Entry #136

NEW ANIMATION, and New Art Competition!

2015-05-04 18:30:17 by Jazza

Hey guys :)

I recently did a 12 Hour Animation Challenge in which, with a time limit of 12 hours, I challenged myself to complete an animation from start to finish. If you're an animator yourself and are interested, I've made the full .FLA file freely available for you to download here: http://bit.ly/SkyshipFla

Check out the movie here:


If you're interested in learning more about how I made it, I'll be uploading time lapse videos and the full 12 hour stream on my YouTube channel, so go subscribe if you haven't!

In other news, I've also just launched May's Challenge of the Month! This one has an epic and broad theme so if you would like to push your own creative skills and challenge yourself, while having a shot at some great prizes, consider joining in!

That's it for now, until next time, see ya later :)


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2015-05-04 20:00:23

Are Canadians eligible?

Jazza responds:



2015-05-05 00:39:25

How about some animation challenges?? My animation is decent but my art is crap!


2015-05-05 12:26:52

So, this is totally off-topic, but...what ever happened to Ortus and Elvidian? I just noticed that the website's been suspended.

Jazza responds:

Ortus is still in development, Elvidian's website had to go down for now since my VPS can't handle too many cpanels and its inactive ATM. I work on Ortus on day a week. It's slow progress, but it's progress nonetheless!


2015-05-05 14:05:34

Uh, I don't think MS Paint is gonna be approved in this competition.



2015-05-05 15:07:38

Turned out nice man!


2015-05-06 02:24:52

Looks pretty promising, I may actually participate in this. My only question is though, how do you plan to rate each illustration? Out of how well made it is or how creative it is? Ill be honest, my artwork isn't exactly masterful, but my levels of creativity are absurdly high.


2015-05-06 17:00:28

Lol! That voice is epic!


2015-05-10 12:18:27

hi jazza


2015-05-23 07:28:37

Yay! Just uploaded my first piece for one of your competitions! I love your work and videos! They are a big help as to where I am now! Thanks Jazza! :)