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June Challenge of the Month - "AGE SWAP"

2015-06-01 04:03:06 by Jazza

It's time for the Challenge of the Month again!

This month's Theme is "AGE SWAP" which should see some fun entries! Tons of great prizes up for grabs as usual, so get creative and join in the arty-party :)

Looking forward to seeing your entries! You can read more info and terms and conditions HERE, and share your progress and ideas in the WIP thread!



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2015-06-19 18:47:25



2015-06-22 20:04:51

hope I entered correctly ^~^


2015-09-11 20:28:59

I just joined newgrounds but have been a subscriber of yours on youtube for some time now. I was watching your video explaining the challenge and rules for the june contest and though i have yet to enter a contest i wanted to say something about the "butt end" question you asked. When it comes to a contest of any type you will have some who will feel let down or misused because they didn't win. I've been watching the contests and it seems that you are more than fair when it comes to your winner selection and how you distribute the prizes. I am not nearly good enough as an artist to expect to win one of your competitions (yet) but that will not stop me from entering if only to possibly get some feedback on how i could improve. No matter what you do you'll have someone gripe about how they should win. You have to remain true to your standards. You are doing a great job and I personally have learned a great deal from you tutorials. Congrats on the new deal and PLEASE do not let the negative ones stop you from doing this greatly inspirational contest. I hope to be joining into the contests soon and look forward to seeing many more of them and your videos.