Entry #138

July 2015 Challenge of the Month!

2015-07-01 23:55:18 by Jazza

This months art challenge is 'FEAR' - with a very important rule regarding your use of color: To be an eligible submission your piece MAY ONLY use greyscale (black, white and grey) and a single hue of color. You may vary the brightness and saturation of the color you choose but you may not have more than one hue of color.


This is the announcement video with more info:

and this is the WIP forum thread.

As always there are bunch of prizes up for grabs:

1st PRIZE receives:
- A Medium Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
- An item of your choice from the Jazzastudios.com Shop
- A custom Photoshop brush set by Kyle T. Webster
- A front page feature on Newgrounds.com

the Runner-Up will receive:
- A copy of the book ‘21 Draw’
- A Stillman & Birn Epsilon series wirebound 9x12 sketchboook
- A signed sketch by me (in the first page of your sketchbook)
- An item of your choice from the Jazzastudios.com Shop
- A front page feature on Newgrounds.com

the Encouragement Award winner will receive:
- The Book 'Manga Crash Course' by Mistiqarts
- A Stillman & Birn Epsilon series hardbound 5.5x8.5 sketchboook
- A signed sketch by me (in the first page of your sketchbook)
- An item of your choice from the Jazzastudios.com Shop

All Finalists will receive:
- An item of my choice from the Jazzastudios.com Shop!

I'm looking forward to seeing you entries! Good luck to all participants, and most of all, have fun!


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2015-07-02 01:26:11

Seems interesting! I will make it a priority to open some time to do some of this stuff, lol


2015-07-02 16:39:22

Fear, that sounds interesting, Jazza I'll try my best, even if I'm 13 ;D.


2015-07-03 01:10:35

far words


2015-07-04 01:17:49

Whoose ready for my mouse drawing baby


2015-07-06 01:10:06

Im nearing completion of my piece but im a bit concerned that its going to be a bit scary for any young kids who see it. Is there a way to filter so i dont accidentally traumatize any young'ns? Thanks.


2015-07-25 23:30:23

Submitted! So excited! If anyone could scout me I would grearly appreciate it! :)


2015-07-26 20:01:37

Heya, I can't tag my image because I'm not scout yet, I guess. Here it is:
Hope you like it! ^.^


2015-07-27 11:52:52

Hi! Even though I tagged it my submission doesn't show in the cotmfear page... don't know why.



2015-08-01 09:31:36

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/theodora15/creature-of-the-night-2 just sending to you even though( i uploaded on 15 july ) i tagged it it doesn't shw up cotmfear page


2015-08-02 17:18:24

Does anyone know when the results will be posted?


2015-08-05 11:25:48

Mine doesn't show up in the comfear page... Maybe too late now.