicates impact, make sure there's no part where the whole thing loses momentum and nobody gets stuck, lost, or cheated. Don't explain controls in paragraphs, let people break out of animations if they wanna keep walkin, and keep attack animations as quick as possible. Think about how you can break out of the old brawler trap of walking up to everything and punching it, and do the same from the enemy's perspective. Think about how pairing different types of enemies in the same room can negate their weaknesses and things like that. Play a lot of brawlers.
What I'm sayin is that your art n music is gonna be awesome, but you never mentioned the game.

Oh and that's a fantastic sound reel.
Also let me ride dragons like in Golden Axe.
Lookin forward to it.

good points, but trust me, i have been figuring out how the game will play for months before now. I hope it turns out as great as i imagine, but it'll be a really fast pace, and ther'll be heaps of ways to kick the crap outta people.

All of those people are awesome! I can't wait for the game! That's an awesome new profile picture you got there! All the girls must love you!


woot! I cant wait!
I feel like a starved wolf staring at a reindeer carcus that is out of reach...

Can't wait man, Looks to be an EPIC game and I'll keep my eyes peeled for it when It hits the portal

Looks sweet, thanks for inviting me along for the ride! G.

you da man geoff!


naw shux

nice will be looking forward to this, but please release it on kongregate too!

i will. i promise :)

hey nov 4 2009, you said you would make more trance songs, its been a long time and still none :( im waiting! but take your time, but care to update me, on how your music is going? :D

haha wow. i have a short attention span. i forgot about that. one day! i bought TITAN, a massive electronic VST proggy so i could do some cool stuff. just busy atm.

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